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Single Women: The Tour de Force Taking Over the World

You may feel pity for single women who are living their lives alone. But you shouldn’t – because they’re the ones taking over the world right now.

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Being single was once viewed as a woman’s weakness. It was once thought that being a single woman meant that she had nothing to offer any man – much less the world. Well, in today’s society, all of that is completely backwards and single women are ready to take on the world.
Being single is basically the new black in the world of women. While there are plenty who still value being in a relationship and are rightfully happy to do so, there are more and more of us who are making the conscious decision to say, “to hell with men!” and live our own life as we wish – without a relationship.
Single women are taking over the world!
Now, just because some women are single doesn’t mean that they hate men or hate the idea of being in a relationship. It simply means that being in a relationship isn’t at the forefront of their priorities. It’s actually probably the least important thing to them at the moment.
And with all of those single women being powerful and confident enough to take on the world on their own – without the help of any man – they are influencing the world in ways we never thought possible. These are the reasons single women are taking over the world as we know it. [Confession: I’m in a relationship, but I really, really want to be single again!]
#1 They are taking the workforce by storm. Now, women who are married or in a relationship can work just as hard to become an equal in the workforce, but it seems as though single women are leading the pack when it comes to entering the workforce.
Single women are taking up more and more of the workforce every day. They are focused on their education first, career second, and then if they want to share their lives with someone, they will. But it is no secret that single women are becoming more and more a part of the formerly male-dominant workforce.
#2 Single women are setting examples for young ladies about relationships. It used to be the norm that young girls fantasized about their marriage and finding the perfect man. But with more single women on the rise, young girls are now focusing more on loving themselves and having a successful career before thinking about marriage. [Read: Ladies, here are the 17 benefits of being single!]
Single women are making a difference in the way young ladies think about their futures. They are showing them that it’s okay to be single and work your butt off to get what you want – without having a man beside you.
#3 They are letting their political voices be heard. Now, more than ever before, women are taking a stand when it comes to their political rights and choices. They are becoming a bigger part of elections taking place and rallying when they believe their rights are being violated.
This is making a huge difference in the way countries are being run everywhere. By women stepping forward, they are leveling the playing field and making elections more fair.
#4 They work harder than any other man to get what they want. Since there is such an issue with inequality between men and women in the world, single women are working harder than any man in order to get what they want.
They are going into work early, staying late, and working harder overall just to be seen as an equal in the eyes of men in the workforce everywhere. [Read: How to choose between love and career]
#5 They are changing equality. All women are fighting for equality, but it’s the single women in general that are making the most difference. Since they, more than other women, know what it’s like to be up against the world alone, they are fighting harder than ever before to make equality happen.
They are rallying, protesting, and succeeding in some ways in order to make equality the norm. Since they’re also taking over the workforce, they are increasingly pushing for equality and closer to succeeding in the workforce than anywhere else. [Read: Misconceptions about dating a feminist everyone needs to know]
#6 Single women are pushing the societal boundaries. Who says women have to be married, have kids, and be a stay-at-home mom? While this may have been the norm 10, 20, or 30 years ago, single women are taking a stand against this societal norm and pushing the boundaries every single day.
They are becoming leaders, entrepreneurs, and even taking over jobs that are typically for men, like being construction workers and even architects. They are changing the societal role of a woman.
#7 They are becoming financially and emotionally stable on their own. Many years ago – and even up until recent years – women would rely on a man for their financial and emotional support. This was one of the reasons so many women would get married so young – and to older men who had money.
Nowadays, women are finding their career, earning a healthy living, and finding peace and happiness on their own without a man. With this mindset in place, single women are able to make better decisions for themselves and the lives of others around them without being influenced by a man. [Read: Does money impress women or is it something else?]
#8 They are challenging men everywhere. Not only are they pushing boundaries for what women should be, but they’re causing men to push boundaries and make changes in their lives too. They are challenging men to not only be better in their jobs – or else they’ll take it over – but they’re challenging them to see women as something other than just a mom and housewife.
Single women are the driving force when it comes to making men better. Since single women are redefining what a woman should be and do, it’s also challenging men to see women as something more as well. [Read: 12 dating stereotypes of women in a man’s mind]
#9 They are discovering the worth of a woman. Women who remain in relationships define their worth based off what their man says and believes. This – especially in certain areas of the world – is a terrible way to live. But in recent years, single women are showing other women what they’re worth.
They are telling women everywhere that women are more than what society tells them they are. They can be whatever they want – and do whatever they want – without having to feel guilty because it’s not what society says they should be doing. They are showing women everywhere that they are worth so much more. [Read: How to raise your self-worth and see yourself in better light]
#10 Single women are making it easier for other women to accept being single. It used to be a terrible thing for a woman to be single. Even now, women end relationships and sit there crying for days because they think they should have a man by her side.
Single women are proving to these saddened women that it’s okay to be single. In fact, they’re showing the world that single women can have more power outside of a relationship than when they are in one. Single women are easing the pain of being single and telling the world that being single is powerful.
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Single women make such a difference not only in the community, but in the entire world. Yay for single women being so spectacular!

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