Wife Material: 38 Signs She’s a Keeper & You’d Be Lucky to Marry Her!

How do you know that you’ve met someone who is true wife material? Know what to look for so you don’t let the lady of your dreams slip on by! 

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There are some women who are dating material, and others who are wife material. What’s the difference? Certain qualities make a special woman someone you want to devote your life to. She challenges you, makes you feel good about yourself, and makes you want to be a better man.

So, what is it that these vixens possess that not all girls do? [Read: Should you marry her? The questions you need to ask yourself for an instant answer]

What is wifey material?

When a woman is wifey material, she possesses a set of traits and characteristics that would make her a great wife. A woman may be perfect dating material, but if you’re looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with, it requires a whole different set of traits beyond having a great time together.

A woman who is wifey material is definitely dating material too, but she’s all of that and beyond. Think you’re dating a girl who’s a great catch?

Take a look at the characteristics and signs below and ask yourself if she’s wifey material too. And if she is, perhaps it’s time you put a ring on it because she’s definitely worth it, and way more! [Read: The most romantic ways to propose to a girl and truly make her day]

Why is it important to find someone who is wife material?

Look, let’s face it. Husband material is a stereotype, and so is wife material. And generally, when someone talks of wifey material, it’s instantly assumed to be a bad stereotype. But that’s not what we have in mind.

A wife is an equal partner, just as a husband is an equal partner in the relationship too.

Either partner can choose to take on any role in the marriage, and that’s all still fine and perfect. But when you are looking for someone to marry and settle down with, there are a few specific traits that you need to ensure the person you marry has. That way, you can be sure you’re both on the same page.

That’s where these wife material traits come in. [Read: 37 sweet signs you’re ready to marry this girl very soon]

The benefits of being with someone who is wifey material

This is a girl who is supportive, compassionate, understanding, and also someone you can have a great time with.

For sure, casual hookups might be fun, but they’re not going to see you through into your old age, are they? When a girl is true wifey material, she possesses specific traits that make her a life partner, someone you can grow old with.

As such, you know you’re compatible and you’re more likely to last over the long term. [Read: The love test – how much do you love your partner?]

The character traits and signs that make someone wifey material

If your girl possesses these personality traits, it might be time to get down on one knee and seal the deal!

1. She’s a great listener

The girl you want to spend the rest of your life with will listen to what you have to say, take it to heart, remember it, and try her hardest to respect it. [Read: Signs you’re not being heard and ways to fix it]

2. She fits into any crowd

A wife is someone who you are proud to be with. Whether it’s a black tie affair or a cousin’s wedding in a fire hall, she can roll with the punches.

3. She takes care of you when you’re sick

A girl you’re dating may be with you during the good times, but can she actually take care of you when you’re down?

If you’re going to spend the rest of your life with someone in sickness and in health, that means that she’ll be there for you to help you feel better, even if it means she has to cancel some of her plans, too.

4. She has motherly instincts and kindness

If having kids is important to you, it’s important to think about the long road ahead, not just the first leg of the ride. [Read: How to know if both of you are ready to have a baby]

5. She is independent

You want someone who wants to be with you, but who doesn’t *need* you for every little decision or activity in their life.

It isn’t that you don’t want to work together or spend all your time together, but each partner should bring something to the table.

6. She’s not in it simply for the money

There’s nothing that will break up a marriage quicker than continuous arguments over money. If there are signs that finances will be a major crux in your relationship from the get-go, chances are, she’s not the wifey material you’re looking for. [Read: How to know if you’re being used for sex or money]

7. Sharing is caring

A wife is someone who not only shares your bed, but she shares her life and everything in it as a partnership.

8. She wants a partnership

There’s no room for egomaniacs or control freaks in a marriage. Your relationship should be an equal partnership, where both parties get an equal say in big decisions. [Read: How to be the power couple all your friends are jealous of]

9. She is kind to your friends

Your wife is going to be at your side, hopefully, ’til death do you part. A woman who is good wifey material should like your friends, not just tolerate them.

Your friends know you best, and if they don’t like your wife, that will make for a very long, lonely, life.

10. She pushes you to better yourself and step outside your comfort zone

Having a lifelong partner means that you’ll always have someone cheering in your corner and motivating you to do the things you’ve always wanted.

11. No matter what you want to do, she supports you through it

If something is important to you, she will give you the reins to help you make your dreams come true. But she’ll also be there to put her foot down if she’s convinced you’re not moving in the right direction. [Read: The biggest signs your partner is truly supportive of your goals]

12. You can cry in front of her and you know she won’t think less of you

You can be yourself and show your weaknesses around her without feeling stupid or less of a man. There are going to be times in your marriage when you’re going to need to lean on her.

Someone whose wifey material can take the weight off your shoulders and help you get through life’s obstacles. [Read: How to be the man in a relationship and achieve true manliness]

13. She isn’t selfish

A wife is someone who won’t ever ask you to sacrifice yourself if she wouldn’t be willing to do the same for you. She wants not just the best for herself, but for you as well.

14. She can be adventurous in the bedroom

Sex can get, well, boring after a while. The perfect wifey material girl is okay with trying new things in the bedroom to heat it up and is willing to be open, communicative, and adventurous. [Read: 17 of the best naughty ideas to spice up married sex]

15. She gets along with your mom

If she doesn’t get along with your mom now, she’s eventually going to either make you choose or make your world miserable. Try to find someone who can get along with your mom *and family in general* for a happily-ever-after.

Remember, your family is on your side and has no reason to try to dissuade you from loving someone unless they see trouble in your future or an unhappy union to come.

16. She gets along with other girls

If she can’t get along with any of the other girls in your life, that’s a big sign that she may not be wifey material. You want to be with someone who will treat those in your life with kindness and respect. [Read: When is a girl’s jealousy okay in a relationship?]

17. She believes a home isn’t a structure, but a feeling

She wants to forge a home with you. This doesn’t mean a beautiful house in the suburbs to show off to her friends, but a true home that is filled with love.

18. She is willing to compromise

Someone who is wifey material will be willing to compromise and not always have things her way. You don’t want to spend a lifetime never getting what you want or having to sacrifice your own needs. [Read: Compromise in relationships – tips to give without losing]

19. She cares about your dreams

A wife wants the best for you and for you to live out your dreams. She has no problem caring for even your most seemingly far-fetched fantasies, provided you’re also willing to do the same for her.

20. You get a feeling around her that you haven’t had before

The belief that you’ll just know when the right person comes along really does have some truth to it. You’ll get a feeling about a special girl that’ll tell you right away that she’s wifey material. [Read: 16 next-level signs she’s ready for a real serious relationship with you]

21. You can’t stand to see her cry

If you hate to see her cry and want nothing but to make her smile, then she’s probably wifey material.

22. You can’t imagine your future without her

If you can’t imagine life without her at your side, she’s surely a keeper. [Read: Life questions to help you visualize your future]

23. She cares about furthering your career as much as her own

The woman you marry should be equally concerned with your aspirations as she is with her own. As a team, the two of you can achieve so much more than would be possible on your own. [Read: One year itch – 25 tips to avoid marriage problems early on]

24. She makes you laugh

And this isn’t just meant for you to go out and find the funniest girl according to other people. However, YOU have to find her funny. Your sense of humor has to match hers because that’s super important in a long-term relationship.

You want to marry the girl that makes you laugh until your stomach hurts and vice versa. [Read: How to win her over with humor]

25. She has ambitions of her own

Now, a lot of guys will call an ambitious girl intimidating, but don’t you want to be with someone ambitious? Don’t you want a girl with dreams and drive? She’ll be kicking life’s butt and it’s better to have a girl like that on your team.

Plus, if she has ambitions, it means she values more than just a relationship in life and that’s very important. [Read: 15 signs someone likes a person without saying so]

26. She’s opinionated

She doesn’t change her opinion just to agree with you. You need a girl who can stand her ground and stick with her beliefs. Why? Because one of her beliefs will be you.

27. She doesn’t take your shit

Every guy needs a girl who won’t deal with his self-righteous attitude. She needs to keep you grounded and remind you of the important things in life just like you’ll do for her. Being able to hold her man down is definitely wife material. [Read: Rules to experience true love]

28. Your morals and values align

This is just a must. You can’t marry someone if you don’t agree with their morals and values.

You can easily have differences in your lives, but these things have to match. If they don’t, you’ll end up getting into all sorts of fights about stuff that neither of you will budge on.

29. You can argue without it turning toxic

Couples have to be able to argue and discuss things without becoming toxic to each other. So basically, you have to marry a woman with good communication skills, and a woman who doesn’t run away or shout insulting profanities at you when you disagree. [Read: How to deal with arguments in a relationship]

30. She takes care of herself

This isn’t about her looking amazing or anything of the sort. This is about her caring about her health and well-being.

You want a woman who wants to be healthy for her sake because that shows she respects herself. It shows that she’s willing to put in the work to live fully and healthily.

31. She’s your best friend

You can’t marry someone who isn’t 100% your best friend. You’ll hopefully be together forever. That means if you’re not stoked to have her in your life, you’ll get sick of her really quickly.

Marry your best friend. [Read: 20 signs you should definitely marry your best friend]

32. She loves you

This should be an obvious one but it should still be said. A girl who’s wife material will love you unconditionally. She’ll be there in ways nobody else has been and she’ll make you feel better than anyone else ever has.

33. And you love her

This is also a no-brainer, but here it is. You’ve got to love her more than anything. You have to be willing to put her happiness above your own.

When you feel that way about a woman, she’s definitely wife material. So, put a ring on it. [Read: Power couple – 24 signs and ways to be a perfect couple everyone is envious of]

34. She’s financially independent

When you get married, your finances become one. Of course, you remain independent in your own lives, e.g. your friends and hobbies, but you’ll probably share finances. If she’s up to her eyes in debt, that’s going to make life hard.

A wife material woman is financially independent.

35. She knows when to give you space

This is important. After a fight or after you’ve had a bad day, you know she’s there for you, but she can also tell when you need a little time on your own.

It’s a special skill and something only wife material women have. [Read: Need space in your relationship?]

36. She’s thankful and appreciative

And in return, you’re the same for her.

37. She’s the sexiest woman in your eyes, even when she’s not trying

Not only does she have the personality to match her wife material status, but you find her totally sexy, even when she’s in her pajamas and has no makeup on.

38. She makes an effort to take an interest in your interests

She doesn’t have to get totally on board with them and find them fascinating, but she will listen to you and try to understand what you’re interested in. That way, she can support you in the things you enjoy doing. [Read: What are you passionate about? How to find and own your desires]

Do you have a woman in your life who is wifey material?

Well, now you should know whether or not the woman in your life is wife material. If she is, there’s really only one thing you need to do.

Maybe you’re not ready right now, and perhaps she isn’t either, but you’ll know that at some point in the future, distant or not, you’ll put a ring on it.

This is a special woman, so hold her close!

[Read: 20 questions to determine if she’s the girl you should marry]

Some women are fun to date, and others are ones with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. If you think she may be wifey material, take note of these character traits to find out for sure.

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