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The Best Romantic Proposal Ideas

proposal ideas

Some proposals of love are traditional, and some are lousy. But there are a few all-time greats that still stand the test of time. Use these time tested romantic proposal ideas to make your proposal oh-so-memorable.

The Champagne Ring

Cook and set an elaborate candle light dinner for a quiet romantic dinner for two at home (or cater if you’re not talented in the kitchen). Serve her a flute of champagne with the diamond ring in the bottom or ribbon it to the stem.

Puppy Love

Bring home an enthusiastic new puppy with a ribbon for a collar. Place the ring in a nice collar for her to find as she cheerfully greets the cuddly pup.

Your Favorite Restaurant

During dinner at your favorite restaurant, arrange with the waiter to have the diamond in a box as one of the choices on the dessert tray. Tell her she is the sweetest thing you know and you can’t resist her any longer. This may not work too well if the waiter chooses to keep the diamond, so choose your waiter carefully.

Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate-dip the diamond box, and put it in the center of a box of chocolates when both of you have cuddled up for the evening. She will always wonder what’s in the largest piece of candy. Pick it up for her and open it slowly, keeping your eyes on her all the time.

Surfaholic Proposal

Create a personal web page with her name and your proposal with a picture of the diamond in its velvet presentation box, and send her the web address. Alternatively sit down together to surf for good vacation sites, and visit a site or two before you type in the site address.

Seashells and Flowers

Take her for a surprise picnic at the beach or in the woods. At the picnic spot, spell out “Marry Me” with stones, flowers or seashells. Slide the diamond into her fingers when she says yes.

Beach Bums

Arrange for a day at a private beach together, building sand castles or digging for shells. On the night before, write a love poem on a piece of parchment paper, roll it into an antique bottle with a cork, and bury it in a well marked spot in the sand near your diggings. Make sure you are the one to “find” the bottle as you dig together. Open and read the poem, then present the diamond from your pocket and ask for her hand in marriage.

YouTube Proposal

Not many have tried this, but we assure you it’s great. Make a personal video of yourself proposing to your lover, and upload it on Youtube and give it a fancy name like “New Romantic Movie Trailer – A Happily Ever After”. Watch a few movie trailers and find a way to open your video link. Aww, don’t we all love happy endings!

Now that you know these romantic proposal ideas, perhaps it’s time to go down on one knee. Or you could also read the guide to proposing to your partner.

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4 thoughts on “The Best Romantic Proposal Ideas”

  1. Pran says:

    Me and my fiancé have been through a very long and complicated history, where we were together off and on but have always remained friends through out. When he decided to propose, we had been together this time for about seven months and I could not imagine him doing it any other way. This is how the day played out. It was January 30, 2015 and me and my best friend were meeting up for a lunch/girls day type of date. My fiancé works out of town a lot so that day he asked me to stop by his house and pick up something before I went for lunch. I agreed and asked him where he wanted me to put it when I grabbed it for him. He told me to just keep it with me for now and he would see me the day after. Me and my friend (who was driving that day) headed over to his place to find whatever it was he had me picking up. I open the front door to find six blue roses hanging above my head along w a card. This card told me that he wanted to take a journey back in time with me to the most important memories we share together. 🙂 The first stage with the blue roses was because the first roses be had ever gotten me, eight years ago on valentines day, were blue. He told me the next step of our journey would be where we shared our first kiss. I was baffled by this because we kissed at a bar. It being the middle of the day, I wasn’t sure if I was right because obviously it couldn’t be there. He had me second guessing the memory. Hehe Anyway, this bar is attached to a restaurant so me and my friend went there for our lunch, all the while me trying to figure out how to get into the bar. After we order and start talking about y mystery location, the waitress walks over to me, asks me if my name is Rosalynn and when I say yes, she hands me a second card. By this point I am just shocked because I have no idea what to expect and my mind is racing and my heart pounding. I read this card and he tells me the next place to go is to back to where it all began… So I instantly know that this is the University we both attended. We hurriedly finish our lunches and rush up to the university to find my fiancé standing with his back to us outside the main doors to the university. He is all dressed up and as I walk up to him and say hi, he passes a third card over his shoulder for me to read. After trying to read the card through tear filled eyes, I see that he wrote at the bottom of this one, “I think it’s only fitting to start our next adventure where we began our first one”, and when I look back up, he pulls a ring box from his pocket, gets down on one knee, calls me by my full name and asks me to marry him. I have never been so happy! I immediately say yes as I am crying at this point and he slides my engagement ring on my finger. My friend takes pictures during all of this as well so not only do I have an amazing story to tell but I have the pictures to go along with it. I love my fiancé so much. He knows me inside and out and I could not imagine being proposed to in any other way. We are set to get married this coming year on my fathers birthday (he passed away when I was 13) up at the University where we met and having our amazing wedding catered by the same restaurant that brought us together all those years before as well as helped with the proposal itself.

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