Having stumbled from one relationship drama to another throughout her 20s, Nicky is now somewhat of a guru in the crazy world of life and love. Telling it how it is, whilst keeping that typical British sense of humor, Nicky has been a writer for the last 8 years, showing that if you want something badly enough, nothing can hold you back. With a down to Earth attitude, Nicky loves the small things in life, especially anything which involves chocolate.

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What Do Girls Like to Be Called terms of endearment

What Do Girls Like to Be Called? 27 Terms of Endearment to Make Her Smile

What do girls like to be called? It’s a fair question, even though every girl is different. However, some terms of endearment are better than others!

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words of affirmation

Words of Affirmation: How to Use Them & 20 Examples to Say It Right

Using words of affirmation in the right way can help your partner to feel loved and helps you to feel connected. Of course, this needs to work both ways!

Nicky Curtis by Nicky Curtis
Relationship Fights

Are Relationship Fights Normal? 15 Signs You’re Fighting Too Often

Couples argue, but how many relationship fights are normal and how many point to a deeper issue? Here’s what you need to know about relationship arguments.

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boyfriend follows sexy instagram models

Boyfriend Follows Sexy Instagram Models: Okay or Reason To Be Pissed?

Your boyfriend follows sexy Instagram models, and you don’t understand it. Is this normal, and what should you do about it? Here are the answers.

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when a guy stops texting you every day

When a Guy Stops Texting You Every Day: Why & What You NEED to Do

It sucks to talk to a guy every day, only for him to suddenly stop texting you. When it happens, here are all the things you should do.

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what does a casual relationship mean to a guy

Guys & Casual Relationships: Why They Like It & What They Want From It

Dating covers a huge range of different definitions. The key is understanding so you’re not left confused. So, what does casual dating mean to a guy?

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boundaries your boyfriend's female friend should follow

22 Boundaries For Your Boyfriend’s Female Friend & Signs He’s Too Close

Your boyfriend is a little too close to his friend who’s a girl. So, here are the signs and the boundaries your boyfriend’s female friend should follow.

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How to confirm a date without sounding desperate

How to Confirm a Date Over Text By Playing It Cool & Not Look Desperate

Everyone has wondered how to confirm a date without sounding desperate. Don’t worry, we have all the tips you need to stop worrying and make that happen.

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Not Wishing Happy Birthday

Not Wishing Happy Birthday Just to Hurt You: Why Play This Sick Game?

Some people think that not wishing someone happy birthday is unacceptable. Is this some kind of sick game? Or did they forget? Here’s what to consider.

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Accidental Text On Purpose

Accidental Text On Purpose: What It Is, How to Use It & the Best Examples

If you’re thinking of sending an accidental text on purpose to someone, then here are the tips and examples you need to get their attention sneakily.

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