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Empathy Fatigue
Empathy Fatigue: The Guilt-Free Guide to Recognize & Overcome It

The ability to help others is something we should all embrace, but what happens when it gets too much? That’s when empathy fatigue can set in.

what is an old soul
What Is an Old Soul? 16 Unique Signs You’re Wise Beyond Your Years

You may have been told that you’re an “old soul” but you don’t get it. What is an old soul? Good thing I know the signs you’re wise beyond your years.

how to make someone feel guilty

How to Make Someone Feel Guilty & Understand the Pain They Caused

You might have to learn how to make someone feel guilty in order to get them to understand what they really did. This is how it’s done effectively.

Promiscuous Women Types

12 Types of Promiscuous Women and How to Recognize Each of Them

There’s more than just one type of promiscuous women out there, you should know that. And this means the same thing when it comes to sexuality and openness.

how to get rid of nervousness

How to Get Rid of Nervousness: Lose the Fear and Guide Your Mind

Everyone on earth feels nervous sometimes. It is human instinct. But, if it keeps you from living, learn how to get rid of nervousness.

types of feminism

The Different Types of Feminism: How They Differ from Each Other

When you hear the word “feminism,” you probably think of man-hating. But there are many different types of feminism, so here’s what they are.

Social Mores

Social Mores: Should You Ignore Them and Challenge the Status Quo?

Social mores aren’t social morals. Sometimes it is not only appropriate, but right to challenge them. Just be prepared if you do.

Check Your Privilege

Check Your Privilege: It’s Not Derogatory but Meant to Wake You Up

If someone tells you to check your privilege, don’t assume they say it derogatorily. If it is, then choose not to accept it if you are okay with you.

qualities of a good friend

Qualities of a Good Friend: 15 Things They Do That Set Them Apart

Think you can be a better friend? Have friends that aren’t the shoulders you can cry on? It’s time to refresh yourself on the qualities of a good friend.

how to leave someone you love

How to Leave Someone You Love: The Guide to Help You Decide

If you ask how to leave someone you love, first consider why you want to leave and make sure you are doing the right thing.

things to be grateful for

20 Things to be Grateful For You Don’t Appreciate Enough in Life

We all have something to be appreciative of. Things can always be worse. Here are some things to be grateful for you don’t pay enough attention to.

millennials versus baby boomers

Millennials Versus Baby Boomers: Their Night and Day Differences

Every generation has their own ideology about the world. And when it comes to Millennials versus Baby boomers, it’s the opposite ends of the spectrum.

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