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Kissing in Public – Does It Turn You On?

Kissing in Public - Does It Turn You On?

Does kissing in public or public affection turn you on? Do you enjoy watching a twosome doing more than just holding hands at a coffee shop or at a friend’s party?

Public affection can have its hate club, but deep inside, our voyeuristic sides can’t help but get turned on by some good kissing in public!

Click here to read the introduction on public display of affection and making out.

Public affection and kids

When we are kids, we’re told to do a few things and we’re told not to do a few of them.

The ‘not-to-do’ list includes kissing in public, cuddling, etc. When we grow up, we get into relationships and the love is just great.

But over time, making out starts to get monotonous. And couples start looking for other means to keep the excitement of making out peaked and tweaked to perfection.

Indulging in an activity that is considered taboo always turns people on and this new found activity helps the couple test and explore the boundaries of their privacy. [Read: Don’t want to have sex anymore?]

Is kissing in public a turn on?

Most people say that they hate public affection and can’t stand the ones who indulge in these ‘perverse’ activities. But given an opportunity, no one would mind staring at an intimate sight or a couple kissing in public unless they are being watched back.

Most couples get frisky in clubs rather than in movie halls. It’s probably the booze and the grinding that helps set the mood right for them. And I’ve seem women just leaning against the wall and staring shameless at couples kissing each other. Men stare too, but the only problem here is that the guy who’s necking the girl won’t like it, and he glares at this staring guy until the spectator looks away. [Read: Guys love to watch girls kiss]

Kissing and the times

To anyone who’s watching a couple kissing in public, obviously it looks good. And if you exclude the fact that it’s morally immoral, everyone would pretty much love to watch it. But because of the ‘whole view of society as we know it’, most people have to suffice with little sneak peeks at the “unsuspecting” kissing couples.

If a couple is kissing each other goodbye because they’re leaving each other forever, it’s a reason good enough for anyone. If they change their mind and run into each other’s arms for a wet kiss, deciding to run away, change their destinies and stay together against all odds, then that too, is a great reason to kiss and make up.

But if they’re kissing and indulging in public affection just because they want to get attention, well, then that doesn’t feel right, does it? This couple’s probably doing it because it’s turning them on. And however much it turns them on, that’s just crude.

Do we like kissing in public?

Of course, we do. We all love a good show when it’s put up. Who doesn’t want some more love in the world? Well, maybe there are a few people who think that it should belong inside the room. But what I don’t understand about the public affection haters is – what is their problem?

I mean some couple wants to get comfortable with each other. They may even be married, so they want to kiss in the park and turn on the bees and the birds. If anyone’s got a problem, then my advice is to look away.

Now, I’m not going to promote kissing in public here, and I think it’s objectionable to go beyond kissing and perhaps a bit of cuddling, but if you’re looking at sliding for a touchdown, whoa! You there, seriously go find a room! When a cute couple is indulging in a bit of a show of affection, most of us tend to look away, but at the same time we usually beam at them and remember the old days when we used to do the same. [Read: Getting naked in public]

So can we kiss in public?

It’s all nice and it’s also a bit of a turn on to watch a couple necking each other in public. You know, get a few pointers and a few tips too. No one can ever say they know all the moves, can they? [Read: Fun on the beach]

So it’s great, the public affection. The show of affection has never hurt anyone, and it never will, unless it’s your lover necking someone else. But then, that’s a completely different story, isn’t it?

We all love a bit of public affection, and no matter what a naysayer says, kissing in public is definitely a turn on! But only as long as the people around you want to see you kiss each other. Read these tips on public display of affection laws to know more.

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12 thoughts on “Kissing in Public – Does It Turn You On?”

  1. Tom says:

    PDA is something I don’t approve of personally because not all people prefer the same thing and we have to respect them. Expressing one’s sexual power can be satisfied if done privately. Sex on private can add more mystery into it and more excitement…

  2. Cam Langdon says:

    Be glad that you live in a country where you can kiss in public without getting arrested (if you do). Love should not be hidden like in some places – show the world you care about your woman with a focused kiss. She loves the attention!

  3. S says:

    Lol no I don’t in the least enjoy watching other people’s PDA. At best its boring…and if I’m attracted to neither, why would I want to see them getting it on? Lol. More like the author is a voeyer with too much hormones and assumes every one else is just like them.

  4. diamond says:

    to be honest i love pda but my partner does not….its so hard jus to get the smallest kiss from him in public 🙁

  5. ... says:

    I really wish people would kiss in public more. I hate the jerks who always yell to get a room. I agree with the author, what is their problem? What is so horrible about kissing in public that they feel the need to attack someone for it. Sex in private feels better, but there is just something exciting about having sex in a semi public place. Honestly, I have a do whatever the hell you want attitude and I wouldn’t care if a couple had sex on a crowded street and would probably laugh and maybe get turned on. But I would in most circumstances I’d prefer to have sex in private not because of shame or guilt but just because it would feel better. Sex in public is a turn on sometimes but not doing it all the time.

    Also, you said you weren’t endorsing public kissing. What’s wrong with endorsing public kissing, politically correct statements aren’t always the right ones.

  6. Cindy and Don says:

    First kissing in public is no one elses business except the kissers, for the yeller get a room, he is just dam jealious cause he is always alone. Here is my wild idea will it ever happen NaNa. I think it should be mandontory my state law that every couple from 18 to 30 be required to go to a overnigte nudest camp prior to marrage. The camp must provde breakfast,lunch and dinner in a commom dinning hall for all to eat at the same time and a campfire at night would be very nice as well. I have some friends and Cindy and I have invited them to go with us for a overnight sail to the barrier islands and to enjoy each other in complete nudety for 2 or 3 days. I have a 28 ft sloop with a cabin for bad weather, funny no one has ever turn us down. Oh for the curious every one is from 23yrs old to 35yrs old. Has their been any sexual issues Yes their have been but nothing everyone could not agree on and to feel really good about.
    Love Is Wonderful and Should Not Be A Bitch
    Love Cindy and Don

  7. Ashley says:

    I have always kept my public displays of affection to a minimum and limiting how deep I go in this. When it comes to watching others I like to see the playful displays of affection and really don’t want to be a closet voyeur especially when sometimes people can be disgusting and raunchy. I like flirty and sexy not pornagraphic. Kissing is almost an art form and if someone can make it in that category I am going to be enticed and drawn in. I think I am a great kisser and know what and how to make it beautiful so I recognize that greatness in others with that special knack.

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