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Couple’s Road Trip – A Perfect Escape with your Lover

Vacations are great, but there’s something else that can bring both of you a lot closer. Take off on a couples road trip with your boyfriend or your girlfriend and experience a whole new side of love!

couples road trip

Have you ever wanted to take off on a couples road trip with your boyfriend or your girlfriend?

It’s always easy to catch a flight and zoom away on a vacation with your partner.

Well, if the flight takes away just a few hours of your favourite holiday destination, that isn’t too bad, is it?

You would still be left with a satisfying amount of time to indulge in the holiday. But there is something more than a beach or the mountains to make lasting memories. And that’s the journey.

If you want to try something exciting and new, a couples road trip would be the perfect choice for you and your partner. And you could even tag along another couple whose company the both of you enjoy.

It’s not very hard to plan a couples road trip together, but there are a few things you have to keep in mind to really enjoy the trip, and create some magical memories.

Planning a couples road trip

When you’re out on a road trip, it’s assumed that there isn’t too much planning involved, or the whole point of a road trip is lost! But at the same time, a few considerations will always make the journey much more pleasant and romantic for you.

Stocking Up

Well, this is a pretty important thing to do when you’re on a couples road trip, and you have to make sure you do all of it. First of all, get your car tuned up, and make sure it’s in the best of condition.

Have a travelling map of the area with you, just in case you get lost. Stock up on blankets, food and water for the journey. Make sure you have the spare tyre and other necessary mechanical requirements like a few spare bulbs, fuses, and a tube. Also have a first aid kit handy, just in case. Top your list with a good collection of your favorite tunes, and yeah, don’t forget to carry cash in hand. You wouldn’t want to stop by the countryside and flash your credit card!

Planning the destination

You may not be really keen on the path you take, but you definitely must have a destination in mind. A place where you know you can relax and enjoy after a long and wonderful couples road trip. Space yourself well and do some research to get to know a few places you can pull over for the night, if your journey is going to take a few days.

Check the sights along the way

Don’t cramp up your travelling schedule, and plan a road trip in a manner that forces you to zip over eighty miles an hour, just to reach your next desired stop. Relax, enjoy the drive. Don’t plan your small pit stops. You like a sight, then pull over and take a few pictures. Passing through a quaint town? Stop by to check out what this place has to offer. Just imagine you’re strolling in a mall and travel the same way, like you have nothing better to do, or any better place to go.

Hotel reservations

It’s a good idea to book hotel accommodations well in advance. But if you want to experience a good road trip, you could go on to your destination without any reservations. If you’re travelling to a place during the off season, then you really shouldn’t have any difficulties getting the perfect room. But if it’s during the peak holiday season, it might be better to twist this little rule of the couples road trip and reserve a good room, just so you don’t end up disappointed when you reach the end of your journey.

You don’t want to ring hotel bells in the middle of the night and get turned down everywhere you go. And you can also get ripped off on the high charges, if you go to an unknown place.

Enjoy the drive

When you’re out on a long journey, there may be many stops and there may be an occasional flat tire or a long traffic jam. At times you may even get lost. But none of this should really bother you because it’s all a part of the adventure in a road trip. Don’t sweat over the annoying stuff and just have a good time. But always space yourself and plan the road trip in such a way that you avoid travelling late into the evening.

Personal time

There may be times when you are driving and your partner might want to catch up on some sleep, or they might just want to enjoy the sight and listen to some music. You don’t have to go on talking all the time, just because the both of you are in the car for hours together. Space yourself and relax. When you feel like talking, talk a while, or if you get really bored of keeping quiet and your partner’s asleep, just hum along and enjoy the drive. [Read: Questions you should never ask your boyfriend]

Spending quality time on a couples road trip

The whole point of the couples road trip is to spend quality time together, so make sure you do plenty of that! You have hours to spend with each other, and you can catch up on things that you couldn’t speak about in a long time. Talk about the days when you first met, or how the both of you planned this trip. Or talk about your dreams… or just about anything else. It’s not everyday that you can actually have a conversation for hours without the annoying buzz of the cell phone or a sudden meeting. [Love Story: Remember how we met?]

Go on, plan the perfect couples road trip together, and bring your hearts together even before you reach your holiday destination!

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