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15 Romantic Ways to Propose: Make It a Day She’ll Never Forget

Proposing to your girl is going to be something she talks about for the rest of her life. For that reason, you need these romantic ways to propose.

Romantic Ways to Propose

Whenever someone comments on her ring or sees the two of you together, they’ll all ask the same question. It’s a story that will be told over and over again. Because of that, you should find romantic ways to propose instead of boring, overused proposals.

When a guy gets down on one knee, women want it to be personal. They want it to be something special between the two of you. Sure, you could just whip out a ring in your living room while she’s watching TV, but that’s not romantic. It’s also not exciting or story-worthy.

The history of wedding proposals

Marriage has been around for many, many years. So it’s safe to assume wedding proposals have been around for just as long. Way back when, proposals were actually done to a woman’s father in order to ask his permission to marry his daughter. This often came with a gift of some sort, something that proved his worth.

But as time went on, the women had more say in who they got to marry and so instead of presenting her father with a hog or cow, a man would give her a ring. This was to show her how important she was and to show everyone else that she was now his. [Read: 25 signs she’s the one you should marry]

Romantic ways to propose and make it a day she’ll never forget

You want to make sure to propose in a way she will love. You want her to remember that day forever and truly feel how much you love her. That means you need romantic ways to propose.

If you’re not the creative type, we’re here to help. These are the most romantic ways to propose to your girlfriend and make her your fiancée. Just remember to cater your proposal to her wants and needs instead of just blindly choosing a way to do it.

#1 A public spectacle. Not all women want to be proposed to in public. Be sure you know where your woman stands before you do something like this. However, if she does like that sort of thing, it’s one of the more romantic ways to propose.

You can do this almost anywhere. Make sure the entire evening is filled with romance and then when she least expects it, get down on one knee with everyone watching and confess your love. Showing how much you care in front of everyone is really romantic.

#2 A weekend getaway proposal. Take a weekend off of work and chores and sweep her away to a romantic weekend. Pamper her while you’re away by giving her massages, taking her to a favorite restaurant that’s usually too far away, and make her feel amazing. Then, at the end of the weekend, get down on one knee and she’ll never forget it.

#3 Vacation destination. Instead of just a weekend away, take a week or two and treat her to an incredible vacation. Take her somewhere she’s always wanted to go and make sure she knows the entire time how much you love her.

Take a walk on the beach and bring the ring. She’ll be surprised and it’ll be more than romantic enough. [Read: Romantic vacation destinations to bring couples closer together]

#4 A dinner night at home. Sometimes the most romantic ways to propose are the simplest. You don’t have to spend a fortune or shower her with expensive gifts to make her feel loved. She might not even want that. Instead, let her come home to an entire meal prepared by you with candles, dessert, and of course, a ring.

#5 A close friends and family dinner. If you want to make your proposal less private, but aren’t sure about doing it in public with a bunch of strangers, invite your closest friends and family to a small get together.

Have a party to celebrate nothing in particular and then get down on one knee. If she’s really close with the people in her life, she may love having them around for the big day.

#6 A thoughtful homemade gift. Not all gifts have to be really lavish and costly. You can make a gift instead if you’re the creative type. Paint her something. Write and play her a song on guitar. You can even build her something cute that she’ll love. While she’s enjoying it, get down on one knee and express how much you wish to always make her gifts forever. [Read: 25 really romantic ideas to make your lover melt]

#7 Relive your first few dates. You can just do the first date or you can do a few of them. You can spend an entire day taking her to the first three places you ever had dates. Then at the last place, tell her those were the most important days of your life, and this will be too. She will be surprised and she’ll love it.

#8 Catch the proposal on camera. In order to ensure that your woman never forgets the proposal, get it on camera! There are plenty of people you can hire to catch the special moment. No matter how you do it, having it recorded forever will be majorly special. This is especially true since many people never have a video of the big day. She can show it to everyone who asks.

#9 Propose to her at work. Does she work somewhere she loves and is passionate about? Proposing to her at work is a really romantic way to do it. You can visit her at lunch or even make an event of it by contacting her boss and sending in dozens of flowers. She’ll be sure to feel your love this way. [Read: Memorable ways to propose to your girlfriend]

#10 A goofy, fun proposal. You never have to make your proposal super serious. And if your girlfriend is the fun and playful type, don’t. Grab a Pokémon ball and use it at the ring case, claiming you need to “catch” the most important girl of all. Appealing to her sense of humor can be more romantic than anything else. She’ll laugh for years to come.

#11 Nature walk or garden proposal. One of the most romantic ways to propose is definitely in nature or in a garden. When there’s so much natural beauty around, it’ll take her breath away. Taking her to a local garden or on a lovely nature hike before proposing to her will ensure she remembers it forever.

#12 A picnic proposal. If you want to keep things simple but also really romantic, packing her a picnic would be the way to go. You can load up the basket with all of her favorites and take her somewhere special with just the two of you. Then, before dessert, pull out the ring and ask her. She’ll melt! [Read: 20 best and worst places for a picnic with your love]

#13 Get the family to help out. You can also have the family help out with the proposal. They can all be in on the event and hold up a sign with each word of, “Will you marry me?” This will make the evening extra special to her because all of her family will be there to celebrate.

#14 A personal love note or book. Something that’s not done nearly enough but is one of the most romantic ways to propose is writing a love note. You can even create a book filled with all of your thoughts about her. Write down what makes you happy and why you’re so in love.

Then at the end of the letter or book, write down, “Will you marry me?” Stand behind her and get on one knee as she reads this and watch her turn around in tears of joy. [Read: How to write a perfect love letter like a true romantic]

#15 Morning proposal. Another really romantic way to propose that is hardly ever done is waking up right away in the morning and doing it. Saying something along the lines of, “I want this to be my reality when I wake up every morning for the rest of my life,” is perfect. It will be more than enough to make her feel your love. It’s simple, but effective.

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Proposals are incredibly important. While many people may not divulge their story, they’ll remember it forever. For that reason, you want to make sure you’re using one of the most romantic ways to propose.

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