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Male G-Spot: What It Is & 28 Positions, Tips & Secrets to Find and Stimulate It

Have you explored the male G-spot? Stimulating it can give him an intense, full-body orgasm. Here’s everything you need to know about this special spot!

male G-spot

When it comes to sex, a guy’s go-to part of his body is his penis. It is something that requires little effort to stimulate, and he can be content with that. However, most guys are unaware of the pleasure potential of the male G-spot.

Some might already know that they have a G-spot, and others may have an idea about how to access it, but the road to that kind of pleasure may also be intimidating to many more.

With the right assurance, encouragement, communication, *and lube,* the path less traveled can give him a G-spot orgasm he has never felt before. And who knows, he might even discover some sexual kinks hidden inside him!

What and where is the male G-spot?

To be exact, the male G-spot is none other than the prostate gland. It is a spongy, walnut-sized organ located inside the pelvic area between the genitals and the rectum.

Since it is located inside the body *compared to an external appendage such as the penis,* it can be a little difficult to explore, hence the little attention it gets during sex.

But don’t be fooled, it may be a tricky road to the male moan zone, but it sure can give pleasure thrice the intensity of a normal orgasm. Compared to the female G-spot, its male counterpart is easier to find and pretty straightforward when it comes to stimulation.

There are different ways you can tease and play with the male G-spot, and each can produce varying levels of pleasure. [Read: What turns a guy on? 51 subtle sexual turn-ons that arouse men in seconds!]

Functions of the prostate

If you are new to understanding the prostate, don’t fret. It may seem intimidating, but the male prostate can be simplified. There are two main functions of the prostate: reproduction and pleasure.

1. Reproduction

The main function of the male prostate is that it helps produce semen. Specifically, the prostate produces prostatic fluid, which makes semen ideal for sperm to cells.

It provides beneficial components and fluid that make it possible for sperm to travel to an egg to reproduce.

2. Pleasure

The male prostate, referred to as the male G-spot, also provides pleasure. It is sensitive to pressure, so teasing the prostate with different pressures and rhythms stimulates a man and gives him sexual pleasure.

Important things to know about stimulating a guy’s prostate

Before you and your partner begin your sexual journey to stimulate his prostate, there are many important steps both of you need to take to ensure it is a comfortable, safe, and arousing experience.

Don’t miss out on discussing these topics and these precautions to make the most out of your prostate play:

1. Always, always talk about it beforehand

Your very first step to stimulating your guy’s prostate is to talk about it beforehand in a safe, judgment-free zone.

This, of course, includes asking his permission and setting boundaries with each other. Prostate play is very intimate and invasive, so only proceed if your partner is fully comfortable with doing so.

2. Do precautionary hygiene

Make sure that both of you are clean. Be sure that your hands are washed and that your fingernails are trimmed and smooth to avoid injury and infection. The golden rule of fingering is to cut your nails a day or two before the act to ensure your nails are not jagged or sharp.

Your partner should rinse and clean himself, too. And if he is concerned about his pubic hair, offer to shave his testicles or the area around his anus. [Read: How to safely shave your pubic area – a guide for men]

3. Rev up the foreplay

We all know that foreplay plays a huge factor in getting a woman’s body excited and ready for penetration.

Well, there is no difference when it comes to men! So, make sure you rev up the foreplay beforehand so he can relax, build tension, and anticipate what’s to come.

4. Stay away from numbing agents

Although it may sound tempting to numb the area first to avoid feeling the pain of being stretched out for the first time, numbing agents should be avoided when stimulating a guy’s prostate.

It is important that your partner is able to feel when he’s in pain because, if the area is numb, he may not know if or when he’s been injured until it’s too late.

Along with this, numbing agents run the risk of giving an unwanted reaction to the applied area. Overall, it is safest to stay away from numbing agents.

If your guy is worried about being uncomfortable or in pain, try another sexual act and revisit prostate play when he is ready to do so.

5. Prep together

You should start teasing the idea of stimulating his prostate by starting small in non-intimidating ways. What we mean is to focus on other areas of his body rather than jumping straight into prostate play.

Stimulate your guy’s erogenous zones to get him going, or if your partner is familiar with using a toy on himself, suggest using it on him to prep together.

6. Communication is key

The most important thing you can do when learning to stimulate your guy’s prostate is to communicate with him. Talk about what you look forward to and any concerns you have *if you have any*. Listen to his concerns and accommodate him in any way he needs you to.

Safe words should be established before foreplay even begins. You should always use a safe word, even if this isn’t your first time fingering your guy. [Read: Meaning of safe words & how to use them]

And don’t forget to communicate during sex! Ask him how he is feeling, if something feels good, or what he wants. There are many ways you can communicate during sex and still keep it sexy!

7. Don’t underestimate the importance of lube

The anus doesn’t produce a natural lubricant, so lube up your fingers generously. Go for a water-based lube to ensure it doesn’t irritate him, and apply *and reapply* as much as necessary! [Read: How to use lubricants to liven up your sex life instantly]

8. Always be gentle

Whether it’s his first time or he’s been fingered before, always be gentle and ease into it.

Avoid sudden movements or any surprises that will catch him off guard. As we said before, this is an intimate and invasive experience for him, so be as gentle as possible.

9. Relaxation is everything

Sex is not nearly as pleasurable when you aren’t relaxed. So, his mental and physical relaxation should be a priority. Find a comfortable place for him to lie down and relax.

We suggest using pillows beneath his hips or his back for maximum comfort. You should put effort into the atmosphere to remove anything that might be a stressor, too. Set the mood with ambient lighting or play his favorite sensual songs. [Read: 24 sexy ways to arouse a man & get him in the mood]

10. You can stimulate it indirectly, too

Talk with your guy about the ways he is interested in being stimulated. He may not know that his prostate can be stimulated indirectly, too!

This is done by giving attention to the erogenous zone between his anus and scrotum. [Read: 18 hot male erogenous zones & places to touch a guy most girls don’t know]

11. Stimulate other parts of his body

If your guy is new to prostate play, he may enjoy the familiarity of having his penis stimulated at the same time as his prostate. Not to mention, it will only enhance his pleasure!

Be weary about overstimulating him if you choose to arouse other parts of his body while you stimulate his prostate. Always ask for his consent and communicate.

12. Do your research

Before you jump into any act, do your research and have a game plan. This is especially important when wanting to learn how to stimulate the male prostate, as there are many ways to do so.

You might have heard of “milking” the prostate before. It is important to read up on exactly what prostate “milk” is, its risks, techniques, and to discuss trying it out with your guy.

Positions to stimulate the male G-spot

Being mindful of the different positions you could use during sex is extremely important because you want to make sure your partner is as comfortable as they can be so you can stimulate them well.

If you’re unsure of what position to use, here are the most efficient and pleasurable ones. [Read: 17 most intimate sex positions & tips to feel romantic while making love]

1. Facedown

The receiving partner lies on his stomach, facedown, with a pillow under his hips for support. With his legs slightly spread, this makes for an easily accessible prostate for you to massage.

2. Faceup

Like facedown, the receiving partner will lie down on the bed with a pillow under his hips for support.

However, this time he lies on his back with his legs open. This is a go-to position for new experimenters as it allows him to see what is happening. [Read: Best sex positions for beginners to instantly feel like a pro]

3. Doggy

If you aren’t familiar with doggy style, the receiving partner kneels on his knees and puts his hands out in front of him so that he is on all fours. Then, you would kneel behind him.

This position can be done almost anywhere, but we recommend having a soft pillow or comfortable matting for your knees to rest.

4. On the side

Both you and your partner lay on your sides in a spooning position, you being the big spoon and the receiver being the little spoon.

He brings one leg up to his chest so that his prostate is easily accessible for you from behind.

Teasing the outside of the male G-spot

Stimulating his G-spot from the outside produces subtle sensations and a sense of anticipation, making him harder and hotter for action.

The main area of attack is the perineum or “taint,” which is the small patch of skin between the anus and the scrotum.

The male prostate gland is located directly above the taint, which also houses a bunch of nerves wiring the anus and testicles. The best ways to play with this area are:

1. Come hither

The male perineum is very sensitive to touch due to all the nerves located in the area. So, with the tips of your fingers, gently scratch his taint using a “come hither” motion.

Make sure that the tips of your fingernails are barely touching his skin to make him feel an anticipating sense of pleasure.

Use long, slow scratching motions starting near the anus and reaching the border of his scrotum.

2. The figure-eight

Using the soft pad of your fingertips, draw a figure-eight starting from his perineum behind the scrotum and drawing circles around the base of his penis, completing a figure-eight around his scrotum.

Apply a little pressure this time, and you’ll notice him getting harder. [Read: Naughty ways to tease your man and leave him hard]

3. Rubbing the genie’s lamp

This time, you’ll need to apply a little more pressure to his perineum. Using two fingers, gently rub the skin in a slow circular motion.

You’ll start to feel his muscles tense and become taut, and he’ll become harder than ever.

4. Knocking on the back door

From his perineum, direct your stimulation towards the opening of his anus. Gently rub the rim of his anus using a circular motion while gently pressing the middle.

If you and your guy are down for it, use your tongue instead of your hand. Rim jobs give immense pleasure and are a great way to stimulate the outside of the male G-spot! [Read: How to eat ass – the rimming checklist]

Teasing the inside of the male G-spot

Teasing the inside of the male G-spot is the most efficient way to stimulate your guy’s prostate. This is where the magic happens!

These techniques are sure to give your guy the best prostate play he’s ever had.

1. Taking the plunge

Using your middle and index fingers, gently pry his hole open and ask him to relax. Steadily put your fingers inside until you’ve managed to reach two inches deep.

From there, massage the front wall of his insides *the wall facing his penis* until you feel a slight bump. Congratulations, you have found his prostate gland.

2. Come hither – part 2

Just like what you did on his perineum, do the same “come here” motions using your fingers while applying a little pressure every time you move your fingers towards you.

Take note of his reactions so that you can judge whether he wants you to do it a little faster or change it into a circular motion.

3. Multi-task

Now that you’ve learned to locate his sweet spot, you can now finish him up with a combo. A good blockbuster ending can be achieved by stimulating him inside while giving him a deep blow job or a hand job.

Go for a rhythmic pattern in stimulating both his penis and his G-spot until he orgasms. [Read: How to master the art of the perfect blow job]

4. Triple treat

Be extra sweet to him and give him thrice the pleasure: stroke his shaft while you use your mouth to fondle the tip of his penis while your other hand gets busy with the moan zone.

Another good surprise you can give him is to stroke his shaft and suckle his testicles while you pleasure him on the inside. [Read: 50 kinky ideas for a sexy relationship]

What if prostate stimulation did not work for your partner?

If you or your guy realized that prostate play wasn’t your cup of tea, that’s okay!

Every body is different, and some people are easily aroused in areas that others aren’t. It can be intimidating to explore new sexual acts, and there is much room for experimentation.

However, don’t give up on pleasuring your guy just because being fingered isn’t for him. There are numerous male erogenous zones to stimulate your guy that you can discover together.

Other pleasure spots to try

If your guy isn’t into direct prostate stimulation, there are still incredibly sensitive and sexy areas in his southern regions you can stimulate:

1. Glans

If you’re familiar with a penis, you’re familiar with the glans. This is just a fancy word for the head of the penis. However, you might not know that it is packed with thousands of nerves and, when stimulated right, can feel incredible.

Keep the head of the penis wet with your saliva or lube, and get to experimenting with pressure, rhythm, and sucking.

If you’re new to giving handjobs or blowjobs, your partner will be more than happy to give you pointers. [Read: 34 hand job tips, secrets & positions to give a handjob that drives him wild]

2. Frenulum

The frenulum, also known as the “F-spot” is just below the tip of the penis, where the shaft and glans meet. Specifically, the F-spot is on the underside of this area. It is packed with nerves that are guaranteed to stimulate your guy.

Just be careful not to be rough since this area is highly sensitive! Try lightly stimulating this area by grazing it with your thumb or running your tongue over it in flickering motions.

3. Perineum

As we mentioned before, the perineum is full of potential for mind-blowing stimulation. The P-spot, or taint, is located under the prostate, so teasing him in this area is another way to stimulate his G-spot indirectly.

If you are riding him, this spot is easily accessible by reaching behind you, between his legs. Or, if you are going down on him, apply pressure in this area with your fingers or your tongue. Giving extra *gentle* attention to this area is a surefire way to amplify his pleasure.

4. Scrotum

If you don’t give his scrotum much attention, you definitely should give it a try! Gently massaging his balls in your hand while you stimulate his penis or other erogenous zones makes for an intense orgasm.

Some men even enjoy their scrotum gently massaged in their partner’s mouth. The key word here is gentle – this is a very sensitive area you don’t want to apply too much pressure to *unless he is into that.*

Now that you know your way around his uncharted terrain, both of you can enjoy a similar sexual experience. The male G-spot is not something you can easily ignore. It only takes a little encouragement to get him addicted to this new kink.

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