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How to Pleasure a Woman: 16 Moves that’ll Turn Her On Every Time

It’s obvious that men and women are different, but women aren’t as complicated as men think they are. So, here’s how to pleasure a woman.

how to pleasure a woman

When it comes to knowing how to pleasure a woman and turn her on, men think about how they like being turned on, and then apply it. But the thing is, we’re different. If we had penises, sure, then we would get turned on by dick pics and text messages that start with, “heyyy.” However, that’s not the case, fellas.

How to pleasure a woman – 16 moves that would appeal to almost all women

Before you read any further, you should know that every woman is different. However, there are general acts which would turn most women on.

So, if you try something from this list and it isn’t doing the trick, you keep moving forward and try something else. You’ll hit the spot, it just may take a couple tries. If you pay attention, this will be a breeze. Here’s how to pleasure a woman.

#1 Be yourself in bed. I know you want to look like a man in bed, and trust me, you are. But don’t force it. Don’t focus on trying to impress her, but instead just focus on the moment.

If you’re spending too much time trying to impress her, then you move the attention away from pleasuring her and turn it into an ego thing. It’s sex, not a competition. [Read: 12 fun and sexy ways to please a woman in bed every time]

#2 Don’t play the guessing game. Sure, you can spend some time figuring out what she’s into – nibbling her earlobes, licking her neck… that’s all fine and dandy. But if you’re not getting a response, then just ask her straight up what turns her on. That way, you cut through all the crap and can focus on pleasing her.

#3 Take it up a notch with foreplay. Focus the majority of your time on foreplay. The sex is going to happen eventually, but what really turns women on is foreplay. We love kissing, touch, licking, and biting. It’s sensual and it gets us going. Many men jump past this, but it’s crucial if you want the sex to be passionate and, well, wet.

#4 Don’t rush. If you want to know how to pleasure a woman, for God’s sake, take your time. There’s really no need to rush, unless you’re having a quickie. So, just enjoy the moment. Learn your partner’s body and just have fun exploring it. I mean, you’re already naked with them, so you might as well take it all in. [Read: How to arouse a woman – 15 moves that work anywhere, anytime, men!]

#5 Switch up the routine. Don’t be shy trying out new things. In fact, we appreciate it when you want to try new things. Sometimes, it won’t work, but the point is that you’re not stuck in the 1,2,3 sex routine which makes us pass out midway through sex.

#6 Don’t focus on just one body part. Men love breasts and vagina. I completely understand that. However, women have so many erogenous zones that get ignored in the meantime. Not every woman gets turned on when you play with their breasts. Instead, they may be turned on when you lick or kiss their neck instead. You need to explore this. [Read: 15 things women wish men knew about the female body]

#7 Know what hits the G-spot. We all have a G-spot. however, for men and women, it’s slightly different. The best position to reach her G-spot is doggy style. While doing doggy, put your hand on her clitoris and rub it… that’ll get her going.

#8 Don’t forget about kissing. I know it’s all hot and sweaty and you’re focusing on having sex, but kissing is very much a part of it. Women love kissing during sex because it makes us feel more connected and wanted by our partners. So, kiss, kiss, kiss.

#9 Go down on her. Dear God, just do it… if you REALLY want to know how to pleasure a woman. We go down on you guys, so I’m not sure what the problem is. We even swallow your cum, so, get over it. Some men have such a phobia of it, but it gives us so much pleasure. I recommend the “figure 8” technique – it’s pretty self-explanatory. [Read: How to eat pussy – 18 moves between her legs that’ll blow her mind]

#10 Be slightly aggressive. Women love men who take what they want. So, be a little aggressive. If you’re worried about how aggressive you are, pull her hair lightly or smack her ass. She’ll let you know if she wants more or less. So, just test her comfort level and how much aggression turns her on.

#11 Know your female anatomy. If you want to go down on her, you best know where the clitoris is. Or else you’ll be doing, well, I don’t know what you’ll be doing down there and neither will she. Google it, watch some porn, whatever you have to do to educate yourself… just do it. [Read: 18 Sex tips for men to make her crave more]

#12 Don’t forget the anus. People are so uncomfortable about the anus, however, that’s where hundreds of nerve endings are, so lemme tell ya, it feels good to have somebody down there. As long as they’re clean, you should have no problem with exploring that part of the body.

#13 Start turning her on way before the bedroom. Don’t just wait until the music turns on and the lights dim down for you to start turning her on. Man, start that way in advance. Get the dirty texts going while she’s at work, grab her ass while she’s walking through the front door. Women need some time to get turned on, so get her worked up earlier in the day. [Read: How to get a girl horny and wet just by sitting next to her]

#14 Compliment her. We want to feel desired. I mean, I think everyone wants to feel desired. It’s what we all strive for. So, while having sex with her, compliment her. Now, don’t overdo it, we can tell when it becomes disingenuous. But in that moment, if you think she looks beautiful, say it.

#15 Exercise. If you’re worried about your stamina, then start working out. Get that blood pumping and your cardiovascular system going so that you don’t have that fear when it’s time to have sex. You need to take care of yourself. Plus, women get turned on when we see a sweaty guy at the gym.

#16 Don’t focus on your orgasm. Okay, sex is about you, but it’s also about her. So, don’t focus so much on your dick. So many guys just focus on pleasing themselves, and in the meantime, they totally ignore the woman’s needs. It’s not always about you, so share the pleasure.

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So now that you know how to pleasure a woman and what turns us on, it’s time that you start putting these tips to use. The sooner you start, the better.

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