Having stumbled from one relationship drama to another throughout her 20s, Nicky is now somewhat of a guru in the crazy world of life and love. Telling it how it is, whilst keeping that typical British sense of humor, Nicky has been a writer for the last 8 years, showing that if you want something badly enough, nothing can hold you back. With a down to Earth attitude, Nicky loves the small things in life, especially anything which involves chocolate.

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Codependent Friendship

Codependent Friendship: The Bad Signs & Why It’s Unhealthy for You

A friendship should be a two-way deal. If all you ever do is put them before yourself, you’re in a codependent friendship. It’s time to change – now.

Nicky Curtis by Nicky Curtis
how to help someone with anxiety

How to Help Someone With Anxiety & Not Say or Do the Wrong Things

Anxiety is a real condition that causes extreme anguish. It’s important to know how to help someone with anxiety and not to say the wrong thing.

Nicky Curtis by Nicky Curtis
things guys like in bed but won't ask for

20 Sexy Things Guys Like in Bed But Won’t Ask For & Why They Don’t

There are several things guys like in bed but won’t ask for. Some might even surprise you! What does your guy secretly desire?

Nicky Curtis by Nicky Curtis
Narcissistic Traits

20 Biggest Narcissistic Traits to Recognize the Narc in Your Life

Narcissists are extremely manipulative and clever. Understanding the key narcissistic traits will help you to identify a narcissist in your life.

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guilt complex

Guilt Complex: What to Understand About This Powerful Emotion

What exactly is a guilt complex? Is it just feeling guilty over one thing, or is it something a little deeper? Power to change is in knowledge.

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malignant narcissist

Malignant Narcissist: 24 Scary Traits & What Makes Them the Worst

If you come across a malignant narcissist – run, don’t look back! They’re dangerous, but these signs and traits can help you recognize and deal with them.

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Signs He's Catching Feelings for You

23 Strong Signs He Caught Feelings for You and Is Falling Hard Too

Guys can be confusing creatures. Does he like you or not? If you’re searching for signs he’s catching feelings for you, look no further!

Nicky Curtis by Nicky Curtis
Signs Your Friend Doesn't Respect You

24 Truthful Signs Your Friend Doesn’t Respect You Or Care Enough

Respect is key in friendships. So, what if you’re spotting the signs your friend doesn’t respect you? It’s time for an inter-friend-tion.

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non monogamy

Non-Monogamy: How to Know if You & Your Partner Are Ready For It

What is your view on monogamy? Is it something you have to have, or do you think you could vibe with non-monogamy? Understanding is key

Nicky Curtis by Nicky Curtis
How Not to Be a Dry Texter

How Not to Be a Dry Texter: Signs You’re One & the Best Quick-Fixes

You spend hours constructing the perfect text, only to receive a “lol” or “okay”. Dry texting is annoying; learn how not to be a dry texter today!

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