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Live-In Romance – Are you Ready to Move In?

Should you consider a Live-In Relationship?

Moving in with your boyfriend or girlfriend to start a live-in relationship may be one of the happiest moments in love, but are you ready to move in together and start a new life?

Would you move in with me?

Moving in together is the beginning of new memories, new dreams and better understanding. If you’ve been in love long enough, whether for a day or a decade, and you want to experience the joy of living with your partner, and understanding them better, one of the best ways is probably by staying together. Ever found yourself thinking about moving in together but you hold back that thought because you’ve always felt that a live-in relationship is just about lovemaking and bedroom fun?

A live-in relationship is actually much more than just a steamy session or getting up naked in each other’s arms every morning, though that too, is definitely one of the perks. Living together helps us to learn more about our partner and understand each other’s needs even before one can make the big leap into matrimony. If you’re in love, it’s a very exciting thought to start a new home together, share your lives and do everything you’ve always done… together.

The Plunge into Living Together

It’s a happy day when you move in together, it always is. You get a few bags and loads of friends to help you move in. Usually there are more friends than bags to help you unpack. The smile on your face would be almost impossible to wipe away. The both of you laugh and you gush and blush until your ears turn red, as all your friends pick the sides you would sleep on, in your bed. There are many calls from the friends who couldn’t show up, and they’re all excited just as much as you are. They’re very happy to see two of their good friends living together. And yes, the other part, they now have a new pad to hang out and get someone there if they ever get lucky!

You unpack the whole morning, and it usually goes on untill the afternoon. The girls giggle and the guys schedule the different days of the week they can crash out in your place. The first thing you do is fix up the system and you play your favorite tracks. There’s a lot of nudging and many more giggles from the girls, while the guys check the “view” around your pad. As the happy day closes in, the booze and a take away dinner is set on the floor. There may be no furniture but the floor is just perfect and no one’s complaining. The both of you hold each other’s hands as you cuddle up and laugh out loud. By nightfall, the giggles turn into pinching and more giggling amongst the girls, and a congratulating pat on the back by the men. It’s the first day after moving in, they all know you would probably need the time alone, so all of you clean the place up together and you chase your friends out of your new “love nest”. It’s a tiring and satisfying day. You hug each other and after the first deep kiss in your new home, you get into the sheets.

Oh, it must be beautiful, isn’t it? Can love get any better? You think not. And it’s probably true.

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