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What are Twin Souls? 16 Signs to Know if You’ve Found Yours

We’ve all heard of soul mates, but do you know what twin souls are? Not many of us do. Here are the signs so you can know if you’ve found yours.

twin souls

From Disney movies to chick flicks, we have all been immersed in romantic stories for most of our lives. We all want to find “The One” and live happily ever after. But how do we know if we’ve found that special someone… our soul mate?

The term soul mate gets thrown around a lot these days. Most people use it to describe the person they spend the rest of their lives with. But is it just a human thing, or could it perhaps be more spiritual? Let’s take a look.

Signs of twin souls

The term twin souls is found a lot more in New Age and metaphysical spiritual teachings than in other religions. While a soul mate is more of a “soul friend,” twin souls are literally like the other half of your soul.

Some people believe that our soul was split in half, and so we’re always trying to find the person who has the other part of our soul. Whether you believe that or not is up to you, but here are some signs of twin souls. So, take a look at these signs to see if maybe you’ve found yours.

#1 You meeting might have been totally unplanned or unexpected. You could be happily single. Or even happily taken *or even married*. And you weren’t looking for your twin soul. But suddenly and unexpectedly, you might meet someone, and they turn your world upside down. And you can’t think of anyone else. [Read: 10 things you do that’ll bring your soulmate to you]

#2 You have an immediate feeling like you already know each other. Usually when we meet someone new, it feels like they’re new. It feels like we need to get to know them.

But when twin souls meet, it’s like they have known each other forever. It’s just like catching up with an old friend that you haven’t seen in forever. It’s such a feeling of familiarity. They feel like home to you.

#3 The feeling between you two can be electrifying. If twin souls are romantically attracted to one another, then the energy between them can be electrifying and overwhelming. The power of attraction between the two of them is just unlike anything they have ever known before with anyone else.

#4 You immediately form a meaningful relationship. Because you immediately feel like you’ve known them for eternity, how can you possibly not have a deep, meaningful relationship with them? You will both have the desire to have a long-lasting, solid relationship for the rest of your lives. [Read: Real soulmates – 20 signs that you’ve met the love of your life]

#5 You feel a sense of unity with the person. With most people, the personality differences we feel can annoy us. It can be a struggle to get along. But with twin souls, they feel as if they are one. While they are not identical or clones of each other from a human perspective, they just feel as if they are in such synchronicity that they feel like they are one.

#6 You have feelings deeper than you’ve ever had before. We’ve all loved people before. Most of us have also been in love. But when twin souls come together, they are blindsided by the depth of their feelings for one another.

The feelings are almost immediate, which confuses them because most of us believe that love at first sight is impossible. But it’s not impossible for twin souls.

#7 You may become inseparable. If both parts of the twin souls are able to, they will want to spend every waking minute with each other. Their draw to each other, and the power that attracts them, is like a magnet. They have an overwhelming desire to be with their beloved as much as possible. [Read: When it’s true love – 18 ways to split casual dates from real love]

#8 The relationship is totally open and honest. With twin souls, because they feel so connected and intimate with one another, trust is just easy and immediate. They don’t have a problem sharing their feelings with each other, and they don’t keep anything from the other one.

#9 You could talk to them forever… about anything. As you know, we get along better with some people than others. Sometimes it’s like pulling teeth talking to someone, but with twin souls, they could talk for eternity. And there is no topic that is taboo or off-limits.

#10 You may feel like you share a life purpose. People who believe in twin souls think that they have incarnated into the physical plane to accomplish some sort of life purpose together. Whether it’s getting married and having children or starting a business that will change the world, they have come together into this life to spiritually accomplish something. [Read: 18 undeniable signs that you’ve found “The One”]

#11 Your relationship feels special – almost to the point of being sacred. Sometimes with twin souls, the attraction is so powerful that it’s scary. There is even a common Runner-Chaser scenario that can happen. One person gets scared and runs. And the other person chases them. This happens because of the overwhelming feelings they have for one another.

#12 Your feelings for each other seems very spiritual. When twin souls are together, they feel like it’s not just a human connection. They literally feel like each other’s spiritual “other half,” so their relationship transcends normal human bonds. They both feel it, and they both know it.

#13 It feels like it was “meant to be.” The relationship between twin souls feels like it has been destined to happen. It feels like they planned their human meeting long before they ever even incarnated here as human beings.

It’s something that was written in the stars. And it feels like you were brought together for a reason. [Read: Love is in the air! 13 signs you’re starting to fall in love]

#14 Accepting each other’s weaknesses happens automatically. Everyone has their weaknesses or quirks. In normal romantic relationships, these usually get on our nerves and we fight about it. But for twin souls, they don’t care. They embrace their differences and automatically accept each other as they are. It’s true unconditional love.

#15 The sexual component of the relationship feels spiritual. This is huge bonus for twin souls. If they are in a romantic relationship, the sexuality they experience with one another is on a whole different level. It transcends the physical, and it is much, much more spiritual-feeling than any other sexual encounters they’ve had before.

#16 You have a sense of complete inner peace. We are all looking for that feeling of peace. You know, where everything feels right in the world, and nothing is wrong. Well, for twin souls, they feel that when they are with each other. They truly do feel like home to one another, which give a total sense of bliss and peace.

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I know after reading the signs of twin souls you’re thinking, “Where can I find mine?” Well, I wish I had the answer for you. If I did, I’d be a very rich woman. But until you find the other half of your soul, make sure you enjoy the journey along the way with whoever is lucky enough to come into your life.

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