Ubersexual Man: What It Is, the Traits & the Rise of a New Man

The Rise of the Ubersexual Man

Traditional gender roles are a thing of the past. Nowadays, we choose who we are and don’t need a label. That’s progress! However, it doesn’t mean that any of it is easy. There is still stereotypical discrimination flying around. Laughing in the face of it takes courage. Because of this, we hear a lot of labels, but it really comes down to the way someone chooses to be and act. One of those labels is ubersexual. 

What is an ubersexual?

An ubersexual is usually a man who displays the traditional features of masculinity, like strength of character, honor, and a desire to protect, alongside a more caring, perhaps even feminine side. This means an ubersexual will show the traditional masculine traits but will also have traits such as being open with communication, showing empathy, caring, and nurturing. 

When you look at it that way, it’s easy to think that an ubersexual is the ideal man!

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Some men show themselves to be ubersexual without even putting a label on it. It’s just how they are; perhaps they’ve been raised by parents who wanted them to feel comfortable showing both traditional masculine and feminine traits, or maybe that’s just their character in general. However, some men make an effort to be more ubersexual on purpose. 

There are two reasons why they may do this. Firstly, they just want to be able to understand everyone and be able to empathize with those around them. That’s a great reason. Secondly, and perhaps a little more shadily, they think that if they show this side of their character to those they’re trying to attract, it will make them more of a catch. 

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Famous people who are ubersexuals and their traits

Let’s think about some of Hollywood’s leading characters and see if we can identify some ubersexual characters within them. Ryan Gosling, perhaps? How about Ryan Reynolds? George Clooney, maybe? We’re talking about the strong male leads in movies which show their feminine traits by being caring, empathetic and super-romantic at the same time. It’s no surprise that many of these characters have people swooning, plus, it tells you a lot about why some men make themselves a little more ubersexual in general. 

You can look at the music world and many consider Bono from U2 to be ubersexual. As you can see, there is a whole range of examples you can look to, but the traits are generally the same. 

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Ubersexual vs metrosexual and how they’re different

We’ve all heard the metrosexual title. This is a man who is into appearances. He’s all about male grooming, he likes to look clean and tidy, he always wants to look his best and he has no problems with going to a spa and having a treatment if it helps his skin or his health in general. So, how is an ubersexual different?

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If a metrosexual is more about appearances, an ubersexual is more about personality and character. It’s entirely possible to be both metrosexual and ubersexual, but most ubersexual men still have those traditional masculine traits that may go against being metrosexual in some cases. 

It’s easy to try and differentiate between an ubersexual and a so-called typical male, but there is no solid definition of what a typical male looks like, sounds like, or acts like. We only have traits to refer to. This is because every single male that roams this planet is different. You can’t put a view on what a male should be or how they should act and expect people to be okay with it. It’s restrictive and not something that we should be doing in this age!

In that case, it’s best not to compare ubersexuals with the so-called typical male. It’s probably just better to celebrate them as the sometimes complicated, but rather wonderful blend they are. 

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The strongest traits of an ubersexual that stand out from other men

#1 They value the relationships in their lives. A little later, I’m going to talk about how these are independent men, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t go all out when they have someone in their life that they care about. The ubersexual values the relationships in their lives, be it a partner, friends, family, etc. They try to ensure that their partner’s needs are met and that those around them are supported. 

#2 They’re not as concerned with their looks as metrosexuals. While an ubersexual man wants to look his best, he’s not quite as concerned as the metrosexual. You probably won’t see him in a spa having his nails done, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t consider it if he felt he wanted to give it a try. They’re a little more about character than appearance. [Read: 20 characteristics of a good man that make him desirable and reliable]

#3 They’re all about values and principles. If you look towards people like Bono or George Clooney, these are both men who are considered to be ubersexual. In addition, they both have causes they fight for which are close to their hearts. The ubersexual man has values and principles and he sticks to them. 

#4 They are good communicators. If you consider that most men are considered to be poor communicators when it comes to matters of the heart or talking about problems, the ubersexual isn’t. This is probably the feminine traits coming to the fore because he is a good communicator when he needs to be. That doesn’t mean he’s going to go around talking about his feelings 24/7, but he doesn’t fear it either. 

#5 They are respectful of the women in their lives. Most men can nod to this trait, but ubersexuals in particular. They cherish the women in their lives and treat them with respect and care. Of course, any good man will be able to do the same so perhaps this is splitting hairs. [Read: The 18 qualities of a good man that sets him apart from lesser men

#6 They want their partner to be happy and fulfilled. When their partner is happy and fulfilled, they feel happy and fulfilled. They’re all about empathy and compassion and want their partner to have a great experience and to be comfortable in all aspects.  

#7 They value honesty. Ubersexuals value honesty. They’re pretty straightforward in terms of what they want and how they say it. An ubersexual man isn’t likely to hide how he feels about something, whether he’s upset, happy, sad, or angry, etc. He will tell you and he will expect you to be just as upfront with him. He has no time for lies or cheating. 

#8 They don’t fear commitment but don’t go looking for it either. An ubersexual isn’t desperate for attention because this is a man who believes in himself but neither is he afraid of commitment. If it comes along and it feels right, he won’t second guess it. 

#9 They put themselves first when needed. The ubersexual man doesn’t have a problem prioritizing his needs because he understands the importance of self-care. You cannot be strong for someone else if you’re not strong for yourself. It’s a mantra he’s likely to live his life by. [Read: How to be chill and learn to live a happier life as a result]

#10 They’re independent and not at all needy. Despite the fact that an ubersexual man likes to have relationships and loves those in his life to be happy and fulfilled, he’s independent and knows what he wants. He’s not needy, and he’s happy to be single and focus on himself if need be. 

#11 They believe in themselves. Ubersexuals are confident, driven, and focused, but they’re not arrogant. They simply believe in themselves and work hard to get to where they are. 

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The ubersexual man may seem complicated when you delve into it, but at the end of the day, perhaps it’s just a guy who is simply being true to his own nature. 

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