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women who don't want children
Women Who Don’t Want Children: The Valid Reasons Behind Their Choice

You may be on the fence about having kids, but you know women who don’t want children. It’s a hot topic, but what are the reasons why?

bisexual stereotypes
The 12 Most Common Bisexual Stereotypes We Need to Get Rid Of ASAP

Every community has their own stereotypes, even the LGBTQ community. Though possibly applicable to some, it doesn’t mean bisexual stereotypes are true.

Check Your Privilege

Check Your Privilege: It’s Not Derogatory but Meant to Wake You Up

If someone tells you to check your privilege, don’t assume they say it derogatorily. If it is, then choose not to accept it if you are okay with you.

qualities of a good friend

Qualities of a Good Friend: 15 Things They Do That Set Them Apart

Think you can be a better friend? Have friends that aren’t the shoulders you can cry on? It’s time to refresh yourself on the qualities of a good friend.

how to leave someone you love

How to Leave Someone You Love: The Guide to Help You Decide

If you ask how to leave someone you love, first consider why you want to leave and make sure you are doing the right thing.

things to be grateful for

20 Things to be Grateful For You Don’t Appreciate Enough in Life

We all have something to be appreciative of. Things can always be worse. Here are some things to be grateful for you don’t pay enough attention to.

millennials versus baby boomers

Millennials Versus Baby Boomers: Their Night and Day Differences

Every generation has their own ideology about the world. And when it comes to Millennials versus Baby boomers, it’s the opposite ends of the spectrum.

What Is Essentialism

What Is Essentialism: Does It Define or Confine You?

What is essentialism? It is a psychological construct that someone is defined by their genes. If you don’t like how people judge you, change it!

Passive Aggressive Behavior

How to Deal with Passive Aggressive Behavior Calmly & With Class

Knowing how to deal with passive aggressive behavior will come in handy throughout your life. Learn how to conquer pettiness with class.

naughty women

10 Reasons Naughty Women Always Seem to Get Just What They Want

If you’re wondering why those naughty women seem to get their way when you’re barely scraping by, these reasons will shed some light on just that.

why am i so indecisive

Why Am I So Indecisive? 15 Reasons You Can’t Make Up Your Mind

If you’re someone who just can’t make up your damn mind, there might be bigger reasons as to why. Why am I so indecisive? If this is you, here’s why.

gender bender

Gender Bender, Stop Trying to Convince Me Gender Doesn’t Exist

I have no problem with a gender bender, someone who doesn’t want to be labeled by gender, that is their choice, but labeling myself as a girl is mine, so…

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