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How Do the Ladies Like their Pornography?

Are you curious about what women’s preferences are when it comes to pornography? We’ll tell you what she likes and how she likes it! By Danielle Anne Suleik

How Do the Ladies Like their Pornography?

When people started to become open to the topic of sex, it was also discovered that women watched porn and loved it. Contrary to what people thought before, women do watch porn, and many even like it well enough to have their own list of preferences. This does not apply to all women, but it is almost impossible to find an adult who has not watched it for curiosity’s sake.

Why do people watch porn?

Men watch porn because of the visual titillation it provides. Porn offers a variety of fantasies that are difficult to enact in real life. If they can’t get it from actual people, they can at least watch it from the comfort of their own home.

Guys who are at their hormonal peak watch it more than usual. Apart from that, they also masturbate while doing so. Women are not as liable to do that at the same age, but it is possible. When people grow older, they tend to watch porn less frequently. [Read: Why some men prefer watching porn over making out with their girlfriends]

Some people even get addicted to porn. It is even more probable these days because porn has become very accessible. Before the internet was invented, people had to pay in order to get their fix. They needed to rent or buy videos or even get a subscription from their cable company.

Today, anyone can watch porn and that includes women. The difference between men and women, however, is their preferences. A woman can like the same things when it comes to porn like bondage videos, same-sex encounters, role-playing scenarios, etc. but women prefer videos that have believable background stories.

They prefer porn that has a little bit of meaning. They want to see people make love, as opposed to the usual grinding and pumping. Women also want better quality porn videos. Men are not as picky, and that makes them the perfect customers for people who produce porn.

What kind of porn do women like?

Women who watch porn are very picky about what they are watching. They will not settle for a famous porn star’s collection of steamy videos. They will choose the ones that are not only visually palatable, but also high in quality in terms of cinematography and visuals. So what factors do women consider when choosing the type of porn they like?

#1 Gender bias. When men watch porn, they usually ignore the men in the videos. Women, however, want to see the men. They do not focus on the woman, unless they are fantasizing that they are in the actress’s place.

#2 Penises. Women are not as impressed by extremely large penises the way men are towards insanely huge breasts. They want to see a large penis, but only if they can imagine themselves handling it. They will not want to see an arm-sized penis because it often looks way too grotesque to turn them on.

#3 Setting. Remember the famous Black Casting Couch? Women are okay with watching the same couch, but only if it is placed in a beautiful location like a pretty living room or a luxurious hotel room with some ambient lighting.

#4 Pretty actors. Women want to see attractive actors. They do not want to watch trampy porn stars. They want the men to be handsome as well, think: Xander Corvus or James Deen. They want those actors to look neat and clean, even if they are covered in each other’s bodily fluids.

#5 Flaws. If a woman sees so much as a tiny bump of cellulite on a porn star, she might fixate on that. They are not interested in high definition close-ups because it just makes them more aware of the flaws that exist on their own bodies. This partly contributes to the feeling of not being sexy enough to get naked with their partner.

#6 Script. Men do not care about the lines in a porn video, as they’re more likely to just skip to the naughty stuff. As long as the girl is spouting words of dirty encouragement and the guy is shutting up in the background, they are perfectly content with whatever it is that they are watching. Bad lines and horrible moaning sounds can turn a girl off when she is watching porn.

#7 Storyline. Yes, it is porn, but women still want to at least see a story that has a resolution at the end. They want to see a believable fantasy. They do not want to see something that seems unlikely in real life. They prefer the usual couple setup or a chance encounter with a hot stranger, or sometimes even the delivery guy.

Bear in mind that these are just the most common things that women consider when watching porn. Some women have different preferences that we would never expect. No matter what they like, you should not judge a woman just because she wants to watch porn.

The fact is that women who watch porn are actually more understanding about sex. They are also more open-minded in the bedroom. This does not mean that they are promiscuous. It simply means that they are in touch with their sexuality, and they’re more open minded about the different sexual acts that people want to do. [Read: How a marriage was once saved by the wonders of porn]

How can I get my girlfriend to watch porn?

Now that you know what kind of porn women like, are you dying to know what kind of porn your girlfriend likes? There is a possibility that your girlfriend has already watched a porn video before. You just have to find out what she liked about it. Here’s how you can do that:

#1 Ask her. You can’t guess if your girlfriend has watched porn before, as they’re not likely to divulge that bit of info on the first date. You have to ask her. You should not be embarrassed about asking. She probably won’t judge you for doing so. If she says yes, don’t tease her about it. If she says no, do not preemptively assume that she’s a prude because of it.

#2 Put the proposition on the table. If she’s never seen a porn video before, you can ask her if she wants to try watching one. If she says no, don’t be disappointed. Some people just don’t like porn – big shocker, huh? If she says yes, make sure that the video is something mild like the softcore flicks from X-Art. Don’t bring out the big guns and play a video with whips and chains in the mix.

#3 Set a time and place. Make sure that no one is around when you are watching the video. You don’t want to embarrass yourselves in case someone barges in while you’re watching it. Make sure that your girlfriend is comfortable. Don’t pressure her with questions about it. Just enjoy the show!

#4 Find out what she likes. After watching the video, you can ask your girlfriend if she liked what was happening in it – if you have time to talk, that is. You guys might be so turned on that you end up reenacting the same scenes after watching. Still, you can talk about it so that you can find out if anything stood out that you want to try with each other.

#5 Don’t make it a habit. Watching porn is all well and good, but you should not rely on watching a video every time you have sex. It should be something that you do once in a while to spice things up. Making it a habit can mess with your sex drive. If you watch it all the time, you could get used to needing its stimulation, and fail to get turned on without it.

[Read: 5 signs of porn addiction, and 15 ways to get over it]

People are more interested in actual sex than they are in porn, but it is okay to indulge in it now and then. It is not a dirty hobby. It is simply a way other people express themselves. Some even consider it a form of art, but we’ll leave it up to you to decide.

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