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Why Do Guys Drool when Two Girls Kiss Each Other?

Ever wondered why guys get so turned on watching two girls kissing each other? Here are the different types of girlie kissers and their effect on men! By Barry Pearson

two girls kissing

What is it with men and girls kissing?

If there’s one thing that men can’t handle, it’s watching two gorgeous girls kissing each other out of the blue.

However embarrassing it may be to accept it, or however shameful it is to wipe that drool off our faces, men just can’t deny that they love watching two women together.

It doesn’t matter if the two girls are just holding hands while crossing the street, giggling into each other’s shoulders or grinding provocatively against each other at a dance club.

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Men just love the idea of two girls doing anything together!

I’ve heard a few guys say, ‘Gross dude… why do girls have to do that to each other when they have us men?’

But it’s hard for a man to say the same words when he’s watching his fantasy being enacted right in front of his own eyes. Perhaps he could force it out of his mouth, but not without an unbearable pressure below his belt.

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Why do guys love two girls together?

As a guy, as hard as you may think otherwise, you can never deny the ‘fact’ that two hot girls making out in front of you will have more than just your hands in the air.

If any of you hot girls are reading this, you could stop with the ‘ewww’ and the ‘gross’! It’s a fact, alright? You’ve got doubts?

Turn around and ask your man if I’m telling the truth. Or yeah, maybe his sheepish grin could answer that for you. Now that you’ve got answers, stop making those girly gasps and noises while reading my well thought out and experienced lines.

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My first experience with those sexy kissing girls

A few years ago, while clubbing at one of those parties that are full of college girls, I had the privilege, nay, the honor and the pleasure of a jaw dropping experience that I would cherish forever. There they were, two gorgeous girls in those oh-so-hot clothes. They were very clearly tipsy, but hell, they knew their moves.

A few seconds of glancing out of the corner of my eye, and I couldn’t help myself. I reclined against the warm leather arm of a seat and stared at them, like I’ve never stared before, and concentrated harder than I’ve done my entire life.

A minute passed, and then two. Now these minxes were really hot and the leather on their bodies seemed to be soaking wet. Excuse me for the descriptions, but really, who in their right mind can stop reminiscing about this!

These two girls were gyrating against each other’s bodies, exchanging sweat and god-knows-what-else, and they seemed to be lost in each other’s lovely, slender arms. How I wished I could have been in between those arms in a swingers party or even in my place. [Read: A beginner’s guide to start swinging with your partner]

And suddenly I saw it coming, right there, my moment of joy! The two girls moved in for the crescendo, they moved closer and just for that one second, I caught the eyes of one of these little devils, and she gave me a grin that was way beyond mischievous. It was more like a seductive taunt! [Read: 12 bad girl traits that make a girl oh-so-damn-hot!]

And then it happened, they locked lips and I was barely a few feet away from them. I don’t know what happened next, but my mind exploded… or was it something in my shorts?!

I was beyond ecstasy, or was my drink spiked? The night wore on and I had the opportunity to take these hot ladies out for a drink and more. I had five words for the other loser men in the club, “Ha! Bite my dust, d*%#heads!”  It was fun watching the posse of drooling men and unappreciative women stare at us from across the floor. But anyways, you do know how awesome it is to see a sight like that, don’t you? [Read: The foolproof guide to hooking up with girls and make out with them]

Now I wonder why we guys love lesbian kisses even though we’re not getting any action or why we love watching two girls making out with each other, more than anything else that can turn us on. Maybe it’s just that we love women. We love looking at a hot girl. We love looking at another of these hot girls. Now put them both together, and we see two hot girls together and our head starts spinning. Now getting an opportunity to watch them do a bit of lip service to each other right in front of your eyes?

Priceless? Nope. It’s fatal!

The three types of girls that love kissing each other

We can categorize these hot women into a few types, but for once, we don’t care where each of them belong, we just know they’re hot and they make us *feel happy*. But just for the record, a note here on the different hotties that do the naughty with each other.

#1 The promiscuous minxes

Do girls know that men can’t help but buckle at the knees when two or more girls fondle each other at a club? Of course they do! At least the ones that kiss each other do.

Girls have always been ones who love feeling each other’s arms and involving themselves in those girly hugs and kisses on cheeks, or any part that makes contact. It isn’t hard for them to offer a bit of lip service once in a while. Ahem, accidentally, of course! [Read: 6 sneaky ways to kiss a friend accidentally and get away with it!]

But on the other hand, we have them promiscuous minxes. I love them. They are hot and wicked. And they know they’re hot and wicked. And they know we know that they know they’re hot and wicked. And they use their seductive charm on us men.

It’s their way of getting their jollies by making us feel constricted in our shorts. Now we’re happy realizing that they’ve made us feel happy and they’re happy knowing that we’re feeling happy, literally or otherwise.

#2 The drunk hotties

Now these girls don’t know what they’re doing. The last they remember is that they’ve had ten straight shots of the best shooters in the house, and that’s it. But we men who were in the vicinity of this fabulous sight know we were feeling very happy back then.

These drunk hotties are nice girls who love their men but I guess they just feel bored of the same *hard feelings* all the time. No hard feelings to you guys about that, they just want a change, just this once, and that’s all. [Read: What do you do if your drunk girlfriend kisses someone else?]

It’s great to watch them, because they’re lost in each other’s worlds and this snog usually ends up in bed if it’s a girls’ night out after the party. Now don’t start wondering about how the drunken night is going to conclude. Whether it will end with an “I-can’t-feel-you-inside-me”, “are-you-hungry-eat-me” or a cute little cuddly snuggle is left to how drunk and appreciative they are of each other and their bodies.

#3 The fallen-in-love kissers

Now these kissing girls don’t care if you’re staring or not. They think you’re scum and they’d rather wish they were alone. But luckily for you, a packed dance floor can get anyone on a high, whether you’re straight or otherwise. Thank God for dance floors! These girls genuinely love each other, idolize Ellen DeGeneres and want to spend the rest of their lives with each other.

It’s hardest to catch these types of lovers in the act. Call them the rarest of the species, the shy ones, or the lesbian kissers, it makes no difference. But you’re not going to crave for these kisses as much as the boxer-wetting ones from those promiscuous minxes.

The kisses of the lovers are not seductive or provocative, but more loving and tender. You’d probably hate these kisses. This kiss confirms two more women down and out of your life. These two kissers are way too intimate to ever bother about reciprocating your moves or trying to turn you on. So just give up on them, and look for those promiscuous minxes or the drunk hotties. [Read: Easy ways to avoid the friend zone and make a girl desire you]

Nothing beats the sexy unexpected kiss!

All men know this. No man can resist the sight of two women necking each other. It’s hot when you know they’re going to kiss, but when it comes unexpected, it is sheer ecstasy. Men have always believed that a woman’s body is the most beautiful creation in the world. Those curves and those physical aspects are overwhelming to any man. [Read: Why men really love women and their oh-so-hot bodies!]

A man wants to feel up a girl. Yeah, even you, oh respectable gentleman! Maybe you can’t think of doing that, but given the opportunity and her approval, would you think twice about getting jiggy with her or grinding against her butt?

I guess not. It’s like listening to That Girl by Frankie J. and listening to the same song again, at the same time. Get it? It’s like watching two supermodels with bodies like coke bottles. And the best part, they’re together, and they’re spicing the dance floor with their hot saucy moves. Which guy with raging testosterone can handle a sight like that? [Read: How to make a girl wet and horny just by sitting next to her]

Perhaps it’s the way they look at you when they neck each other, or perhaps it’s just the way the two bodies grind against each other so perfectly like an f**king jigsaw puzzle! Or it’s probably the way they touch each other’s bodies and tease you with their eyes.

But whatever the reason or the intention of the girls, no man can ever deny that two girls can’t turn him on. You know someone who denies that? Well, he just might be in love with you or another guy instead! [Read: How to make a successful booty call with a friend you like]

Hiding the drool

If you’ve ever seen this worthwhile sight or have been craving to see one, you don’t have to worry. There’s nothing abnormal or weird about you, it’s just your raging hormones and your happy feelings. [Read: 12 devious ways to see a sexy friend naked without getting caught!]

Just remember to carry a tissue *for the drool* along with your drink when you walk through a crowded dance floor. You can never tell when you’re going to bump into that perfect couple of sexy minxes kissing each other as they bat their eyelids at you, provocatively trying to seduce you as you gaze longingly at them!

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You may be transported to another world of ecstasy when you see two girls kissing. Feel happy about it. Stain your boy shorts. Save the memory in your head. Drool. Drop dead. No one cares. You’ve been there and done that. You’re a legend already!

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