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How to be Successful in Life

All of us want to take chances in life, but we hold ourselves back because of the fear of losing or failure. But should you really give up or motivate yourself to take that next step to success? Life can be harsh and painful at times, but with passion and determination, you will definitely achieve success.

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A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step

-lao tzu, Chinese philosopher (604 BC-531 BC)

In life, we come across choices and big hurdles. But it’s the person who takes the hard path and overcomes the hurdles that is remembered. Be courageous and take the path you want to take, and don’t bother about the others, just as long as you’re taking that Next Step.

We’re always walking on in life. Sometimes, we walk ahead. Sometimes, we walk back home. And sometimes, we stand and admire the world.

Sometimes, we never take a single step. We crumble to ashes at the very spot we were dropped off. And none of this is about traveling in the first place. One can walk in circles and yet climb mountains, cross seas and walk over water, win battles and wars. It’s all about taking the Next Step.

Ever wanted to take a chance on something higher? But you were afraid that you’d lose what you’ve left behind? Of course, you’d lose what you’ve left behind the very second you walk ahead. But who knows what you can achieve unless you take that step, until you risk it all? It’s alright to take one step back to leap, if you know you can leap across the next five. But then, every single step matters.

The Words of Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu was a Chinese philosopher who is attributed to the writing of “Tao Te Ching” which translates into ‘The way of all life that has to be used by men’. Lao Tzu was not his real name, and translates to mean “Old master”. He never wrote his ideas or created a manuscript because he believed that the rules of mankind change with the times, and with their conscience and instinct. Legend says that Lao Tzu was upset by the evil ways of men and decided to leave into exile. As he arrived near the Great Wall, the gatekeeper persuaded him to record at least a part of his philosophy before leaving. The result was the eighty one sayings of Tao Te Ching, which is still followed even to this day.

Taking Chances

More than anything else in our lives, we want to be secure. We spin our world around the security we hold for ourselves, and we’re proud to work in the shadows, just as long as we can come back home with a steady flow of smiles. I have seen many people with great ideas wasted away because they were too afraid to take a chance on themselves. And the worst part of it all, one fine day, another person comes along and takes that same chance and soars to the clouds.

And that leaves my good old secure friends in a frustrating dilemma. Ever felt that? Remember the time when you had a great idea but you just held it in, only to watch someone else take that same step and walk far away, and out of your league? Why didn’t you take that chance? Life has never waited for anyone, and the sand clock of time is glued to the ground. But remember, it’s the sands of time that are glued. Not your feet.

When your heart tells you that you can, and every beat in your heart resounds with the drive to take a chance, take it.

The strength to move your feet comes from within. Many men and women have lost their hearts, have had their egos shattered, bitten dust and given up chasing the elusive success in life.

How to be successful in life #1 DON’T LOOK BEHIND

There are men and women that have tried and lost. But again, there have also been a few who have weathered the storm, walked into the deepest crevices, dug out and stood before the light basking in their successful achievements.

It’s easy to sit back and be content, but then what is the difference between you and the billion other people who live and die on the face of this planet, doing nothing more but weighing it down, and wishing to be more successful in life?

You have the power to go on, and make a difference. The man or woman who has sweated blood and worn their feet has always reached their personal mountain top.

When you think of taking that next step, it might be a daunting task, but the person who wants to move ahead trusts himself or herself and takes a chance.

And the person who keeps looking back over their shoulder can do no more than get scared and turn back.

You can learn how to be successful in life from people like Abraham Lincoln and Donald Trump have been through the roughest phases of their life.

But they never gave up. They ploughed on and on. And can they ever be forgotten? There are two ways to live life.

One, a content life which will be forgotten by everyone when you die. And the other, you will die, but you will be remembered every single day for many years to come. Which life would you rather lead?

How to be successful in life #2 LET GO OF WHO YOU ARE

When you let go of who you are, you get that chance to be who you want to be. How can you ever know your destiny? If there is anything called destiny in the first place. But one thing is certain, it’s the little changes in life that pile up to make the big ones.

I know my little changes, and it surprises me all the time. The man I am today didn’t wake up this morning. It was a long process that started in my younger years, when I took little steps off the beaten track. I never knew all that I did was leading me to what I am. But I did let go of who I was. I changed my personal destiny little by little.

Do you love what you do? If you don’t, why are you doing it? Again, the big S word, security. That’s fine, but can’t you try to change your destiny just a little every day, so that a few years later, you can be exactly where you want to be?

It’s not easy to let go of the content life, especially when you have to take the next step blindfolded. But then, men and women of steel nerves and determination weren’t made in the clouds of happiness, they were molded in the blaze of blind darkness, through the deepest and darkest times of their lives. Let go of who you are, and be what you were meant to be.

How to be successful in life #3 CLIMB MOUNTAINS

It is always darkest before dawn.

The cliffs are the highest just before the vertex.

Why would you want to stand at the bottom and dream of glories when all you need to do is take that next step into the skies and be successful in life? It’s not easy to take chances and take blind steps into the clouds, but it’s the belief in yourself that can bring miracles. And miracles don’t really exist anyways, it’s the way you subconsciously bring yourself to the point when you bump into a miracle that was just waiting for you in your path.

And when you climb mountains, you are bound to bump into miracles and into your worst fears, but ask the people who made it to the apex, they’ll tell you how sweet success can taste. And is it worth the effort to take that next step, especially when the path is so treacherous?

Well, you’d never know until you take that next step. And be what you were born to be.

Take this magical path of positivity and you won’t just know how to be successful in life, you’ll have an experience of a lifetime.

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