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Power Couple: 24 Signs & Ways to Be a Perfect Couple Everyone Is Envious Of

There’s always that one couple everybody’s talking about. Those perfect soulmates who have it all together. Find out how you can be that power couple.

power couple

We all have a certain couple in our friend group that we envy. They seem to have it all together and know just how to act in public to ensure they’re seen in only the best light. They are the ultimate power couple.

It’s like they’re perfect! It’s normal to ogle at certain couples and wonder how in the hell they manage to be so powerful together. It’s like they’re a step above the rest of us. We all want to be in a relationship like theirs. But how?

Well, luckily, you can achieve power couple status! This feature will show you what a power couple is, the signs of one, and how to become that dream team all your friends will envy.

What is a power couple?

The widely accepted definition of a “power couple” is “a relationship between two people who are equally as cool as each other… neither one depends on the other for their feelings of self-worth, as they know in their heart that they are just as valuable to the world as the other.”

A power couple is the perfect couple. They’re soulmates who work together as if they’re one awesome person. On top of this, they’re each awesome themselves! Both halves of the pair are excellent, but when they come together they go to the next level.

Famous power couples

Celebrity power couples are a great example of the phenomenon at work, usually, both halves are already successful, but teaming up launches their fame and success into the stratosphere. [Read: The most famous power couples in history and how they changed the game]

Take Beyonce and Jay-Z. Before they got together, Beyonce was a pop princess, and Jay-Z was ruling the rap game. But once they started dating in 2001 – and married in 2008 – they became music’s ultimate royal couple.

Their relationship didn’t just make Beyonce and Jay-Z more famous, however. It also made them better versions of themselves. Their first collaboration “Crazy in Love” became both of their biggest hit so far, and won them a Grammy award!

This pair’s story shows how the love and support between two soulmates gives a power couple their power. Two amazing people working together can bring out the best in each other, and achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Even when they have struggles, they work through them together and come out stronger than before. [Read: Priceless love advice from famous Hollywood couples]

The benefits of being a power couple

Not surprisingly, there are numerous benefits to being a power couple. This type of couple walks around with respect, gets their way much easier, and actually seem to have a healthier relationship than other couples, too!

The benefits don’t just end when they’re out and about either. The truth is, these couples tend to have a very strong foundation, and it explains how they always look so perfect. They have a happy relationship full of trust and love.

The big signs you’re a power couple

These signs will also show you the benefits of being a power couple in action. If you’re already a power couple, you’ll recognize yourselves here. However, if this doesn’t sound like you, just keep reading this feature and you’ll find out how to become the ultimate power couple.

1. You feel like your best self

If you’re in a power couple, you’ll feel like you’ve become the best version of yourself. Your soulmate will lift you up, encouraging you to try new things and work on your passions. Most importantly, you’ll feel like a better person than you were before you got together.

Even if you were already doing well and had high self-esteem, being part of a power couple makes you feel like your best self. [Read: 20 lifestyle changes to live your best life]

2. You both have successful careers

You’re not a power couple if one of you’s a superstar and the other’s a total deadbeat. Both partners should have successful careers. Whether you’re innovative entrepreneurs, motivated athletes, or groundbreaking artists, you’re both at the top of your field.

Also, you don’t have to be working together. You can be in totally opposite jobs, but it’s all about being equally successful. [Read: Do opposites attract? The must-know truths about compatibility]

3. You’re both accomplishing your goals

Both of you are accomplishing your goals. This can be in your careers, in hobbies, or just in life generally. Perhaps you have a goal to be married by 25, and your partner wants to master the piano. Whatever your goals are, you’re achieving them together.

4. You’re both still independent

Even though you’re devoted to each other, you’re both still independent. Both halves of a power couple are strong enough in themselves to know they don’t depend on their partner to achieve greatness. They both have high self-esteem and are never needy.

Even if you’re apart, you’re still as amazing as ever. You can also deal with being separated – you know that your relationship is strong, so you’re not afraid of being apart for a while. [Read: How to be emotionally independent and stop using others for happiness]

5. You can rely on each other and feel secure

You both have complete trust in each other. In that separation scenario, you can be sure that the other person will stay true to you, even if you did have a break or a cheating episode, and you’d be strong enough to work through it and come out better.

Beyonce and Jay-Z have had struggles in their relationship. Things haven’t always been picture-perfect between them. Nevertheless, they always seem flawless. This is because they have enough faith in each other to overcome anything.

6. People ask you for relationship advice

Everybody’s always asking: what’s your secret? If you’ve become the relationship guru for your friend group, it’s because they think you’re part of a power couple!

You’re constantly being asked for advice on how they can find a soulmate like yours. This is the only downside of being the perfect partnership, you suddenly become the authority on all things love.

Suffering from success, right? People might even start imitating you because they admire you so much. Watch out for copycats trying to steal your style! [Read: 29 relationship tips for women to have a great love life]

7. Your fam approves of them

You love them, and your mom loves them too. Your soulmate has become a part of your family and seamlessly fits into place around the dinner table. [Read: How to get along with your partner’s family]

If your family thinks your partner is a great match for you, it’s because they bring out the best in you. Every parent wants their child to find somebody perfect for them, and you’ve found them. Naturally, that’s going to make your family very happy.

How to be the power couple all your friends are jealous of

Do those signs sound like you and your partner? If so, congratulations! You’re already feeling all the benefits of being a power couple. You’ve got that relationship all your friends are jealous of, and you should be proud.

However, if you’re tired of being jealous of those two and would rather be your own power couple, we have good news for you. You no longer have to walk around envying your friends – you can actually be the couple everyone wants to be!

It may take some work and time before you’re seen as a power couple, but with these tips, you’ll be able to earn that title for yourself. Here’s how to become the power couple all your friends’ envy.

1. Build a strong relationship

This is the very first step to being a power couple. It’s impossible to fake having a strong relationship. If people sense you’re being fake with each other, it’ll destroy your image as a genuine power couple.

Try to build strong trust, have healthy communication, and be truly honest with your partner. Once you build a strong relationship, you’ll be able to pass as a power couple easily. [Read: The secret ingredients for a happy, monogamous relationship]

2. Support each other always

No matter what your significant other does, give them your full support. Unless, of course, it’s illegal or immoral. Otherwise, support their every decision as if it was your own choice. From now on, you’re a pair, whatever they achieve should make you happy too.

If you do this, people will see how much you respect each other. When they see that you respect each other’s choices no matter what, you’ll gain their respect. And being respected is the mark of a true power couple. [Read: 21 secrets to become a happy couple that’s envied by all]

3. Never fight around your friends

Arguments happen in relationships. You’re not always going to agree with each other, and fighting is actually healthy because it helps you work out your differences. However, you never want to let people see you fighting with your significant other.

When other people see a couple arguing, it immediately brings down their opinion of the relationship. They won’t think of you as a power couple.

So, if you disagree in public, make the other person aware they messed up but put your angst aside until you’re alone. [Read: Compromise in relationships – how  to give in without losing]

4. Be understanding 

Always be understanding with your partner. If they’re struggling with something, take the time to listen to them and work out the issue. You need to understand each other completely if you want to be a power couple.

However, never air your dirty laundry in public. Your partner’s issues are just between you two, and they’re confiding in you out of trust. Don’t spread their secrets around or make a scene – that’ll only damage your image.

5. Talk highly of your partner even when they’re not around

Never talk badly about your significant other. Even if they’re not around, you should always speak about them in a respectful and caring manner. You both need to shine if you want to be seen as a power couple, so don’t tarnish them.

If you’re loving towards your partner even when the two of you aren’t together, it’ll make you seem even more perfect. [Read: 65 couples activities that will make you feel closer than ever]

6. Keep it classy, folks

Don’t post inappropriate pictures on your social media accounts. That means no thirst traps, and definitely no nudes. You don’t want to look like you aren’t getting enough attention from your partner. Power couples don’t need validation from strangers.

Also, hold off on the PDA. You might think it makes you look more in love, but you’re wrong. If you make other people feel uncomfortable about the two of you together, they won’t see you as a power couple.

Instead, keep it classy. Post kid-friendly photos and don’t do anything inappropriate in public. Having an air of class about the both of you strengthens your image as a power couple. [Read: The 21 cutest couple traits you won’t expect]

7. Treat each other as equals 100% of the time

You should never treat your significant other as if they’re below you. You need to be complete equals in order to maintain your power couple status. Do you think Jay-Z goes around talking about how he’s better than Beyoncé?

No! They are seen as an equally powerful couple because that is the way they treat each other. Also, never treat other people – or other couples – as if they’re below you. Secure power couples don’t need to put others down to lift themselves up.

8. Be humble about your relationship

Once you’ve established a power couple reputation, other people will start to look up to you. They’ll look to you for advice and try to imitate things you do.

However, if you act like you know you’re perfect, people will think that you’re full of yourself. You have to be humble about your successful relationship. Thank your admirers and offer advice, but always make it known that NO relationship is perfect.

Being relatable makes you a power couple. [Read: Couples bucket list – 32 must-do things to make experiences together]

9. Keep your privacy

A lot of couples think it’s funny and even romantic to talk about their sex lives in public. However, it’s neither of those things. You always want to make sure you’re keeping your private life private.

Even if your friends beg you for details, don’t give in. Having an air of mystery and privacy heightens others’ respect for you, and casts you as an even more powerful couple. [Read: Are you overexposed? Why social media is killing your relationship]

10. Work together as an item

A true power couple never speaks in terms of “I” or “me” when talking about the future. They always include their partner, because they’re one unit. Working together also shows others just how much you trust and support each other.

Always make sure you’re including your partner in everything you talk about — unless it’s a specific personal question. This makes people truly see you as one item instead of two separate people.

That togetherness is the mark of a true power couple. [Read: The most famous couples in history and how they changed the world]

11. Prioritize time over money

Always prioritize quality time over money. First, don’t let your career get in the way of your time together. It takes a lot of work to get to the top of your career, sure. But there’s no point in being successful if you don’t have a soulmate to share it with. 

Secondly, don’t just try to build your bond by buying expensive gifts. Even if you’re both dressed head-to-toe in fashionable designer gear, it won’t make you look powerful. Only a deep, strong relationship can do that.

12. Don’t be solely reliant on each other

This is all part of being independent. You can’t be solely reliant on each other, even if you are each other’s biggest support. Don’t forget to rely on other support systems like family and friends, otherwise, your relationship could become a dumping ground for all your problems.

It’s important to have somewhere to let off steam outside of your power couple. [Read: Relationship stages – the key phases every couple goes through]

13. Exercise together

Working out together every day is a great way to bond as a couple. It’ll make sure you have quality time, and give you a hobby that you both share. On top of this, working out is extremely healthy for your minds and bodies. You’ll find you’re less stressed out, and might even have better sex!

Getting fit together will even improve your image, by making sure both of you look as hot as possible. Why not take it to the next level and dress up in matching workout gear? [Read: 28 motivation tips to get you back to the gym]

14. Have a couple name

Brangelina. Bennifer. Even. A couple name is a hallmark of a power couple. You can either combine the two of your names into a cute portmanteau, or just get known on first name terms *remember Brad and Jennifer, anyone?*

Getting yourselves known by a couple name will help you solidify your image. It’s almost like you’re real celebrities!

15. Compromise on scheduling

It’s time to create a couples’ calendar. Power couples know how to compromise, and scheduling is part of that. If you want to be seen as the ultimate couple, you need to work out a schedule that means both of you can achieve your goals – while still having time for each other.

Work together to be in the right places at the right times. This is also important to make sure you’re seen by the right people. You need to be seen together often if you want to be known as a power couple. [Read: Time management techniques for couples]

16. Express appreciation

Always let your soulmate know how much they mean to you. Without them, you wouldn’t be a power couple, so remember to thank them for everything they do. Showing gratitude and respect for each other is extremely powerful, it shows you’re a strong, loving couple.

17. Take turns in the spotlight

Think back to Beyonce and Jay-Z. They’re a classic power couple because they know how to share the spotlight. They’re both amazing in their own right, but become even more amazing together, however, they both know that each of them needs a chance to shine.

If you want to be the ultimate power couple, learn how to take turns in the spotlight. Give each other the chance to show off how awesome you are – you both need to be great individually before you can be part of a power couple.

Then, when you come together, you’ll shine brighter than ever before. [Read: The cute but corny things every close couple does at least once]

Power couples are respected because they’re confident, happy, and seem to have their lives put together. If you want to be the envy of your friend group, these tips will transform you and your partner into a power couple!

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