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A Break Up on Facebook Can End a Life

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Have you ever wondered how to break up on facebook? Read this shocking horror story of a facebook breakup before you even think about it.

A break up is hard enough, do you really have to make your soon-to-be-ex feel worse?

For most young lovers, falling in love is all sweet and cute. But they can’t stop thinking of ways to make the end easier for themselves and worse for their soon-to-be-ex.

Love and emotions are the first things that all of us take for granted.

We pay more attention to what irrelevant people on the street think of us and how “cool” we can be by saying the things we say, especially on facebook.

But emotions aren’t always easy to handle, especially if a sensitive and fragile experience is splashed across a wall for all to see.

A horror facebook break up story

Ever wanted to end a relationship on Facebook because it could make you the cynosure of all conversations between online friends?

This should make you think twice.

Malini Murmu, 23, a first year MBA student from the illustrious Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore in India was found hanging from a fan in her hostel room on Monday evening [9.19.2011] by her friends and the college security.

Her friends, who didn’t find her in class earlier that day, found her room door locked from the inside and called college security for help. Police sources say that on breaking the door, they found a suicide note on her laptop and the words “He ditched me” scribbled on a board against the wall.

In the suicide note, she had mentioned that her boyfriend had left her and she was killing herself over the breakup.

Malini and her boyfriend had had an argument which eventually led to him posting a facebook break up message on his wall. “Feeling super cool today. Dumping my new ex girlfriend. Happy independence day.”

malini murmu facebookIs it worth it?

Breaking up on facebook or flaunting your new relationship-is-over status in style may seem like the coolest thing to do, but is it really worth it?

Your partner and you may have had a million differences while breaking up, but both of you were in love at some point. Respect that, and treat your soon-to-be ex with respect.

Malini Murmu had several friends in Facebook, and we’re guessing her boyfriend did too. Perhaps, she couldn’t handle the shock of seeing her new ex splash the news to the whole world without a care. Or perhaps, she was humiliated and heartbroken. And at times like these, it’s easy to forget all the good things in the world. And it’s so much easier to look for the simple way out of all the humiliation, especially when you have close to a thousand friends on Facebook.

A lesson on breaking up on facebook

Breaking up is not something to brag about, even if you’re happy to end the relationship. A few shallow friends may even “like” your post or egg you on. But most would shake their head in disbelief.

If you’re like the loser of a boyfriend who broke up the “easy way” with Malini, learn to man up and grow a pair.

It’s always easier to break up by ignoring someone or avoiding all forms of confrontation, but that’s not right. If you really have to end a relationship, then end it with a bit of grace and walk out of your ex’s life once and for all. Leaving your soon-to-be-ex hanging on in confusion until you plaster a shocking facebook post with a big grin on your face can be traumatic to your soon-to-be-ex. And in cases like these, it can scar them for life or even force them to end it. [Read: How to end a relationship the right way]

The last words

Youth is wasted on the young, and emotions are tossed around carelessly without any concern for another person’s feelings. But every once in a while, we experience something shocking that makes us realize just how insensitive we can be by trying to look for an easy way out of everything, especially in love.

Breaking up on facebook may have seemed like a perfect idea for the boy who dumped the girl on facebook. It may even have been funny, what with all the hope of more attention and “likes”. But in the end, he may never be able to get over the way he scarred a family and ended a girl’s life.

[Read: An ex’s revenge story]

Breaking up on facebook is easy, but don’t do it. Learn to respect your soon-to-be-ex and end a relationship the way it should be ended. Face to face.

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7 thoughts on “A Break Up on Facebook Can End a Life”

  1. Elise says:

    This is horrifying! I never even assumed something like this could ever happen in real life. It’s scary and so sad for the girl’s family who has to deal with it now.

  2. Sunny says:

    “Breaking up on facebook or flaunting your new relationship-is-over status in style may seem like the coolest thing to do, but is it really worth it?” This part actually made me laugh because that sounds like something a 12yo would say, or think. No grown adult should be making their relationship problems or break ups public, it is immature, embarrassing for the friends, family and the other partner who had enough brain not spread unnecessary information. This story doesn’t make me feel sorry for the girl at all, i believe that anyone mature or intelligent enough would realise that her “boyfriend” is rude and unintelligent, and think about it, if all his female Facebook friends saw it, they would avoid going into a relationship with an idiot like that. This story is just another example of how pathetic the human race is, that they hurt themselves and others over literally nothing. Pathetic.

  3. Nina says:

    My ex husband pulled the same crap on me via facebook. The scumbag told the world we were divorcing before I knew about it. He is a pansy.

  4. Kristi says:

    This just happened to me 6 weeks ago. My boyfriend and I lived together for over 2yrs and had an awesome relationship. We had an argument one night and I told him I wanted some space to think about where we are headed, that I didn’t feel like he treated me with respect. He went to stay with his folks (he’s 27, I’m 39) and while he was there he posted on facebook to some girl he was flirting with that he just went thru a breakup and is ready for a new life so look out world! He also told her he was looking for someone to wash his hair now (its very thick and long) andthat he pays well is she’s interested. I was still friends with him on fb at the time and we had 82 mutual friends including my kids and family that saw it. He felt like he did nothing wrong. I couldn’t believe how heartless and cold he was being. I was totally devastated and it put me into a deep depression. It’s bad enough not to breakup with someone face to face but to announce it publically is appalling. I’m finally moving on now and have started to eat and sleep again. I’ve realized how selfish and immature he really is. If I was younger or weaker I don’t know what I would’ve done. This article was very helpful and I think should be read by all boys/ men/ cowards.

  5. Merry says:

    This happened to me 3 weeks ago, and he is 42 yrs old. I know him for about 9 years, and we started long distance relationship for 1 year plus. We have been talking about having family together and so on. Things started going not so right a month ago, I noticed he avoiding my calls. But we still keeping contact even on the day itself. His FB status was always in single, until one day he changed his status by telling his friends that he is now in relationship with another girl. When all his friends are happy for him, I was the only one don’t know what’s going on with us. First thing I asked myself “Who am I to him”?

    We are all adult, I hope we can discuss and talk about when he feels we are not getting anywhere. I know I will fee bad and sad, even he told me he wants to break up. But, I will not feel as bad and hurt like now. Leaving me with unknown reasons and confusions. There isn’t any respects and considerations for me at all. He never can feel how much he is hurting me by doing that. Until now, I still imaging how happy he was when he is announcing his good news in FB.

    I wanted a talk with him after his annnouncement in FB, but he kept avoiding. Finally, he gave me his reason via sms. He told me he was very stress lately and he needs someone near for him. He was too tired and lonely without me.

    When you are no longer in love with your partner because you have fallen in love with another girl. Please give your partner at least some respects, tell her your decision face-to-face and not leaving her alone with helpless. It is so cruelty to end the relationship in this manner.

  6. luke says:

    Well your point is taken and i do agree, but I would like to point out that a lot of assumptions are being made here. The details are not necessarily accurate, given what is presented here we don’t actually know that he never broke up with her in person first. Neither his Facebook post or her note indicate this.

    Secondly, the motivations for suicide are complex and revenge is often a part of it. So one might also say the wrong way to break up is to kill yourself and damn your ex to a lifetime of guilt.

    That’s the social media of reputation and conscience that has been around long before Facebook.

    What I am saying is a Facebook post is no excuse to take a life and blame that on another person either.

    I also don’t have the facts of this case but it struck me that this was more sensationalist and less practicle than your other posts.

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