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Inferiority Complex Symptoms: 12 Chronic Signs You Mustn’t Ignore

Inferiority Complex Symptoms

There are times where we feel less and inferior to the people around us. This could be simply a phase, or it could be one of these inferiority complex symptoms.

Inferiority complex symptoms are a little different. Yes, it is about feeling inferior to your peers, however, it’s chronic. You constantly compare yourself to others which gets you thinking about your own life and what you haven’t done. Now, it can be used as a way to motivate someone.

There’s a thin line when it becomes dangerous for the person. But, in order to know whether or not you or someone around you exhibits inferiority complex symptoms, you need to know the signs.

How to know if someone has inferiority complex symptoms

My high school reunion was coming up and my best friend from high school called me. She was stressed out and feeling anxious. She told me she was nervous about going to the reunion. Of course, I asked her why, and she said, she didn’t feel that she accomplished anything. Now she has to go talk to people from high school who are probably ahead of her in life.

And I completely understood her. She was feeling inferior to the people from high school and these feelings are normal. Sometimes it’s a phase, but sometimes it’s more serious.

#1 This can be overcome. If someone you know suffers from inferiority complex symptoms, know that they have the ability to overcome this. Of course, they need to want to change, rather than you pushing them to change. However, through therapy and self-awareness, they’ll be able to push themselves out of this negative mindset they’re stuck in. [Read: How to help someone up when they feel down and depressed]

#2 Comparing yourself to others. People suffering with inferiority complex symptoms constantly compare themselves to others. They look at what people around them are doing with their lives and weigh it out in comparison to their own.

Usually, they see themselves as always less than the people around them as they measure success through career, money, and high living standards. [Read: 15 things everyone should know about how to live a happy life]

#3 They blame others. You’ll never see them take responsibility for their own faults. They typically project their weaknesses and mistakes onto other people. This reduces the pain of the inferiority. They may have made an obvious error, however, it’ll never be their fault. Instead, they pin it onto anyone else they deem fit. 

#4 They react to compliments differently. People with an inferiority complex react to compliments in one of two ways. They’ll either refuse to accept a compliment because it’s not in sync with their feelings of themselves or they’ll be desperate to receive compliments, making sure someone acknowledges their talents.

#5 They don’t take criticism well. Someone with an inferiority complex cannot take constructive criticism well. Though constructive criticism is used in a positive manner, they don’t want to hear it. They feel like their flaws and mistakes are pointed out and that they’re being personally attacked. [Read: 10 signs of low self esteem and 5 ways to increase it]

#6 They push others down. They’re feeling bad about themselves which means they’re not going to allow other people around them to outshine them. They look for personality flaws and loopholes in people, pushing them down. If someone is better looking, smarter, or funnier, they won’t be able to handle it. Therefore, they find a way to bring that person down.

#7 They prefer to be secluded. Because this person is suffering from an inferiority complex, they don’t believe they’re as intelligent as others around them. In addition, they also believe the people around them feel the same as they do. So, instead, they avoid interacting with others, speaking in public, and doing anything that ends up shaming them. [Read: How to make yourself happy again – 20 habits of incredibly happy people]

#8 They don’t do well with competition. Many people can be overly competitive. However, if someone has inferiority complex symptoms, they’re not interested in losing. Though they like to compete, they only do so if they think they can win. If they lose, it’ll be a huge blow to their ego and this could result in an emotional outburst.

#9 They’re highly sensitive. Everyone is sensitive to a point, of course. It varies from person to person. However, someone with an inferiority complex suffers from extreme sensitivity. They’re unable to take criticism or compliments, usually becoming defensive if you tell them anything about them. In addition, they don’t take humor well, especially when it’s about them. 

#10 They seek attention aggressively. Now, some people suffer from an inferiority complex and want attention rather than avoiding people. However, instead of gaining attention in a positive way, they tend to be quite aggressive with their tactics. Or, on the other side, they use their sadness and depression as a way to get attention. It can go either way. [Read: All the signs of an attention seeker even if you can’t see it clearly]

#11 People avoid them. Though they may be okay upon initial interactions, after a while, their inferiority complex starts to show. What ends up happening is the people around them back off as they find the behavior hard to be around and emotionally draining. So, what happens is they alienate themselves from people without even trying. [Read: How to charm absolutely anyone and make them like you]

#12 They’re the Debbie Downer. They tend to be the sour grape in the group. Never having anything positive to say, always bashing or bringing up a negative point and generally giving the atmosphere a bad vibe. I call them “Debbie Downers” while the Kardashians call them “Negative Nancys.” The point is, they’re sour grapes.

[Read: 20 ways to be happy again and find happiness from within]

Now that you know the signs, you’ll be able to see if someone you know suffers from these inferiority complex symptoms. If you do recognize them, it’s not too late for them to change.

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