Having stumbled from one relationship drama to another throughout her 20s, Nicky is now somewhat of a guru in the crazy world of life and love. Telling it how it is, whilst keeping that typical British sense of humor, Nicky has been a writer for the last 8 years, showing that if you want something badly enough, nothing can hold you back. With a down to Earth attitude, Nicky loves the small things in life, especially anything which involves chocolate.

Latest Features by Nicky Curtis

How Not to Be a Dry Texter

How Not to Be a Dry Texter: Signs You’re One & the Best Quick-Fixes

You spend hours constructing the perfect text, only to receive a “lol” or “okay”. Dry texting is annoying; learn how not to be a dry texter today!

Nicky Curtis by Nicky Curtis
things to say to your ex

Things to Say to Your Ex: 15 Nicest & Meanest That Top the List

Whether it’s something nice or mean, unsaid words at the end of a relationship can fester. Want to move on? Here are the best things to say to your ex.

Nicky Curtis by Nicky Curtis
Guilt Tripping in a Relationship

Guilt Tripping in a Relationship: What It Is & How to Respond to It

Do you know how guilt tripping in a relationship works? Here’s what it is, the examples you need to understand it and the right ways to respond to it!

Nicky Curtis by Nicky Curtis
Signs of Anxiety

Signs of Anxiety: How to Read the Signs ASAP & Handle Them Better

The signs of anxiety can vary from person to person, but understanding what you’re dealing with can help you to manage the situation better.

Nicky Curtis by Nicky Curtis
do narcissists know they are narcissists

Do Narcissists Know They Are Narcissists: Do They Lie To Themselves?

Narcissists are blatantly self-involved. They love themselves and need everyone to love them too. But, do narcissists know they are narcissists?

Nicky Curtis by Nicky Curtis
words of affirmation

Words of Affirmation: How to Use Them & 20 Examples to Say It Right

Using words of affirmation in the right way can help your partner to feel loved and helps you to feel connected. Of course, this needs to work both ways!

Nicky Curtis by Nicky Curtis
dreams about cheating

Dreams About Cheating: What They Mean & Why You Don’t Have to Panic

What does it mean if you have dreams about cheating? Is your relationship on the rocks, or is it something totally innocent?

Nicky Curtis by Nicky Curtis
can a narcissist change

Can a Narcissist Change? The Real Truth If You’re Looking for Hope

Narcissists are difficult to be around. However, we cling to the hope that they’ll change. But, can a narcissist change, or is there no hope?

Nicky Curtis by Nicky Curtis
How to Talk to People

How to Talk to People in a Charming Way No Matter Who They Are

Some people just have a natural way with words. They know how to talk to people no matter who they are. The good news? You can learn to do just that!

Nicky Curtis by Nicky Curtis
The Rise of the Ubersexual Man

Ubersexual Man: What It Is, the Traits & the Rise of a New Man

Stereotypes are damaging and none more so than anything gender-related. The rise of the ubersexual man has shown that we can be anything we want to be.

Nicky Curtis by Nicky Curtis