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Single Girls Rule: 20 Secrets Only Singles Know to Be True

Don’t be ashamed to be single! In fact, singleness can be enlightening for a season. Here are 20 things all single girls agree are true.

Single Girls

For over a year, I lived the single life–not even going on a date with a guy. That being said, I learned a thing or two about what being single was all about. Being single for an extended time also caused me to bond with other single girls, and we had the opportunity to discuss the single life in a nutshell.
This translated into many similarities between us. We laughed and joked over all the things we shared in common and related with each other over. While all our friends cozied up with their significant others, we chatted about all the things only single girls know to be true. [Read: Being single: 30 happy, inspiring quotes for singles]
The truth behind all the single girls
We’re not complex creatures, us single ladies. Actually, we’re pretty simple and don’t actually care we’re single. It’s everyone else pointing the single finger. Telling us we need to find someone. The truth is, we’re just fine in our singleness.
Even though we’re nagged by our moms about finding someone, get pitiful looks from our friends whenever we go out in a group, and deal with the loneliness we feel whenever we watch romantic comedies, there are upsides to being single. Here are all the things single girls know to be true, and people stuck in relationships may not realize. [Confession: I really, really want to be single all over again!]
#1 Netflix works as a good boyfriend replacement. So what if you don’t want anyone to cuddle up with on a weeknight? You have Netflix. And as long as you keep paying Netflix, it never leaves you!  Unlike a pesky man deciding your attitude is negative and decides to walk.
#2 While everything else in life can change, being single stays the same. You could be graduating, changing jobs, or even moving across the country. But you can find peace in knowing the one thing that doesn’t change is your singleness. [Read: 11 things about being single that people fear most]
#3 Lipstick is now an everyday makeup item. Whereas being in Couplesville goes hand-in-hand with a nagging boyfriend who refuses to kiss you with that “stuff” on your lips. Single girls know lipstick must be worn daily while you can.
#4 Dressing up and going out required! We just don’t have the luxury of having someone like us for who we are and not have to dress up when we leave the house. For our social life’s sake, we must dress up when we go out.
#5 Always awkwardly answering the, “Are you seeing anyone?” question from relatives–and having a well-rehearsed answer. Any family gathering brings questions of who you’re seeing, and you always need to have a great excuse for them. “I’m just figuring out who I am right now.” “I need to focus on my career.” Really anything to keep them off your back. [Read: Ladies: here are the 17 benefits of being single!]
#6 Your friends in a relationship always try to set you up with their boyfriend’s friends. Any friends who are in a relationship want you to be in one too because it’s so “TOTALLY AWESOME!” And they think it would be an even better idea to set you up with their boyfriend’s friends, whom you despise.
#7 And it NEVER works out in your favor. Because you despise them, and all his single friends really want is to get laid. Really, your friend has a great heart, but she fails miserably at knowing what single girls need. Not to mention the fact that being set up isn’t exactly a recipe for a successful relationship. [Read: Turning him down: a guide for nice girls]
#8 You’re a professional third-wheeler. All single girls make the best third wheelers because we’ve practiced for so long. We know just when to draw back and give them alone time, and when it’s fine for us to be right in the middle. [Read: 12 surprising & uplifting perks of being the third wheel]
#9 You have to dissuade your mother from asking about grandchildren. No, Mom, I will not have grandkids for you in the foreseeable near future. STOP ASKING. We all know how persistent an aging mom can be about her daughter’s love life. If only she cared for our happiness as much as she cared about getting those babies out of us.
#10 You give all sorts of relationship advice but secretly wonder why anyone listens to you. Why is it all your friends in relationships come to you for advice? And you’re the only one who thinks it’s strange because you’re as single as single gets. [Read: 16 most common relationship tips and advice people give that actually ruin romance]
#11 You have more money than your taken friends. Because you don’t spend it on someone else, going out to dinner, or buying Christmas and birthday presents for your SO like your friends. Your savings account remains bigger and you can spend the money on something awesome–like a massage chair!
#12 Shaving your legs is a luxury and not something you care to do often. If you get that razor out and actually manage to shave off the hair on your whole leg, it’s a special occasion.
#13 You made a habit out of taking up the ENTIRE bed when you sleep. Because hey, who else is going to need the space? That’s right. No one. Because you’re single.
#14 You have 101 reasons why you don’t want a boyfriend, yet you know none of them are true. All single girls have excuses cued up for when someone asks why they’re single or why they don’t want a boyfriend. But we all know none of them are true. We just can’t get one. [Read: 10 possible reasons you’re still single and struggling]
#15 You have your entire wedding planned out, except the person you’re going to marry. From the bridesmaids to the color scheme, you know when and where your wedding will be. You just don’t know who you’re going to marry yet.
#16 You have a designated male friend you bring to all plus one events. And he will never be your boyfriend. He’s just willing and able to accompany you to events and no one asks questions.
#17 You don’t know what it feels like to NOT be deprived of sex. All single girls understand the reality of sex deprivation. And we have no clue what it’s like to actually have an active sex life. [Read: How to masturbate – 14 sexy self-pleasure tips for women]
#18 Your friends always look at you with those puppy dog, pity-filled eyes when you show up without a date somewhere. Like they should really be surprised, because all of us single girls know this look when we get it.
#19 Matching your underwear isn’t even a thought of yours… ever. Because who sees it anyway? In fact, let me just throw on those old, granny panty, period undies I stashed away, because they’re comfortable as hell.
#20 You secretly LOVE being single, despite the societally-induced stigma. As much as you complain about being single and your friends feel bad for your singleness, you actually love it. You’d rather be alone than to be with someone for the status.
[Read: 12 lines singles have to hear and bear all the time]
Single girls relate to one another because we all understand the unique struggles a single girl faces daily. These are just some of the aspects of singleness all single girls know to be true. Have something to add? Put your thoughts in the comments below.

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