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Dating a Stripper: The Good & Bad Sides to It & What Others Have to Say

Just like you wonder what happens when you date a CEO, people are asking what it’s like to date a stripper. And Reddit, once again, answers.

date a stripper

There is no better song that could epitomize this feature than the auto-tune virtuoso, T-Pain’s “I’m N Luv *Wit a Stripper*.” Allegedly, T-Pain fell in love with a stripper because of her goddess-like body and extremely poppin’ booty. For us normal people, it ain’t – I mean it’s not – as easy as that.

Strippers, in theory and according to pop culture, are said to have a sort of magical prowess in bed, with the added benefits of a lap or pole dance before and after having sex. Not only that, they seem to be considered as a trophy of sorts.

The catch, however, is that no matter how impressive the idea of dating a stripper is, the reality is that not many people see it as a normal occurrence – or even respectable.

The worst assumptions about what it’s like to date a stripper

We looked into what people had to say on Reddit about their personal experiences, and we had no idea that there was a full spectrum of opinions on the subject.
Note: The comments have been compressed. If you would like to see the full accounts of the users, click on the links. [Read: Sexy exhibitionism – how to get naked in public]

The Usual

“Heartbreak and complication at best. You are getting played or set up. Strippers make their living making you think they like you. Most strippers have little more than [contempt] for their customers and imagine how often they get hit on by guys that pay money and then think “she really digs me.”

My guess is she’s trying to see if you want to pay to f**k her. Maybe I’m wrong, but tread with caution buddy.” – basementg9

My take: I would say that this is the most common misconception about what it’s like to date a stripper, yet at the same time, it’s the most plausible explanation. Not all strippers have hearts of gold, but there are those who are just doing it to pay their bills and get through their lives day by day. [Read: Foolproof relationship tips and advice for men]

Everything in one sitting

“I dated a stripper for several years, and my experience was that people’s reaction was mostly determined by gender and fell into four basic types:

1. Women who were not strippers themselves thought I was a disgusting loser and horrible misogynist with no taste in women, unless they got to know her and then they were okay with it.

2. Women who were strippers tried to steal me away from my girlfriend. Constantly. It was hilarious.

3. Men who were in awe and thought I was some kind of genius for dating a stripper and were totally envious of the awesome porn sex they assumed I was having *they weren’t wrong about that*.

4. Men who were upset and agitated that I was dating a stripper because they were convinced I was breaking some kind of rule and “cheating” at relationships. Like they were angry at me because I was dating a cool, easy-going chick who didn’t have hang-ups about sex and didn’t find men’s sexuality threatening. [Read: Horny girlfriend alert! Signs that she’s totally in the mood]

But yeah, the women who had an issue with it always started from the presumption that she was some kind of dim-witted sex trollop who was one step above a prostitute, and the guys who had an issue with it always had this weird mix of jealousy and outrage that I was breaking some unwritten rule that says you have to date frigid college girls who are deeply ambivalent about sexuality and use sex as a weapon against men.” – _trashpanda_

My take: ‘Nuff said.

What people had to say about what it’s like to date a stripper

Before passing judgment, why don’t we take a look at what real people had to say about their experiences when they dated or witnessed someone dating a stripper. [Read: How to cuddle with a girl so it leads to sex every time]

The bad parts of dating a stripper

1. “As a person who has had quite a few friends who dated strippers, I can say it was always like watching a slow motion train crash.” – anillop

My take: I’m not sure how this played out for his friends, but I am guessing that most of the strippers they dated were experiencing personal issues that reflected toward their partners. The sad part about this is that it had to happen in slow motion.

2. “I can relate, half my friends thought I was a god, while the others treated me like I was playing with fire. I think the biggest misconception is that stripper = amazing sex *that’s what I thought when I started the relationship*. It’s not always that way.” – SpacePug6

My take: A lot of people mistake strippers for prostitutes, probably because some of them are. Most of these beliefs, however, come from watching too many movies with stripper eye candy. Sex is sex. It all depends on what you learned and how you plan to use that information, regardless of your occupation. [Read: Things you shouldn’t do when you have a girlfriend]

3. “I’ve dated a stripper, and let me tell you, it wasn’t all that fun. I still have scars on my arm from where she swiped at me with a broken glass. Guys who romanticize what it’s like dating a stripper, or a porn-star, usually have this preconceived notion that it’s going to be all crazy parties with their hot friends and non-stop sex orgies. It’s more along the lines of unresolved issues you get to deal with and a possible substance addiction.” – rbz90

My take: I guess this one was a doozy for rbz90. Stripper or not, these unresolved issues that turn into violent outbursts are not the norm for strippers. You might hit the unluckiest jackpot and date one like his girl, but hopefully you won’t have to.

4. “I dated a stripper and never again went to [a] strip club, and never will. We lived together, back in the 90s. Designer drugs. Hardcore shit. I remember very clearly the night that she cried in my arms about the men who would run their hand up her inner thigh, saying that she reminded them of their daughter.

I remember the stories about cocaine and wasted dreams and biker gangs and worse, the almost inevitable underworld connections. How she and all the women she worked with would admit and discuss openly among themselves how what they did was a step away from prostitution, and how many of them took that step.

I remember most of all how she looked on the day I left her, the last time I ever saw her, after she took that step herself.” – filthyinglishkniget

My take: So, this was how it was in the old days! But we’re now almost two decades into the new century. A lot has changed since then. Legislations have been passed that allow strippers to work securely – some even have benefits. Still, there is a hard truth that this may still be happening in the midst of all this progress. [Read: How to date a high maintenance girl without going broke]

The good side of what it’s like to date a stripper, or just meh

1. “It wasn’t a big deal, beyond the initial excitement of thinking about all the other men who lusted after her and never got to see the side of her I saw, despite her job. And [sure] she was hot. But I’ve found every girl I dated hot.” – Anonymous

My Take: I would like to ask for a round of applause for this average, not-giving-a-shit guy!

2. “I met this awesome girl at a strip club and we really hit it off. She’s made some bad choices when she was younger and she is putting herself through college now *she is double majoring and this last semester took 7 classes and got 6 As and 1 B.*

It’s been hell dating her though. My family is not happy *and I can’t blame them, but she is not a loser like they assumed*, and it’s always been a struggle. They are starting to warm up I think, but I dunno if they’ll ever be happy.

I just needed to get this off my chest. Everyone is so perplexed why a good young man like me is dating a stripper. I don’t know what the future brings, but I’m very happy with where I am. And I honestly don’t know when the last time I felt like that was.” – notgoodwithyourname

My Take: Awww. This is so sweet! And sad. Anyone can date a stripper if they want to. Society is the only thing that gets in the way of these people’s happiness. Once you start to accept the fact that other people’s opinions don’t matter – even if they are from your family – you’ll be much happier with the choices you make. [Read: Sneaky signs you’re dating a genuine 24K gold digger]

#3 “For the most part, they were normal women. They were all very attractive and pulled in tons of money. In order of meeting them:

Stripper 1 was a cute blonde that I met at a Cafe. She was intelligent, was into role playing games, and was a generally all-around awesome person with no issues. I spent the summer with her and a group of friends until I moved. She even ended up dating my close friend and roommate after I had left. It didn’t work out due to normal relationship reasons.

Stripper 2 was a woman I dated in New York. She had no parental support so she ended up stripping to support herself through college. She stopped stripping once she found a web design job in New York. She had some issues, I’d guess, because she had been molested by her dad when she was a child.

Stripper 3 was a friend I met in New York. She was the antithesis of stripping in the sense that when I first met her, she was a Bible belt preaching southern gal. She had the attitude of no sex before marriage, and was really a prude.

I guess the allure of quick money got to her. She started stripping at one of the top 3 clubs in NYC and was regularly pulling in $30k per month, all while trying to pursue an acting career.

I think her morals came back to haunt her and she left New York. We had become close friends but eventually, we grew apart after she moved.” – stripper_friend

My take: See? They’re just like us! Breaking up for normal reasons, trying to find a better job that suits them, getting through traumatic issues, and even contemplating their moral ascendancy. This brief and positive account makes me feel like I should try being a stripper. [Read: Women who will end up wasting your time]

Should you date a stripper?

Technically, they are now called exotic dancers or just dancers, in general. Strippers appear in music videos, dance for music artists, and even perform for art installations. Stripping is a job, and according to most of these stories, it pays well.

Your opinion about your date’s occupation is only useful if you are already married to them. Even then, you can’t control your loved one’s occupation – especially if they chose it. Try to look at these two types of stories and see if you can open yourself up enough to date someone without asking what their job is.

[Read: Annoying things men do on dates that women hate]

Have you wanted to date a stripper before? Can you tell us what it was like? Tell us in the comments below!

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