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Money Can Buy Happiness in Love

Most people have always said that money can’t buy happiness. But is that really true? In reality, of course, money can buy happiness, especially when it comes to love!

Money Can Buy Happiness in Love

Well, before we go any further at all, let me make this clear.

Contrary to what greybeard the philosopher says, money can buy happiness, at least in love.

And quite frankly, that’s all that matters, isn’t it?

Money, love and happiness

If you’re happy in love, you’re all happy in life. So there we go, money can buy you all the happiness in the world.

So what’s love really got to do with fat wallets, or big diamond studded rings?

Perhaps nothing at all.

But logically speaking, when we first like a person, the infatuation is completely based on the appearance and the so called ‘personality’.

We like spending time with this special person and we like doing things together, and hanging out all the time.

Money, happiness and the silence

No one ever talks about money, mortgages or insurances in young love.

And even if someone does, it’s followed by an awkward pause and a little shuffle of a leg, and the whole conversation is brushed away under the carpet, where all other unspeakable things are stashed away.

Let’s face it, no one really talks about money in love, and yet, we want better jobs, better homes to live in and luxurious vrooming cars to drive around in. If everything in our lives revolve around money, why not in love?

The conflict – Money can / can’t buy happiness in love

It’s all in the movies, isn’t it? That’s what the problem with us is. We see the manly dudes and the damsels on screen, mesmerizing us in tear jerking scenes, where the guy says something like “I can’t marry you, Jocelyn… blah, blah and more blah! Where will we live? In my hovel? With the pigs inside during the winter so they won’t freeze? And the babe answers something like, “Yes, William, with the pigs…”

That was a line from the movie, ‘the knight’s tale’ in case you’re wondering.

But what about the movie ‘the pursuit of happyness’, doesn’t Gardner’s wife leave him because he doesn’t make enough dough? It’s all clichéd and over-exaggerated, the value of money in love, and vice versa.

Money, happiness and the stages in love

I’m trying my best not to sound like a money mongering tramp here, but to a certain extent, yup, it’s true. Money is the catalyst in the whole chemical reaction of the fabled ‘…happily ever after’.

Without money too, you can peak your levels of happiness, but somehow, it may just turn out to be more difficult than you think. Now if I want to hook up with a guy, it’s all about a good balance. There are a lot of criteria that matters when we need the perfect guy, or girl.

For us, the most important criteria are split into three stages. And to others who don’t know about the existence of these stages, it’s time to be enlightened because whether you like it or not, we all follow the same stages in love, knowingly or unknowingly.

Stage 1 – Looks and personality

These qualities are impressive during the initial stages of the relationship, when both of you are still fresh with each other and are craving to know more. It may last a few days, or you may pull this game along for a couple of months. During this stage, you don’t spend too much time together and when you’re together, it’s just about being nice to each other. [Read: Are you falling in love fast]

In this phase, you show your new mating potential off, and seek approval from friends, and consider the person yourself.

Stage 2 – Shared interests, niceness and fanciness

If you think your mate’s good enough or at least fits into your requirement to move up from stage 1, it’s time to brace yourself for this stage. Couples experience this stage after they’ve crossed the barrier of kisses, and a bit more, or perhaps, even if they go all the way.

It’s that stage of love when the fresh citrusy flavor of love changes into a deeper fragrance of understanding and sharing. Here, it’s all about each other’s interests, figuring if your dating potential has the charisma and the fanciness to woo you into love every day. [Read: How to know if you are in love]

Stage 3  – Wealth, emotional support, sex

This stage begins with a live in relationship, or matrimony, or something along those lines. If both of you get through the earlier stages of dating and falling in love, it’s great because you’ve booted most of your harder difficulties that break relationships. Out here, it’s the touchy details that people squirm to talk about that crop up, just like weeds in Bree Van de Kamp’s garden.

Stuff like boring bed lives, poor hygiene, differences in sexual appetites, and emotional support fall here. And in this stage, along with all the other coveted high fliers of misfortune, stands the tallest of them all. Wealth, a.k.a. Bling Bling!

So whether you’re ready to accept it or not, wealth is going to play a big part in the game of love. And as long as you have enough of it, money can buy happiness and oh-so-much-more!

I’m not saying you wouldn’t be able to cope up and live happily if you don’t fit in with all criteria in the stages, but things are just going to be harder. And a lot more depressing.

But the three stages on love are really the least of your problems. There’s so much more that money can do to love. And they just reaffirm the undeniable truth that money can buy happiness in love like never before! Click here to continue reading: Money can’t buy love – Or are you an idiot?!

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