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INTJ Personality: 26 Traits, Weaknesses, Tips & Secrets that Make Them Special

Do you have INTJ personality traits? Are you close with someone who does? If you want to know more about this incredible personality type, we can help!

INTJ personality traits

If you’ve found yourself interested in different personality types and specifically seek to know more about those with INTJ personality traits, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re going to break down where these personality types come from, what INTJ means, and tell you more about the INTJ personality type than you might want to know!

The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

People are different. There isn’t a single one of us that’s exactly like another, which makes it so hard to understand our fellow humans sometimes. [Read: How to show empathy & learn to understand someone else’s feelings]

Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers are the mother-daughter team that created the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). They used research based on Carl Jung’s Psychological Types to create their personality indicator tool.

The MBTI helps you figure out what makes you you and helps you understand and appreciate all personality types. This tool supports sixteen different personality types that can be discovered by identifying an individual’s preferences in four areas: favorite world, information, decisions, and structure.

These four categories each have two possible subcategories, each represented by a single letter. When you decide on your preference in each category and use the letters that correspond, you have your very own personality code – one of sixteen types.

Your favorite world preference is reliant upon whether you focus on the world around you or the world within you. You’re either extroverted (E) or introverted (I). [Read: Introvert vs. extrovert – why it’s fluid & what splits them apart]

Information preferences refer to how you take in information. Do you take everything for exactly how it’s represented, or do you tend to interpret it in your own way? This gives you either a sensing (S) or intuition (N) preference.

Your decisions are based upon logic and thinking (T) or circumstances and feelings (F).

Your preference in structure means that you either need definitive, judged decisions (J) or you like to leave things open for new information and personal perceptions (P).

What does INTJ stand for?

When the stars align correctly, the MBTI will provide the INTJ personality code, also known as the Architect.

This means that you’re introverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging. An INTJ person is energized by their time alone. They might add their own flair to the information given to them, but they make decisions based on logic and facts, and they love planning and preparing. [Read: How to date an introvert – 41 must-knows before & during the relationship]

INTJ personality traits that make them the best

While each of the sixteen personality types is wonderful in its own way, we have a particular fondness for INTJ types. They just have a special blend of contradictory yet cohesive traits that really make them something else!

1. They’re unique

INTJs make up roughly two percent of the entire population, making it the third rarest personality type and the rarest among women.

The combination of their specific traits is such a rarity that it’s not often found. This means that if you find someone like this, you’re very unlikely to find another – so hold on tight. [Read: INTJ women – 23 tips for decoding their traits and winning them over]

2. They’ve got serious imagination

This personality type lends itself to someone with a really creative and imaginative mind. The INTJ person gets a huge kick out of being able to come up with a solution with their quick and efficient outside-of-the-box thinking.

3. They have the energy to put their imagination to good use

Not only are they wildly imaginative, but they also have a tendency to have a lot of energy to put into their ideas and creations.

They don’t like to sit idly by letting their mind go to waste, which makes them both thinkers and doers.

4. They’re curious

The best thing about this personality type is that they never have their curiosity satiated. They love taking in new information, learning new things, and being presented with new ideas.

Pairing this with their skeptical nature means that they’re willing to adjust their thoughts, too, which makes them all the better! [Read: 84 intellectual, deep conversation starters & topics to bond with anyone]

5. They’re driven to improve themselves

Some people are forever happy with who they are, even if they never improve another day in their lives. INTJ personality types are NOT this way.

They see themselves as constantly needing improvement. This isn’t because they’re not good enough but because they want to be the best and will do anything it takes. [Read: How to be perfect in every single thing you do]

6. They enjoy a quiet night at home

When first learning about someone with INTJ personality traits, it seems as though they would like to be out exploring the world. However, the opposite is true.

They have an extremely introverted nature and would prefer to work out their findings and thoughts alone. This means that they’ll enjoy a nice night at home over going out any day.

7. They’re witty

This personality type is just intelligent in general. They know how the world works because they’ve put in the time to find out, and this lends itself to a very creative and witty person.

They can come back with snarky comments and facts that will throw you completely off your game.

It’s hard to try to outsmart an INTJ person because they will likely always be one step ahead of you. They are super quick on their feet and relish in their own thickly sarcastic sense of humor. [Read: Ready to charm? How to be witty and win anyone over]

8. They know a lot about a lot

The Architect likes to learn. They read and research, and their curiosity leads them to be very knowledgeable individuals.

Those with the INTJ personality type are calculated. They don’t take a lot at face value but prefer to devise their own conclusions with research and facts based on their own ideas.

9. Loyal as all hell

While they aren’t too emotionally grounded, the INTJ type values intense connection above all else. If you win over an INTJ, you’ve got an incredibly supportive and loyal friend in your pocket.

Getting their loyalty, however, is going to be the tricky part, as they only give it to a precious few.

They have extremely high standards for themselves, so they aren’t content to connect with those who aren’t what they consider to be a valuable addition to their lives. [Read: How to build trust in a relationship & learn to be loyal and loving]

10. They’re very open-minded

Because INTJs are so curious and thirsty for all knowledge, they’re open-minded. They work with both facts and intuition, so they’re not opposed to having to change their mindset.

11. They’re extremely rational

Sometimes people take a split second to think about something and go with their gut. This isn’t an INTJ.

They take their time and rationally think over every possibility before diving into something. If you want someone who thinks things through and makes the best decision for them, an INTJ type is that person.

12. They notice the little things

They’re some of the most observant people out there. An INTJ person is notoriously always gathering knowledge about almost anything. They pay close attention to small details around them because of how deeply they love new information.

13. More determined than most

Their determination is what sets them apart from other personality types. If they want to do something, there is very little that can sway them from reaching their goals. They are steadfastly motivated to fix and solve. [Read: Songs to inspire you to move up the ladder of success]

14. The most confident

Despite them being very introverted people, they’re actually some of the most confident of all the personality types because of their ability to collect knowledge and the importance they place on that knowledge.

Because of their pragmatic and logical approach to most things, they stay sure of themselves.

15. Anything is possible with them

The INTJ type is really just a wild card. You may think you know what an INTJ is up to, but they’ll completely shock you.

Since they spend their time mulling over decisions before they take action, you might not have a clue what they’re up to. This makes them the opposite of boring.

16. Good at making life plans

Someone with INTJ personality traits is a planner. They are known perfectionists and evolvers and are in love with the big picture.

Their determination to achieve and their desire for order makes them excellent future planners. They’ll aim big, and they’ll get there. [Read: Honest secrets to let go of the past, be happy, and look to the future]

17. Great problem solver

The Architect is highly analytical. They’re receptive to untried avenues and multiple means of thinking, which makes them excellent when it comes to finding the answer to anything.

They have determination, unmatched innovation, and the absolute need to succeed.

18. They can be their own project manager

Almost every one of the INTJ personality traits contributes to this perk. Nobody needs to supervise this personality type.

They’re introverted, so they thrive on their own. They’re innovative, which means that they can figure out a way to do nearly anything. And they’re determined perfectionists, so there are zero doubts that they’ll accomplish what’s intended without flaw.

19. They’re independent

The introverted nature, of course, does contribute to the INTJ type’s independence. Their creativity and motivation mean that they really like to do things their own way, especially because of their confidence in their own knowledge. [Read: How to be independent & balance seeking help and being stubborn]

20. They love a good debate

Don’t mistake introversion for a lack of ability to talk to others. The INTJ person has buckets and buckets of fine-tuned and researched knowledge that they’re dying to release.

They love talking about varying topics with anybody but always go about it with respect because of how open-minded they are and how hungry they are to learn.

This makes them excellent candidates if you need a spirited and intellectual conversation.

Weaknesses of INTJ

You can sing the praises of an INTJ person all day long, but their personality type does not leave them without flaws. In fact, some of the Architect’s strengths can also be their weaknesses. This is largely due to their intensity and perfectionism.

1. Impatient

An INTJ person does not like to waste a lot of time. They often don’t understand why others aren’t catching on as quickly as they are or why other people are so emotional.

They have no tolerance for lack of self-sufficiency and have zero patience with someone who isn’t open to new ideas. [Read: How to live a simple life & 17 steps to find joy in slowing down]

2. Insensitive

These guys aren’t big on tomfoolery. They don’t subscribe to nonsense and aren’t too worried about your opinion to let you know it. Sometimes, their directness can be perceived as harsh and insensitive.

They state facts and only facts, and they don’t really understand an emotional basis. The way that they handle even the slightest conflict can make you feel that you’re not even worthy of their time.

3. Combative

We’ve talked about how knowledgeable an INTJ person is; they drink up new information. They collect facts like some people collect baseball cards, but not a lot of baseball card collectors will throw a piece of their collection in your face like you’re in the middle of combat.

These guys are often called know-it-alls because they’re pretty sure that they almost know it all. They don’t appreciate misinformation and will correct you in an almost arrogant way.

They can be a tad judgmental and ball-busting if they sense that you’re not as quick as they are or lack the sense of rationality that they have. [Read: 15 highs and lows of dating someone smarter than you]

4. Disconnected from emotion

An INTJ person is not ruled by emotion but ruled by control, order, facts, and logic.

They have a really hard time picking up on emotional cues because they don’t need to use them since they’re so direct. The INTJ type doesn’t really understand emotions because emotions aren’t based on facts.

5. Perfectionism

Probably the most notorious of the INTJ personality traits, perfectionism is a true hindrance for the Architect. They can be extremely critical of themselves and others because they don’t leave a lot of room for mishaps.

Being unable to achieve their goals leaves an INTJ type feeling stressed, which can manifest in a number of negative ways. [Read: Dating a perfectionist – things you must know before you date one]

6. Socially clueless

The INTJs preference to focus on their inner world can leave them being misunderstood. They’re often too direct and unable to pick up on certain social cues, which can translate to some pretty awkward behavior.

Even though they’re very open-minded, they love a good debate, which has a tendency to be presented as arrogant.

Values and motivations of INTJ

INTJs value knowledge above all else. They are forever interested in learning more and bettering themselves. They value knowing the ins and outs of things, honesty, and putting value back into the world in whatever ways they can.

An INTJ type places a great amount of significance on competence, structure, and order. They take pride in their rationality and their own ideas. [Read: The biggest & most obvious signs of a controlling person]

They are heavily motivated by success and achieving their goals, but they’re also motivated simply by the idea of knowing more.

INTJ hobbies and interests

It should go without saying that INTJs can truly take on a vast array of hobbies. Learning new things could literally be a hobby for them.

Generally speaking, INTJ types are known to love reading. They enjoy cultural activities, visiting museums and art exhibits, and taking various classes. They’re also huge fans of anything that needs to be solved. INTJs are avid game lovers and have been known to enjoy a good puzzle.

Aside from that, they show appreciation for some independent athletic hobbies, such as swimming or running. [Read: The different types of introverts & how to recognize each of them]

Popular INTJ careers

The biggest key for an INTJ person to be happy with their career is to maintain the aspect of being intellectually challenged. They have to be constantly stimulated and challenged. An INTJ person can’t be happy in a career that doesn’t allow them to use their analytical process, logic, or problem-solving skills.

This personality type has a true appreciation for the technical aspects of work. They love anything methodical that caters to their creative curiosity.

– Scientist

– Mathmetician

– Engineer

– Dentist

– Doctor

– Programmer

– Chemist

– Professor

– Writer

Careers for INTJs to avoid

The mundane is certainly not for the Architect. If an INTJ person was working in a field in which they were unchallenged, we dare say that they’d go crazy! They are never satisfied with mindless, repetitive work that doesn’t engage their creativity, problem-solving skills, and productivity.

– Medical assistant

– Receptionist

– Social worker/therapist

– Preschool teacher

– Salesman

– Telemarketer

How others see the INTJ

INTJs are noted to be serious, direct, and intelligent. [Read: Attracted to intelligence? Clues you might be sapiosexual]

Their characteristics can come across in a variety of ways, both good and bad. Because of their direct, honest approach, they can often be perceived as harsh.

Their knowledge and desire to share that knowledge can definitely cause them to be labeled as a know-it-all. The fact that they’re more introverted and not so enthusiastic about emotional affairs usually has them pegged as insensitive.

The INTJ definitely has an interesting personality that can be misconstrued.

Tips for interacting with the INTJ

More than anything, someone with INTJ personality traits basically requires stimulating conversation. Even if you feel that you have nothing to offer when interacting with an INTJ, actively listening, questioning, and being open to their ideas will go a long way.

You have to be willing to give them time to process because of how calculated they can be. They value honesty and straightforwardness but aren’t the greatest at expressing or receiving emotion.

When communicating with an INTJ, you want to be concise and logical rather than wishy-washy and emotional. [Read: 25 ways to emotionally connect with someone & instantly feel closer]

How rare is the INTJ personality?

As mentioned, the INTJ type makes up only about two percent of the population. INTJs are the third-rarest personality type.

Less than one percent of the population consists of INTJ women, making it the rarest personality type for females. Approximately three percent of the population is an INTJ type male, making it the fourth-rarest type for men.

[Read: INTJ relationship – 15 things you need to know to decode them]

INTJ personality traits are varied, impressive, and truly masterful. Anyone with this personality type is a force to be reckoned with, so step out of their way!

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