Natasha Ivanovic is an intimacy, dating, and relationship writer best known for her writings on Kiiroo, LovePanky, Post Pravda, and more. She's the creator and author of her short stories on TheLonelySerb. She completed her first degree in Criminology and continued and finished her Masters in Investigative Psychology, but then decided to follow her true passion of writing.

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psychological facts about crushes

16 Psychological Facts about Crushes to Decode What You’re Feeling

So, you have a crush on someone. Having a crush is an emotional and fun experience. Today, I’m giving you some psychological facts about crushes.

Natasha_Ivanovic by Natasha Ivanovic
Naughty Text Messages That Will Make Her Wet

50 Naughty Text Messages That Will Make Her Wet and Wild for You

You may not be right next to her, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t turn her on. All you need are some text messages that will make her wet.

Natasha_Ivanovic by Natasha Ivanovic
High School Stereotypes

High School Stereotypes: The 19 Cliques You’ll Bump Into In School

You may have seen stereotypes in the movies. But in real life? Here are all the high school stereotypes you’ll definitely bump into, wherever you go!

Natasha_Ivanovic by Natasha Ivanovic
How to Break Up with a Narcissist

How to Break Up with a Narcissist & Fly Out of Their Gilded Cage

If you thought dating a narcissist was a challenge, knowing how break up with a narcissist isn’t any easier. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t break free.

Natasha_Ivanovic by Natasha Ivanovic
Signs of a Toxic Person

15 Signs of a Toxic Person to Recognize the Bad Ones in Your Life

Not everyone who’s toxic has it written on their foreheads. Sometimes, it’s incredibly tricky to spot the signs of a toxic person, then… it’s too late.

Natasha_Ivanovic by Natasha Ivanovic
lack of respect in a relationship

Lack of Respect in a Relationship? 15 Painful Signs It’s True

There’s no perfect formula for a happy relationship, but respect and love matter. Do you see disturbing signs of a lack of respect in a relationship?

Natasha_Ivanovic by Natasha Ivanovic
signs she wants to end the relationship with you

15 Signs She Wants to End the Relationship and Call It Quits

Relationships are tricky. You may be fully in it, but is your partner on the same page? Do you see signs she wants to end the relationship?

Natasha_Ivanovic by Natasha Ivanovic
unable to display

When to Leave a Relationship: 15 Clues That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Sometimes we stay in a relationship even though we shouldn’t. But life becomes routine, and it can be hard to know exactly when to leave a relationship.

Natasha_Ivanovic by Natasha Ivanovic
how to forget someone

15 Very Effective Rules to Forget Someone You Once Cared For

Pretending someone you once loved doesn’t exist anymore is painful. But if you want to know how to forget someone for good, here’s what you need to do.

Natasha_Ivanovic by Natasha Ivanovic
signs of attention seeking behavior

14 Signs of Attention-Seeking Behavior that Masks their Insecurity

We all have moments where we seek attention, but is there one person who always must be in the spotlight and shows signs of attention-seeking behavior?

Natasha_Ivanovic by Natasha Ivanovic
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