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Twin Flame: What It Is, 41 Signs & Ways to Recognize Your Twin Soul

Everyone has heard of soul mates, but do you know the signs of a twin flame? It’s a very important soul connection, too. Think you’ve found your twin flame?

twin flame and twin soul

We’ve all heard about the concept of soul mates before, but do you know about twin flames? That’s the basis of every romantic movie ever made. It’s about finding “the one” or your one true love. It’s easy to confuse the two, but your twin flame literally mirrors your soul.

Your soul mate can be more of a platonic relationship, but they can also be romantic. You can have several soul mates in your lifetime, but you will only meet one twin flame. [Read: Twin flame or soul mate – 17 twin flame signs to tell them apart]

What is a soul mate? 

We all assume that your soul mate is your one true love and that there’s only one person who will be your soul mate. That’s what popular culture would have you believe.

However, that’s more of a description of a twin flame. A soul mate is more of a friend on a soul level.

The truth is, you will meet a lot of soul mates in your life, and not all of them will be your romantic partners. Your soul mate will understand you and make you happy, but the feelings will rarely be as intense as that of a twin flame. [Read: Are soul mates real? 20 signs you’ve found the one who completes you]

What is a twin flame?

Twin flames, also known as mirror souls, will share the other half of your soul. You feel every ounce of their emotions, and they feel yours. 

Your twin flame is the most powerful connection you will have with someone, which is what people often spend their entire lives looking for.

A soul mate is someone who will come and go in your life. When the time comes, and you’re about to meet your twin flame, you’ll be ready. [Read: What are twin flames? 16 signs to know if you’ve found yours]

History of twin flame love

Twin flames are two halves of one soul split into two bodies.

The concept of twin flames can be traced back to the 5th century B.C. in Greek mythology. According to legend, humans originally had a head with two faces, two pairs of arms, and two pairs of legs.

Zeus feared their power, so he split them into two separate parts. As a result, they spent their lives searching for their other half, with whom they share the same soul.

Although Greek mythology portrays them as humans, other writings suggest it was just a metaphor for the soul split in two. [Read: What is a karmic connection and how to recognize them in your life]

In more recent times, Elizabeth Clare Prophet coined the term “twin flame” in the 1970s. She was the leader and founder of an international New Age religious organization called The Church Universal and Triumphant. 

She also published the book, Soul Mates and Twin Flames: The Spiritual Dimension of Love and Relationships. The book popularized the terms twin flames and soul mates.

In recent decades, the twin flame concept has become quite popular. It promotes the idea of an intense soul connection with another person whom you believe to be the other half of your soul.

In other words, it’s one powerful soul in your past life that has reincarnated into two separate bodies. [Read: 20 very real soulmate signs you’ve met the one destined for you]

What is the purpose of a twin flame in love and relationships?

The purpose of a twin flame relationship is to help each other reach soul growth.

If two authentic twin flames have spiritually evolved to the highest level where they have both learned to express unconditional love, that, in and of itself, is a purpose. They come together to be rewarded with a blissful, loving relationship that everyone craves.

However, there could be other purposes, too. Perhaps, in addition to their beautiful, loving relationship, they have a common life goal. This is often referred to as “dharma.” It’s their reason for living and their duty to society.

For example, perhaps they both share a passion for rescuing abused children. That would be their dharma and life purpose. Together, they accomplish what they came here to do. [Read: How to find your soul mate – 36 real ways to find your one true love]

Similarities between a soul mate and twin flame

The essence of both soul mates and twin flames is being part of your greater “soul family.”

In your life, you have family, friends, and a significant other with whom you are probably the most emotionally connected. Those would be your soul mates and twin flame.

You also have casual friends, acquaintances, and strangers in your life. Those people might not be part of your “soul family.” They’re just other people that you happen to know. [Read: Karmic connection – how to recognize a soul agreement in your life]

Any other type of soul mate or twin flame is a person or soul close to us – both on earth and throughout eternity.

Can you have a soul mate and a twin flame? 

Since many people think that a soul mate is mostly just like a “soul friend,” not only can you have a soul mate and twin flame, but you can have many different soul mates at the same time.

You don’t have just one friend. You probably have many. This is like having many soul mates. Of course, you only marry one person rather than multiple ones at the same time. [Read: How to recognize a soul connection when they walk into your life]

So, the twin flame is more like your “one and only,” similar to a spouse, whereas soul mates are like the good friends that you have in your life.

Can you have more than one twin flame?

If you define a twin flame as being the other half of your soul, then no. You can’t have more than one twin flame. That person truly is your other half and the mirror of who you are.

However, you can have many different soul mates, just as you can have many different friends in your life. [Read: What is an old soul? 16 unique signs you’re wise beyond your years]

Can a twin flame be a soul mate?

If we go off the definition that a twin flame is the other half of your soul, then they are different from a soul mate. In essence, a twin flame isn’t the same.

However, a twin flame is still your “soul friend” in the same way that you’re best friends with your spouse or significant other. But they’re more special, and the feelings, emotions, and bonds go deeper than they do with soul mates.

Does everyone have a twin flame?

Since two twin flames are said to be one soul that was split into two bodies, then everyone has a twin flame out there somewhere. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to find yours in this life. [Read: An old soul weighs in – the 15 truest characteristics of an old soul]

There are theories that only the most highly spiritually evolved souls come to earth to reunite with their twin flames.

What about the rest of us?

Your twin flame could also be somewhere in the world today, but you may never meet them. Perhaps they have different lessons to learn than you do, so you don’t come together in this lifetime. That’s a decision that was made between the two of you before you were born.

Other theories suggest that maybe one-half of the twin flame stays on the other side and is more of a guide or guardian angel to the one that is born into a human body on earth. [Read: When will I find love? 25 secrets that WILL help you find the one]

Should I be with my twin flame or soul mate? 

Only you can answer that question, but the purpose of having soul mates and twin flames is to grow spiritually and learn to express unconditional love.

So, you can be romantically involved with a soul mate. You can also be romantically involved with a twin flame, but preferably not at the same time!  

The choice is up to you and them. [Read: Emotional connection – 38 signs, secrets, and ways to build a real bond]

Contradictions surrounding the definition of twin flames

Of course, no one will know for sure whether or not there is such a thing as a twin flame until they die. Most people are just guessing what they really are and if they even exist, for that matter. 

Because of this, there are some contradictions and inconsistencies in the definition of twin flames.

On one side of the spectrum, there are people who say that a reunion with your twin flame is the ultimate karmic reward.

Only souls that have evolved to the point of being able to express unconditional love are able to find their twin flames, and once they do, the relationship is blissful and perfect. [Read: Love advice – 15 big love lessons your own experiences can teach you]

On the other side of the spectrum, some people like to define the twin flame relationship in a more negative light. They say that the two people in a twin flame relationship can experience a lot of borderline toxic behaviors.

So, who is right? [Read: Why do we fall in love? 15 reasons, some fate, and a mix of science]

No one knows for sure, but the people who define twin flames as the ultimate blissful reward argue that people throw around the term twin flames to justify toxic behavior in their relationships. In other words, they don’t understand what the real definition of a twin flame is.

For example, if two people have a violent on-again-off-again relationship, they call themselves twin flames because they just can’t get the strength to let that person go.

While that could be true, it could just be a justification for staying in a bad relationship. [Read: What is a toxic relationship? 53 signs to recognize a love that hurts you]

The negative signs of twin flames to watch out for

Before we talk about the positive traits of a twin flame relationship, let’s discuss the negative ones that some people believe define a twin flame relationship. [Read: 19 signs of emotional damage and ways to get past each of them]

1. You have a very tumultuous relationship

There’s a lot of push and pull, breaking up, and getting back together again and again.

You think they’re your soul mate, but nothing ever seems to work out. You know in your heart that something isn’t right. One of the negative twin flame signs is that you have a very emotional and tumultuous relationship.

Your twin flame is the one you’re chasing around the house while you’re demanding to be heard because your feelings of love can be very intense and painful.

Because they are sent to us to heal what is broken within, you find yourself pushing them away and pulling them in at the same time.

Not wanting to acknowledge your brokenness, you are confused by what you are feeling, which can lead to a roller coaster ride. [Read: Tumultuous relationships and 15 ways to deal with a messy romance]

2. They bounce in and out of your life

Another one of the major twin flame signs is that you are either on the way in or on the way out. Despite the love you have for each other, one of you never seems to be able to handle the relationship or the intensity that it elicits.

Being together is like standing too close to the sun, which makes one of you ditch out for periods of time. When they have forgotten how intense it was, they want back in. It starts the whole cycle again. [Read: 23 secret signs of narcissism people overlook until it’s too late]

3. You both trust and distrust them immensely

Although you’re filled with so much certainty that your relationship exists because it was meant to be, there’s a voice in the back of your head saying that something isn’t right.

You find yourself constantly questioning your own feelings and asking if your love is real or not, but you aren’t quite sure what’s driving all the distrust.

4. Your common sense flies out the window

You haven’t ever been the type to chase a guy or girl, nor have you been the type to stick around and be yelled at.

Suddenly, here you are in a relationship letting someone do things or doing things yourself that you never thought you were capable of allowing to happen. [Read: 16 clear signs you’re in a narcissistic relationship]

One of the true twin flame signs is the ability that the relationship has to override your sense of self and allow emotions to overrule what you believe yourself to be capable of.

5. Although meant to be, you are never actually meant to be

Although your love affair seems to be dreamy, it either never comes at the right time in your life, or there’s always something standing in the way of it working out.

The reason? One of the biggest twin flame signs is that you aren’t meant to be together, but you and your twin flame are meant to learn from each other and part ways. Fate will always be working against you rather than pushing you together. [Read: Breakup advice – the best advice you need and the ones that harm you]

6. One of you is more spiritual or mature than the other

Since one of the cornerstone twin flame signs is teaching one another, there is usually one in the relationship who is more spiritual, enlightened, or mature and is around to help the other grow. That’s part of the reason you’re meant to be together.

7. They are always pulling you back

No matter where you are in life or who you are with, you feel a continual pull to be near and with them. That’s very disheartening and can have you making poor decisions.

8. Your relationship feels scary sometimes

Sometimes with twin flames, the attraction is so powerful that it’s scary. There’s even a common runner-chaser scenario that’s known to happen.

One person gets scared and runs, and the other person chases them. This happens because of the overwhelming feelings they have for one another. [Read: Passionate love – what it is, the signs, & why it’s so strong & scary]

Whether you believe in them or not, this kind of connection is the most intense one you’ll ever experience. This is why you can’t often find the right set of words to explain just how much your twin flame really gets you.

Stages of twin flame relationship

Now that we’ve discussed the negative twin flame signs, let’s talk about the stages of the relationship.

The people who subscribe to the more negative definitions of the concept of twin flames often discuss the possible stages of a twin flame relationship. If you want to know when you’ve found them, check out these twin flame stages.

1. Premonition

Your twin flame relationship may start out as one or both of you having a premonition that you will meet your other half in the future. [Read: Want to fall in love? The mistakes people make and how to up your chances]

It could be years away, or you could cross paths tomorrow. Either way, you have a feeling that your twin flame will show up in your life.

2. Meeting the person

You finally meet. You will probably immediately feel like you know each other because you do! You have known each other on a soul level for a very long time because you’re each other’s other half.

3. Conflict arises

As with most types of relationships, there is a conflict that arises even in a twin flame relationship. The purpose of this is to mirror and amplify each other’s insecurities. [Read: How to resolve conflict – the 15 best ways to cut out the drama]

While that might not sound like a great idea, it provides you with the opportunity to grow not only as a person but also as a soul.

4. The chase

Some theories also suggest that there’s a chase that happens between partners in a twin flame relationship. One partner pursues the other and is the “chaser.” and the other one is the “runner.” 

The runner gets scared of the depth of the connection and tries to run away. Then, the other one chases after them. [Read: Stop chasing him – why guys run and why you shouldn’t chase them]

5. Ending up together or ending the relationship

Whether or not the people in a twin flame relationship stay together or part ways depends on their ability to work things out. There may be some negative karma that they need to work out in a loving way. 

If they pass the test, they can stay together. If they fail, they’ll probably end the relationship. The bottom line here is that your twin flame is actually there to teach you something.

[Read: The secrets of a love-hate relationship and how it works]

Bear in mind that the stages may be different depending on the people involved. It could be quite similar to other relationships, or it could be something else.

The positive twin flame signs to watch out for

Now that you know the possible negative connotations of the definition of a twin flame, let’s look at the positive signs of finding your other half.

1. Your meeting might have been totally unplanned or unexpected

You could be happily single or happily taken. You weren’t even looking for your twin flame, but you might suddenly and unexpectedly meet someone who turns your world upside down. You can’t think of anyone else.

We never expect it when our paths cross with our twin flame, but once they do, you can no longer deny the connection you both have. This might become the most unprecedented event of your life. [Read: Things you do that’ll bring your soul mate to you]

2. You have an immediate feeling that you already know each other

Being twin flames means that the minute your paths cross, your soul instantly recognizes them as if you’ve known them forever. It’s just like catching up with an old friend that you haven’t seen in forever. There’s an instant connection that’s common for twin flames.

It’s such a feeling of familiarity. They feel like home to you. There’s no awkwardness or unfamiliar territory with them, and it feels like you’ve known them for years.

3. The feeling between you two can be electrifying

Another sign of twin flames is the electric feeling between the two of you. If twin flames are romantically attracted to one another, the energy between them can be electrifying and overwhelming. [Read: How to tell if there’s serious chemistry between two people]

The power of attraction between them is unlike anything they’ve ever known before.

The emotions in a twin flame relationship can often be intense, which can be both a good and a bad thing. But there’s an evident flow of chemistry, passion, desire, and love that is undying. This is why it’s almost impossible to ignore your connection with your twin flame.

4. You immediately form a meaningful relationship

Because you immediately feel like you’ve known them for eternity, how can you possibly not have a deep, meaningful relationship with them?

You will both have the desire to have a long-lasting, solid relationship for the rest of your lives. It could be a friendship if you choose the platonic path, but it could also be romantic. [Read: Real soul mates – 20 signs that you’ve met the love of your life]

Depending on your circumstance *such as one of you being married or being unavailable*, it’s impossible to avoid having some form of relationship with them.

5. You feel a sense of unity with the person

Again, one of the characteristics of a twin flame connection is the feeling of unity. With most people, the personality differences we feel can annoy us. It can be a struggle to get along. With twin flames, however, they feel as if they are one.

While they aren’t identical or clones of each other, they just feel as if they’re in such synchronicity that they feel like they’re one.

Since you both can feel one another’s emotions, there’s a sense of unity. [Read: 25 ways to emotionally connect with someone and instantly feel closer]

6. You have feelings deeper than you’ve ever had before

We’ve all loved people before. Most of us have also been in love. But when twin flames come together, they are blindsided by the depth of their feelings for one another. Since connecting with them is so powerful, you’re bound to feel things you’ve never experienced before. 

The feelings are almost immediate, which can be confusing because most of us believe that love at first sight is impossible, but it’s not impossible for twin flames. [Read: Strong signs your relationship is built to last]

7. You may become inseparable

If the twin flames are able to, they want to spend every waking minute with each other. Their draw to each other and the power that attracts them is like a magnet. They have an overwhelming desire to be with their beloved as much as possible.

This is why even when they separate and part ways, there will always be that connection wherever they go. A twin flame connection is so powerful that it’s impossible to ignore or deny it. [Read: When it’s true love – 18 ways to split casual dates from real love]

8. The relationship is totally open and honest

With twin flames, because they feel so connected and intimate with one another, trust is just easy and immediate. They don’t have a problem sharing their feelings with each other, and they don’t keep anything from each other.

It’s practically impossible to keep a secret from them, as they share your soul. Even if you don’t tell them, they can tell when something’s wrong or when you’re harboring negative feelings. [Read: Being brutally honest – scenarios when it’s an obligation]

9. You could talk to them forever…about anything

As you know, we get along better with some people than others. Sometimes, talking to someone is like pulling teeth, but twin flames could talk for eternity, and there isn’t a topic that’s taboo or off-limits.

The best thing about them is that they’re someone with whom you can talk about anything and everything. The possibilities are endless when conversing with your twin flame, and it’s all because of that special connection you share.

10. You may feel like you share a life purpose

People who believe in twin flames think that they have incarnated into the physical plane to accomplish some sort of life purpose together. [Read: 18 undeniable signs that you’ve found “the one”]

Whether it’s getting married and having children or starting a business that will change the world, they have come together into this life to spiritually accomplish something.

A twin flame connection is a divine one, so what you have is literally that intense.

11. Your feelings for each other seem very spiritual

When twin flames are together, they feel like it’s not just a human connection. They literally feel like each other’s spiritual other half, so their relationship transcends normal human bonds. [Read: How to emotionally connect with a man and find a deeper connection]

They both feel it, and they both know it. So, if it feels like your connection is on a divine level, that’s because it is. After all, twin flames are a spiritual concept.

12. It feels like it was meant to be

While twin flames are extremely different from soul mates, that doesn’t mean it won’t feel like you’re meant to be. They share your soul, so if there’s anyone you’d feel that you’re meant for, it’ll be your twin flame. The relationship between twin flames feels like it’s destined to happen.

It feels like they planned their human meeting long before they ever even incarnated as human beings.

It’s something that was written in the stars, and it feels like you were brought together for a reason – often for a divine purpose. [Read: Love is in the air! Signs you’re starting to fall in love]

13. Accepting each other’s weaknesses happens automatically

Everyone has their weaknesses and quirks. In normal romantic relationships, these usually get on our nerves, and we might even fight about it. But twin flames don’t care. They embrace their differences and automatically accept each other as they are.

This is where you’ll feel how twin flames are different from your past relationships. No matter your flaws and quirks, they’ll wholeheartedly accept you.

14. The sexual component of the relationship feels spiritual

This is a huge bonus for twin flames. If they are in a romantic relationship, the sexuality they experience with one another is on a whole different level. [Read: What happens spiritually when you sleep with someone]

It transcends the physical, and it’s a much more spiritual feeling than any other sexual encounter they’ve had before.

It feels like your souls, hearts, minds, and bodies are colliding into one being. Remember what we said about unity? That’s precisely what it feels like.

15. You have a sense of complete inner peace

We’re all looking for that feeling of peace where everything feels right in the world and nothing is wrong. Well, twin flames feel that when they are with each other. [Read: How to find inner peace in a messy relationship]

They truly do feel like home to one another, which gives a total sense of bliss and peace. There isn’t anybody who feels like your home the way your twin flame does. Your other relationships might’ve come close, but no one will truly compare.

16. The relationship is very intense

This is a very common twin flame sign. Even as they can feel calm and blissful, twin flame relationships are intense and challenging. They make you feel at home, but the relationship can quickly go sour. You feel everything they do, and the same goes for your twin flame.

If they feel anxiety, fear, anger, or any other intense emotions, you feel it as if it’s your own.

This is also where the notion comes in that twin flame relationships can be toxic if you can’t handle the intensity that comes with them. [Read: The qualities of a healthy relationship that keep couples happy]

17. They just completely get you

It’s normal for our significant others to understand us and get us in a way that nobody else does. However, when it comes to our twin flames, it’s an entirely different experience. The way they get you is on a whole other level that you’ve never experienced before.

Even with the things you don’t say and keep to yourself, they understand you completely. It’s as if they know your emotions like the back of their hand.

18. You complement one another

The beautiful thing about twin flames is that it’s like finding your other half. You share a similar soul, and you have so many similarities compared to anyone you’ve ever met. [Read: 15 rules to be a good partner in a relationship & wow your lover]

However, when it comes to your few significant differences, you complement each other. Anything you lack, they perfectly complement.

19. You think they’re the one you are supposed to be with

But you can’t seem to make it work. Your twin flame feels so right that you convince yourself that they most certainly have to be your soul mate.

Having basically everything in common and seeing things from the same perspective, you think you’re made for one another. [Read: On-off relationships and why you should never stay in one]

The problem is that the twin flame is sent to you so that you can see yourself in another person and correct yourself so that you become a better version of yourself.

A soul mate is the yin to your yang. A twin flame is the yang to your yang, which rarely works. Your twin flame is supposed to define what it is that you need, not the one you need forever.

It’s just difficult to know when you are in a twin flame relationship that it isn’t right. Your heart is telling you one thing, but the fact that you can’t ever make it right is telling you another. [Read: 20 things happy couples don’t do in a perfect relationship]

20. You have begun to see things in a completely different light than before

Never before have you been with someone who wholly believes in the same things as you. It’s an affirmation that everything you believe, feel, and think, is not only right but shared.

Meeting a twin flame is like finally finding someone who validates everything you have always known and believed.

The problem is that just because someone agrees with you doesn’t make it right. What it does do is strengthen who you are and what you believe. [Read: Things you do that’ll bring your soul mate to you]

Being able to speak openly and honestly because you share the same ideals, compassion, and opinions as your twin flame is a healthy way to reaffirm those things that you presumed you knew.

21. When you meet, it is like finding “home”

The twin flame is that person in your life who tends to come in and out when you need them. When you first meet, the familiarity makes you flock toward them because you’ve finally met the person who completes you.

This type of connection is so intense. The twin flame is someone who provides feelings of home that you haven’t ever experienced before, but it can be fleeting because the intensity drives you away from each other. [Read: 16 secrets to a perfectly happy relationship]

22. They feel like your other half

One of the big twin flame signs is that they appear to be your other half.

However, what appears to be the completeness that you haven’t had is really just the failure to acknowledge the things about them that you possess but haven’t recognized. They aren’t your opposite.

In fact, they are your mirror. They have all the qualities that you have but have never seen in yourself. This is why you realize that they aren’t your better half. They are just the complete you. [Read: 18 struggles of meeting the right person at the wrong time]

23. They create change in your life

Your twin flame serves the purpose of pushing you to do the things that are right and hard in your life. Marked by intensity, they are often the catalyst for change.

There’s typically a reason for them coming and going in and out of your life.

Whether it is to convince you to make a move or to get you out of a destructive relationship, they know you best and know what’s best. They’re typically the ones to push you in the right direction for major changes that alter your overall plan.

24. It is a whirlwind romance

Because you’re already so connected and feel so familiar with each other, one of the twin flame signs is a quick-moving relationship.

Since you feel like you’ve been waiting around for this person your whole life, you throw caution to the wind. [Read: Love vs. lust – signs you’re not feeling love but lust]

Not a whole lot of time is needed to get to know each other, so you jump in headfirst, which quickly makes your relationship very serious. It is love at first sight.

25. You are more than just a couple

Compared to the other couples you see around you, there is much more to what you have. What you share goes beyond romance or sex. 

There’s a deep soul connection, and the teaching that goes on surpasses romantic feelings or sexual desires. In fact, it seems to override sex. [Read: When it’s true love – 18 ways to split casual dates from true love]

26. You see something in their eyes

Eyes are the window to the soul. What lies in your twin flame’s eyes is the answer to the questions you have about yourself and who you are.

That’s why they’re so comforting and engaging. It’s like meeting yourself in another person and literally seeing your energy standing in front of you.

27. You have things in common that are more than a coincidence

Since your twin flame is someone in your soul family, you will have weird things about you that you share. Birthdays, physical characteristics, or even the types of majors you choose, are “coincidentally” mirrors. [Read: What does being compatible mean in a relationship? Are you?]

28. They may amplify your doubt and insecurities

This twin flame sign is saved for last because the jury is out on it. This could be positive or negative, depending on how the two people deal with it.

Since some people think that your relationship with your twin flame won’t be a perfect one, they’ll amplify your flaws and insecurities. They share and mirror your soul, which means you’ll see the things in yourself you’re trying to run away from.

So if there’s anything you haven’t healed from yet, you’ll have to face that with the help of your twin flame. After all, your twin flame was brought to you to help you fulfill a spiritual purpose. [Read: Insecure attachment – what it is, types, 23 signs, and how it affects your life]

Is this good or bad? It could be both. Many people think that the point of incarnating into physical reality is so that we can rise above our fears and learn to express unconditional love. 

If this is true, then being with your twin flame will help you overcome your fears. This can lead to phenomenal spiritual growth.

On the other hand, facing your fears and insecurities can bring out the worst qualities in some people. 

It’s up to you to decide whether this last sign is positive or negative. [Read: How to help someone with trust issues open up and overcome their fear]

Do twin flame relationships last?

You feel like you’ve met your twin flame. Does this mean that your relationship is meant to last?

The answer to this question depends on how you define a twin flame relationship. As we just discussed, some people define it in a more negative way, while others think it’s the ultimate and most blissful union in the universe.

If you go by the more negative definition, they don’t always last. They could, but they don’t if it becomes too toxic. In this case, the two souls need to learn some karmic lessons by being together.

Whether or not the relationship lasts depends on how well the two people learn. If they gain wisdom, then it erases their negative karma. [Read: What is a karmic relationship? The testing ties that help you grow]

However, if you go by the positive definition, then not only will a twin flame relationship last, but it will also last throughout eternity.

Twin flames, twin souls and final thoughts

The connection you feel with your twin flame is the most powerful and intense connection you’ll have with someone. 

Compared to the multiple soul mates you can have, you can only have one twin flame in your life. They mirror your soul, which explains why they’ll get you in ways that nobody else in your life will.

[Read: What exactly is soul gazing? Learn to foster a deeper connection]

Now that you know the twin flames signs, you also know it’s the definition of your other half, for better or for worse. Regardless, the relationship’s experience is often a spiritual one. Simply put, it’s a relationship that will feel out of this world. 

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