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The Art of Storytelling in a Relationship

Storytelling isn’t just a kid’s pastime. It’s a deal maker in a perfect relationship. Learn more about the art of perfect storytelling with these tips.


Perfect stories are so beautiful, aren’t they?

A great story is an easy escape into a fairytale where all the problems can vanish with a song, every dark hour is nothing but a weak moment, and perfect endings are only pages away.

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I have a confession to make here.

Every time I watch an animation movie, I look forward to a perfect setting.

And nothing makes me feel happier than hearing those beautiful words right at the beginning of a movie, a reassuring voice that starts off by saying “Once upon a time…”

The very first time I watch a movie like Shrek, my mind drifts away into peaceful serenity and no matter what happens next, I can almost be certain that I’d love the rest of the movie.

And that’s because the storytellers behind the movie knew just what it takes to captivate its audience.

And that’s a beautiful story narrated in a perfect way.

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Understanding the art of storytelling

Storytelling makes for great fairytales, but what about in real life, and what about in our relationships?

Learning the art of storytelling can improve communication in a relationship and make the relationship a lot more exciting.

Most couples who don’t know how to tell a story the right way end up as bored couples who don’t have anything interesting to talk with each other. After all, if your partner can’t say something in an interesting way, there’s no fun in listening to it, is there?

Learning the art of storytelling

Storytelling doesn’t always have to revolve around farfetched stories. In a relationship, the art of storytelling is the art of communication. How you explain something to your partner makes the difference between an interesting lover and a boring one. [Read: How to better communication in a relationship]

When you talk about anything at all with your lover, always try to express what you have to say from your partner’s point of view. Your partner has no idea about what you intend to say. So when you say something, start right from the very beginning even though you already know the exciting end of the story.

Don’t ever jump details or leave your partner confused midway. By rushing through your anecdote or skipping interesting details, you’d end up boring your partner in no time, or your partner would just be waiting for you to finish the story so they can do something more important.

The right way to share your experiences in life

Explaining something to your partner by going into the details makes the story more interesting and fun to listen to. After all, by explaining it well, you aren’t just saying what you did, you’re involving your partner into the experience you just had.

Instead of just trying to convey an idea, try to make it interesting and exciting to the person who’s listening to it.

In a relationship, when you learn to look at your own life from your partner’s perspective, you’d start to make your partner feel involved in everything you do. And when you do that, every conversation both of you have will start to feel alive and exciting.

And even if both of you have to spend a long weekend with each other, you don’t have to worry about awkward silences or bored moments where both of you are sitting away from each other, doing your own things just to keep yourselves occupied. [Read: 15 reasons why most couples get bored of their relationship]

Storytelling and your love life

Storytelling in romance can be used in more ways than just to talk about each other’s day. You can involve it in everything you do together. It makes everything more exciting, be it talking about the future, being romantic with each other, fantasizing sexually in bed or even sharing old memories.

Have you ever come across couples who say they can’t spend more than a few hours with each other at a stretch because they don’t know what to talk about?

In all probability, they’re the ones that don’t know the art of storytelling. Learn to express yourself the right way, taking time to help your partner understand your mind clearly, and both of you will have a perfectly happy relationship. [Read: 25 topics to talk about in a happy relationship]

Confrontations and storytelling

One of the better aspects of storytelling is the way you can use it confront problems in your relationship. Instead of confronting each other or starting an argument, you can use storytelling to express how you feel without ever making your expression seem confrontational.

If you have a problem with your partner’s behavior, casually talk about another person who shares the same annoying trait that your partner has. Never make your partner realize that you’re indirectly talking about your own lives. By explaining what you have in mind about that particular behavior from a third person’s point of view, your partner would be more willing to listen to you and try to understand what you have to say from your point of view. By making the story interesting and expressing your mind clearly, your partner would understand your mind better without feeling like they’re being picked on or confronted. [Read: The perfect way to fight fair in a relationship]

Say, if your partner was very lazy, talk about another friend of yours who’s lazy. By doing that, instead of confronting your partner and getting into an argument, you can help them understand your view without pointing a finger at them.

Another great way to use the art of storytelling in a confrontation is by talking about another couple’s relationship problem. Explain the other couple’s story in detail and ask your partner how they think the couple should have handled it, and share your own opinions too. By explaining each other’s points of view on how to handle a situation, both of you will be able to communicate and understand each other better.

Build your own fairytale

Storytelling is the perfect way to weave stories that will keep the relationship exciting and fun. It makes every moment both of you spend together more interesting.

Every now and then, talk about the future of the relationship and imagine how both of you would spend your lives together years from now. It’ll definitely be funny and worth a romantic laugh. And most importantly, it’ll help both of you build a better emotional connection with each other. [Read: Perfect things to talk about in a perfect relationship]

7 things to remember while storytelling

The art of storytelling takes time to master. But as long as you remember these key points, you should find it a lot easier to create perfect stories even out of the most boring of circumstances.

#1 Start fresh. Always look at the picture as a blank slate with nothing on it. When you say anything to your partner or anyone else, you need to remember that they have no idea what you’re talking about.

#2 Be vivid. Go into the details and create an interesting picture for your partner to see. Explain the scenario first so they can mentally see the picture you’re talking about. It always makes a story seem much more interesting.

#3 Have the time for it. Storytelling isn’t something you can use all the time. In a relationship, it’s a romantic art that brings both of you closer. But at the same time, explaining something in the form of a story takes time. So if both of you are in a hurry, avoid storytelling. You’ll just end up sounding irritable.

#4 Be interesting. Make the story interesting. You don’t need to add a good dose of white lies to it, but depending on your partner’s likes and dislikes, emphasize on aspects that your partner would love to hear more about. [Read: 25 relationship rules for successful love]

#5 Help your partner relate to it. Unless you can help your partner relate to what you have in mind, what you say will always end up boring your partner. Think from your partner’s perspective and try to visualize it from their point of view when you say something.

#6 Expressions. Words are only half the conversation. The other half that completes a great conversation is your expressions. Be expressive while trying to say something and make sure you gesticulate too.

#7 Let your excitement show. Excitement is contagious. So if you feel excited to share what you have in mind, make sure you let your excitement and enthusiasm show. It’ll help your partner feel what you’re feeling at the moment and experience your story better.

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The next time you read a fairytale, pay attention and you’ll realize what makes it so interesting. After all, a story is only as good as the way it’s expressed. And storytelling is a beautiful art, one that can make everything you say exciting, interesting and just beautiful!

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