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Narcissist Parents: What Makes One, 55 Signs, Effects & How to Cope with Them

Does your mom or dad make every family event about them? You may be dealing with narcissist parents. Read the signs and the secrets to cope with them here.

11:11 Angel Number: What It Is, Why You See It & 19 Must-Dos When You See It

What’s the meaning of 11:11 for you? A coded message from angels, a love or career sign, or a cue for mindfulness?

divine feminine energy

Divine Feminine Energy: 21 Secrets to Control & Manifest It in Your Love Life

Do you know what divine feminine energy is? If you don’t, then it’s time to open your mind and explore this meaningful subject!

attention seeker behavior

Attention Seeker: 25 Signs, Behavior & Psychology of Drama Loving People

An attention seeker is exhausting to be around. But if this is you, that’s even more dreadful. The good thing is, you can still do something about it!

how to stop feeling sorry for yourself - self pity

Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself: 35 Steps to End Self-Pity & Be Your Own Hero

Are you stuck in life and feeling like nothing ever goes right? It’s time to learn how to stop feeling sorry for yourself and get out there!

bisexual stereotypes

20 Toxic, Harmful Bisexual Stereotypes We Need to Get Rid Of ASAP

Bisexuals are the B in LGBTQ. But how much do you really know about the bisexual community? The bisexual stereotypes aren’t always true.

How Not to Be a Pushover

How Not to Be a Pushover: What Makes You One & Ways to Take a Stand

If you let other people push you around, you’ll never get the life you want. Here’s how to stop being a pushover and stand up for yourself

British Stereotypes

Don’t Be A Daft Numpty! 21 Assumptions & British Stereotypes That May Be True

Which British stereotypes are dead-on, and which are proper bollocks? Have a gander and see if you’re barking up the wrong tree!

marriage of convenience

Marriage of Convenience: What It Is, 32 Signs & Ways to Know if You’d Be Happy

Cinderella taught us that marriage is beautiful, and everyone will live happily ever after. But some people don’t and just have a marriage of convenience.

Skin Hunger

Skin Hunger: What It Is, 24 Signs You Crave Touch & Secrets to Cope with It

Do you feel deprived of human contact? Skin hunger can explain your longing for physical touch. Here’s what to know and ways to relieve your skin hunger.

how to look younger

26 Psychological Secrets to Look Younger & Capture the Fountain of Youth

Growing old is mandatory, but looking it isn’t! Unravel the science of youth and unlock secrets on how to look younger in our fun guide!

love advice and relationship lessons

59 Relationship Lessons & Honest Love Advice Only Experience Can Teach You

Don’t you wish someone could give you a book with all the advice about love in it? Well, you’re in luck. Here are 59 things you need to know about love.

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Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions: How to Read & Decode Your Emotional Wheel

You may have seen or heard of the Emotional Wheel or the Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions. But do you know how it works or how to use it to read your feelings?


Feel Like A Failure? 23 Truths To Stop Feeling Defeated & Find Your Way

Sometimes we end up feeling like a failure because one small thing didn’t go to plan. Life throws us curveballs sometimes, it doesn’t mean you’ve failed.


Soul Connection: What It Means, 8 Types and 16 Signs to Find & Recognize It

Have you ever felt drawn to someone, like you’ve known them forever? If so, then you probably have a soul connection with them. 


Old Soul: What It Means & 39 Traits and Signs You’re Wise Beyond Your Years

Have you ever wondered if you are an old soul? And do you even know what that means? If you’re curious, read these signs and traits of old souls.


Am I a Narcissist? 24 Narcissistic Personality Disorder Causes & Big Signs

Ever wondered, “Am I a narcissist?” If you want to know, use these narcissistic personality disorder signs and ask yourself if you see any of them in you.


INTJ Personality: 26 Traits, Weaknesses, Tips & Secrets that Make Them Special

Do you have INTJ personality traits? Are you close with someone who does? If you want to know more about this incredible personality type, we can help!


Emotionally Damaged: How People Get That Way, 26 Signs & How to Heal From It

Being emotionally damaged is very difficult. Here’s how people get this way, the signs, and how to move pasts it so you can be happier in life. 


Type A & Type B Personality: 69 Traits, the Good, Bad & Who’s a Better Date

Are you an over-achiever and perfectionist or more laid-back and relaxed? Learn about the Type A and Type B personalities and which one you should date!  


41 Honest Reasons Why You Have No Friends That Care & Steps to Fix It ASAP

Are you the kind of person who has no friends? If so, you might wonder why. If you change your behavior a little, then you might be a lot less lonely. 


42 Reasons, Types, Signs & Steps to Stop Lying to Yourself & Everyone Else

Do you lie a lot? Do you keep getting caught up in your own untruths? If you’re a serial liar, this feature will show you how to stop.