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Dating an Artist: 31 Traits of a Creative Person & Must-Knows to Date Them

Dating an artistic person will give you a new perspective on the world. Here’s all you need to know about having a creative partner in your life!

dating an artist

When it comes to dating an artist or a creative person, you’ll have an experience like no other with an artist. Creative, artistic people know how to infuse their passion into the person they’ve chosen to be with.

Whether they’re writers, artists, musicians, or otherwise, these people know how to bring their imaginations to life. They are the dreamers and optimists of this world, and they see no limits to what they can create.

A creative person handles their relationship like a special project that they’ve carefully crafted. They have the patience to put effort, time, and passion into their relationships, to ensure they turn out the way that they want them to.

Their world is as crazy as ours, but they have the means to make something out of that craziness. The best we can do as observers is revel in their whirlwind lifestyle, catch them when they feel like falling, and enjoy the happiness and intensity that goes with dating powerful personalities like artists and creative people. [Read: Harsh dating tips to make dating work for you]

What is an artistic person?

Artists are just like every other person on the planet. But while they aren’t that different from everyone else, they do bring something to the table that most of us don’t—creativity and passion.

Admittedly, everyone has the potential to be an artist. However, only those who choose to be artists and commit to their work can truly claim the title.

In terms of dating an artist, they love just as much as the next person. The only difference is that being an artist means that your personal life becomes a huge part of your work.

Aside from that, an artist has no schedule… technically. There are no time cards, logbooks, or overtime pay when inspiration strikes.

Creative people have a sense of energy and understanding, making them the perfect mixture of goal-oriented inspiration and patience when burnt out.

They spend their time doing their own thing, focusing on their own projects, and thus, don’t cram themselves down your throat all the time.

There’s a sense of independence there. All while being loving, accepting, and willing to help if you decide to take on your own project. So basically, the perfect dating material. [Read: Positive vibes – 17 ways to welcome positive energy into your life]

Why should you date an artist?

You should date an artist because they can love you too. Honestly, people should not segregate artists from us non-creative folks. We’re not the ones who are feeling the impact of this type of creative mentality.

Artists are finding it harder to date out of their industry, because of preconceived notions about them. In order to debunk those notions, here are some very good reasons why you should date an artist or creative person.

1. A look into the other side

Creative people are curious, insightful, and dying to learn more about the world. Their work revolves around explaining, understanding, and analyzing the world and those in it.

Hearing their points of view enlightens and, undoubtedly, makes you develop your own ideas. In essence, dating an artist shows you how small you are in the giant scheme of the universe. And yet, makes you grow into a deeper version of yourself.

They might do things differently, but the goals are the same—to make a living in order to survive. Their ability to impact society using art is just an awesome bonus.

2. Better gifts

Let’s admit it, artists are the best gift-givers. They hold themselves up to a standard, and that does not exempt their ability to choose or make a gift.

Most of them do things out of passion and love. So you are sure to get something really special every time they want to give you something. [Read: 34 best gift ideas for your boyfriend he’ll love more than you know!]

3. They have a sense of independence

Artsy people aren’t the type to cling to their partners at all times, regardless of how into you they are. Their work is their first love.

It’s their own personal mission to contribute something beautiful, insightful, or thought-provoking to the world.

They love you beyond measure but also feel the same for their projects. This means you shouldn’t ever feel threatened because that’s the quickest way to develop problems.

4. They’re passionate

Creative people are passionate about their work. Chances are, they don’t take on anything in life that they’re not passionate about.

If they take you on, then they’re passionate about you. It’s very rare to find an artsy person that hasn’t mastered at least one thing. That’s because they work hard. So hard that there’s undeniable passion.

Creative people are driven and hell-bent on creating. Therefore, they tackle your relationship with the same vigor. They take on things they truly care about, with intense passion, always seeking to please and make things better than they already are.

This is great news for you because there is no way you’ll ever date an artistic person not genuinely interested and capable of a long-term relationship. [Read: Passionate love – what it is, the signs & why it’s so strong & scary]

5. They’re honest

The basis of an artist’s life is an expression of feelings towards the world and the people around them. Most of them are very vocal and honest about the way they feel. They rarely beat around the bush.

If you manage to date an artistic person who’s not talkative or wordy, you can expect them to tell you their true feelings through their work.

6. Giving advice, or just hearing you vent, will be a forte

Sure, creative people have a lot to say, but they know when to listen as well. If you need to vent about anything, just ask if they can listen to you. They’ll gladly sit down and let you vent.

If you’re looking for advice, they’re probably the best people to go to. They’ll offer insight you may not think of on your own.

Furthermore, they remember how you felt and what you said, and check up with you sporadically to see if everything turned out okay. [Read: 19 ways to be a much better listener in a relationship]

7. They will inspire you

We’re not talking about volunteering yourself as a muse. Artists actually dislike people who date an artistic person just to be featured in their work.

We’re talking about how you can inspire yourself to have as much passion for your job as they do, even if you’re not an artist.

Seeing their work, seeing the results of their time spent away from you, and hearing all the stories of the creative process, all come together and make you want to know more about what it is they do, and how.

Even if you don’t change careers, you’ll be inspired to pick up a new book, maybe a new hobby, or simply try something you wouldn’t have otherwise.

8. They see the glass as half full

Creative people are the eternal optimists of the world. They will always remind you of all the things you have to be thankful for.

They won’t be bogged down by bad news in the media or negative gossip on social media, because they know it’s simply not conducive to creativity. [Read: 26 whys & ways to surround yourself with positive people & remodel your life]

9. They are down to earth

Creative people might seem like dreamers with their heads in the clouds, but they are also usually relaxed and down to earth.

They are often equipped with a calm and comfortable demeanor that makes it easy to talk to them and feel safe in their presence.

10. Hanging out will always feel relaxed and casual

Artistic people may know their way around a wine and cheese plate, gourmet food, or books and art, but something about the way they carry themselves feels relaxed and casual.

This is why hanging out will always feel comfortable, regardless of what you end up doing

Hypothetically speaking, if you take an artistic person on a date to the fanciest place on earth, they’ll still act the same way they do at the local drive-thru. They won’t put on airs or carry themselves rigidly, but rather give everything they do a sense of ease.

11. They’re determined

If you’re dating a creative person who has a moderate understanding of how the world works, you can rest assured that they will not allow themselves to fail in their endeavor.

Those who choose to be artists know what the risks are. It’s the same with their relationships. They do everything they can to get what they want, and they won’t hesitate to do anything for the people they love. [Read: 35 super confident ways to be a bitch, own it, and take charge of your life]

12. They have an eye for interior design

Having a creative person around can be pretty handy, especially if the two of you have just moved into a new place together.

Their knack for colors and visual art can work wonders for transforming a space into an atmosphere that will feel like home. [Read: Are you ready to move in together? The complete 16-point checklist]

13. They are not often money hungry

If you’ve ever heard the term “starving artist,” you know that creative people aren’t greedy or materialistic. They value their art, freedom, individuality, and the relationships around them more than making a quick buck.

Many of them will spend years living paycheck to paycheck, just to have the freedom and time to work on projects that don’t provide instant income.

14. Their circle of friends will be completely different than yours

Sure, there will never be people like your friends, because they’re yours. You’ve cultivated memories, shared experiences, and managed friendships for what’s probably several years. 

However, meeting new people is always a plus, because you can be exposed to a whole new subculture.

Dating a creative person means you’ll meet their creative friends—people who have their own methods of entertainment and way of hanging out that challenge your own, in a good way. [Read: 33 easy ways to meet new people & widen your social circle effortlessly]

After hanging out with the same type of people for years, you might start to feel stuck in a rut. When a new group emerges out of the woodwork and does everything differently, you might feel a sense of renewal, enabling you to take some insight back to your group of friends.

15. They are exciting

Spontaneous, fun-loving, and playful, these people are always looking for exciting new things to do with their partners. Dating a creative person will rarely ever be dull, because they always have new adventures in mind.

16. They aren’t quick to give up

Artists can usually expect to receive criticism throughout their lives, and they have learned how to push through it. They are often perfectionists.

Fortunately for you, this means that when you’re dating an artistic person, they will always work hard to make sure your relationship makes it through tough times.

They aren’t quick to run away at the first sign of trouble, and they are usually by your side, no matter what challenges come your way.

17. They have a good sense of humor

A good sense of humor is a natural quality among creative people. Since these people know how to enjoy life, they know the importance of not taking anything too seriously. [Read: How to be funny – 28 must-know tips to make everyone love your humor]

18. Their methods of unwinding involve being funny, silly, and sexual

Thinking about it logically, artistic people have to be serious at work to get their thoughts on paper and develop those ideas into actual movies, games, books, paintings, etc.

While they may have fun and goof around at work, ultimately, there’s a sense of responsibility and seriousness there.

Once creative people are done for the day, they’re ready to relax, and that tends to involve making you laugh, being weird, or getting you into bed. When you date a creative person, unwinding with them will be entertaining, and pleasurable, always.

19. Sex is a method of expression and sharing love with you

When dating an artist, you’ll find that this is one person that barely, if ever, turns you down. Sex with a creative person is unlike any other sex you’ve ever had.

They’re not afraid to be dirty, yet loving, or even borderline risky, while silly and genuine. They’ll make it hot, but they won’t always be overly serious.

If something funny or potentially awkward happens, they laugh it off, are amused, and then get back into it again. They will be willing to have sex pretty much all the time, or at least most, and crave new positions, places, and toys.

Basically, sex with a creative artsy person won’t feel like you’re going through the motions. It feels like you’re both genuinely into each other and are expressing it in a variety of ways *especially dirty ways* every single time. [Read: 46 sizzling sex life secrets to spice up your bedroom & leave you horny 24/7]

20. They are dynamic

People with creative flair are constantly changing and getting involved in new projects.

They are usually reading an epic new book, or working on something equally inspiring. When dating an artistic person, their dynamic nature will always keep you intrigued and on your toes.

21. They won’t smother you

Artists value and respect alone time, and are usually introverts by nature. When you date a creative person, they won’t smother you or try to monopolize your time.

Instead, you will feel free to be yourself, and you’ll have ample time for your own life and hobbies outside of the relationship. [Read: You-complete-me relationships – why you need your space]

22. You’ll always be on your toes

They will always have stories, be up to a new project, or share in hilarity with you. Artistic people provide insight, meaningful stories, silliness, and art, of course, at all times.

The down times are a given. When you date a creative person and ask about their projects, they’ll always have some level of entertainment to share with you, so there are no dull moments.

23. They are passionate and romantic

Passion and romance come naturally to creative folks who are deeply emotional, and truly give their whole heart when they are in love.

When dating a creative person, they will come up with new and exciting ways to show you how they feel all the time, and you will always feel like the most important person in their life.

24. They go with the flow

These people are flexible and spontaneous. They go wherever their life inspires them, and they will inspire you to go with the flow, as well. They don’t mind plans changing if it means taking a road trip or going on a spur-of-the-moment adventure.

You will never be left wishing you had a more spontaneous or exciting partner! [Read: 18 ways to become more spontaneous in life]

25. They will bring out the best in you

Dating a creative person will inspire you, bring out creativity you never knew you had, and allow your expressions of love to blossom with a partner who feels safe.

They will open you up to things you have never seen or experienced before, and their love will take you to new depths of passion and romance.

Being with a creative partner is a journey that will always be filled with romance, passion, and exciting adventures.

26. A relationship with them will be a partnership

A blend of both sharing the pants. But when you’re failing the creative person you date, they won’t hesitate to put the pants all the way on.

Artistic people aren’t your average people. Rather than seeking control, or letting you take full control, they’ll focus on doing what they know they excel at while expecting the same from you.

Playing up both your strengths and letting both of you shine accordingly will be a way of life. Of course, not everything is smooth sailing, so when you’re feeling tired or depressed, they won’t hesitate to pick up your slack, as long as it doesn’t become a cop-out on your end. [Read: 37 rules to be a good partner in a relationship & better your love life]

Why shouldn’t you date an artist?

People consider artists unpredictable, volatile, intense, and nostalgic. These traits are considered profitable in the art world.

By being emotionally out there, artists can get the most out of their imaginations. Whether it’s about painting, music, writing, filming, and other areas of art, the basis of productivity relies on an artist’s ability to express themselves fully with little to no limitations.

For people who don’t understand what they are going through, those traits tend to be strange and sometimes scary in a dating sense.

Things like that shouldn’t pose a problem for people who want to date an artistic person. There are other things that you should be concerned about, their personalities are the least of them. [Read: Type A and type B personality – 69 traits, the good, the bad, and who’s a better date]

1. Lack of a schedule

Artists don’t work with a schedule. When inspiration strikes, they will grab the opportunity to work, and you won’t be able to do anything about it.

If you want someone who can be there for you all the time, you should consider dating someone who has a definite schedule.

2. Money investments

Even if your partner is rolling in the cash after a gallery opening, you can’t expect the situation to stay that way forever. Being an artist requires a big investment in terms of money.

Their instruments and materials are pretty expensive, and they are aware of that. If you’re looking to date an artist because you think that they make a lot of money, think again. [Read: 17 brilliant yet simple ways to save money as a couple]

3. Potential jealousy issues

If you have trust issues, you shouldn’t date a creative person. Their job requires them to interact with lots of people on a daily basis. They need to woo potential buyers and network their butts off.

This poses a risk because you never know who they’ll meet and how they’ll interact. Aside from that, lots of people are attracted by the thought of dating an artistic person. [Read: 46 secrets to stop being jealous for no reason and learn to live envy-free]

4. They’re stubborn

Artists are inherently stubborn. They make a living out of producing the things that they want, not what other people want.

This type of attitude extends to how they handle everyday situations. If you can’t stand losing an argument, you should date someone with a more complacent disposition.

5. They enjoy solitude

Most artists require a significant amount of alone time in order to hone their skills. Musicians require silence.

Actors can hole up in hotels while getting ready for a part. Sculptors may spend hours on end staring at a block of marble.

Every artist has their own method when it comes to working. If you can’t handle being unable to reach them for long periods, then you won’t be a very good date to a creative person. [Read: 15 ways to give space in a relationship and feel closer than ever before]

Why you shouldn’t care that you’re dating an artistic person

There’s no need to put artists in a specific box that no man can open. They expect love out of everyone around them.

If you can’t handle their quirks and mannerisms, you’re better off not dating anyone at all. That’s because no matter what a person’s profession or passion is, they will have certain characteristics that are out of the ordinary.

Almost everyone wants to experience the same things in life—we just don’t all approach these things in the same way. It doesn’t matter if you heard that they do this and that. You won’t know how an artist approaches a relationship if you don’t even try.

Closing your mind off to the possibility of dating an artistic person seems pretty narrow-minded and shallow. It’s like saying that you don’t want to date someone from a specific race or social class. You can continue to think that way or you can step outside your boundaries and try something new.

[Read: 15 highs and lows of dating someone smarter than you]

Dating an artist or creative person will never be anything short of magical. These points are just a few of the many great things to love about them. But no matter what they’re like, they will always inspire you to live life to the fullest.

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