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20 Ways to Handle a Low Self-Esteem Day when Nothing Goes Your Way

We all have low self-esteem days here and there. But, the good news is that there are plenty of ways to deal with a low self-esteem day.

Low Self-Esteem Day

Having a crappy day? Whether you woke up with a breakout, called your ex crying last night, or got fired from your job, there are plenty of ways to pick yourself from a low self-esteem day. Then, keep on living like the awesome person you are.

What is a low self-esteem day?

Duh, a day where you have low self-esteem. Yes, but it isn’t that simple. A low self-esteem day and a bad day are not the same thing. Maybe you got stuck in traffic, spilled coffee down your shirt, or watched the news. Those things all suck and can make your day bad, but it doesn’t mean you experience low self-esteem.

Fixing a bad day is as easy as treating yourself to a glass of wine or piece of cheesecake in the evening. A low self-esteem day is a day where you look in the mirror and no matter how many hairstyles you try or outfits you hold up, nothing seems to change.

These days are brutal. They can make you second guess everything from the jacket you’re wearing to your capabilities at work, your relationships, and more.

So dealing with a low self-esteem day is vital to ensure this is only a one-time thing and is not carried out into the future. [Read: The best ways to take care of yourself emotionally]

How to deal with a low self-esteem day

Some of these tips are small and others take a touch more effort, but each and every one of them will help you survive this low self-esteem day and come out of it feeling great and refreshed for a new day tomorrow.

#1 Pamper yourself. This is an easy one. If you wake up feeling less perky than usual, do something a little extra for yourself. Put on that new lipstick and maybe a face mask before work. Stop by Starbucks and get a fancy latte instead of having coffee at the office.

Putting more effort into yourself is a form of self-love. And showing yourself that you deserve this treatment will remind you how awesome you really are. [Read: Life hacks to make you feel more confident]

#2 Channel Rosie the Riveter, Beyonce, or Michelle Obama. Let yourself get inspired by a strong person you look up to. Pick someone and channel whatever you think they channels to be their kick-ass self. Walk down the street with attitude, smile at a stranger, and help that elderly woman cross the street.

#3 Exercise. But, not at the gym. Yes, we all know exercise gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy *thank you, Elle Woods*. But going to the gym on a low self-esteem day sounds like the worst idea in the world.

Looking around at people bettering themselves and knowing what they’re doing is not going to help. Instead, go for a jog in your neighborhood, do some yoga in your living room, or find that old Jane Fonda Workout tape and do some aerobics.

I know it can be hard to lift yourself up on a day like this, but even just a brisk walk can help perk up your spirits. [Read: What to be thankful for when life isn’t easy]

#4 Call your mom. Talk to a friend. Pep talks are so underrated. Reach out to a close friend or your mom and just vent. Let her know you just don’t feel like yourself today. You can always count on your bestie to fill you with meaningful compliments that ring true to who you are.

#5 Be comfortable. Don’t pop on your new outfit that you aren’t sure about yet. Instead, wear what makes you comfortable. That doesn’t mean sweatpants but can mean your go-to.

You don’t have to do something special to get over you low self-esteem day, do what normally makes you feel good. [Read: How to feel beautiful even on your darkest, most insecure days]

#6 Remember tomorrow will be better. I know we live in the now, but today is just one day out of your entire life. Try to remind yourself that tomorrow will not be the same. You will get some sleep and wake up feeling stronger, better, and more confident.

#7 Celebrate small wins. The barista at your coffee shop gave you a free donut, you made it through every green light, and your boss complimented your work. Take these small victories and celebrate them.

You deserve to remember that you are an amazing person who is capable and should believe in themselves. [Read: How to feel good and kick ass in all aspects of your life]

#8 Avoid social media. It may feel good to see how many likes you’ve got and if your ex watched your Instagram story, but seeing everyone else’s highlight reel on a down day won’t help your mindset.

#9 Call out sick. Take a mental health day. Sometimes you need to dwell in the crap that is a low self-esteem day. Curl up in bed, eat junk food, and binge watch your favorite show. You deserve a day to feel blah.

#10 Create something. Try a recipe, build Ikea furniture, or even draw a picture. Letting out your creative side boosts your confidence. Knowing that you are able to concoct something amazing whether it is a pasta meal or work of art will remind you that you are better than this low self-esteem day. [Read: 20 small steps for big results when you’re trying to feel better]

#11 Journal. Get it all out. It may sound silly but writing out all your feelings on paper will get them out of your system. You can crumple them up and throw them out or even burn them to give the words less meaning. [Read:14 easy mantras to use and transform your life]

#12 Do some shopping. Shop your bad feelings away. Buy yourself a cute pair of shoes or a new lip gloss. Just don’t head to the jeans section or you could make your day worse. Even shop online. Buying yourself something nice is sure to remind you that you are worth investing in.

#13 Watch your favorite movie. What is that one movie that just always makes you feel good? The Breakfast Club? Happy Feet? Or are you more of a Batman kind of person?

No matter what floats your boat, pop some popcorn, and relax with your favorite.

#14 Shake off negative energy. It seems pretty obvious, but trying to just let go of the bad feelings can help. Think about the negative feelings as a scarf you’re wearing. They are tight and make you tense and uncomfortable, and it is too tight.

Next, unwrap the scarf and shake it off. Let go of the doubt, the fear, the questions, and just be you.

#15 Look on the plus side. Try to look at the positive things. You have a job, a roof over your head, good friends, and are more than capable of picking yourself up. Remember that your life is more than this one day. [Read: 20 positive ways to live in the moment and enjoy the now]

#16 Get some fresh air. Look around realize there is this huge world out there to enjoy, and you’re focusing on a bad day. You have tons of good ones to look forward to.

Breathe in the air, look at the trees, and realize this is one small doubtful moment. You are better than it.

#17 Dance. Put on your favorite dance song and just dance like no one is watching *because no one is watching*. Sing into a hairbrush and act like a kid again. When you were a kid, you just had fun and didn’t worry about what other people thought.

Do that again. Just dance around and be free.

#18 Spray some perfume. Whether you wear perfume or not, spritz a little. Scent can make such a difference to your mood. Head to a department store and spray a bit or just spritz your favorite on your wrists.

A fragrance is something small but can make your mood improve immensely.

#19 Take a shower. A shower or bath can fix almost anything. Relax in a warm bath with bubbles and nice calming music. Or take a shower and just let the steam wash over you. And you will feel so refreshed afterward. [Read: How to improve yourself – 16 powerful secrets to self-improvement] 

#20 Sleep. If none of this works just head to bed. Curl up in your favorite PJs, get cozy under the covers, and drift off to dreamland. Tomorrow is a new day.

[Read: 15 feel-good secrets to feel much better about yourself]

Having a low self-esteem day? Try these tricks to perk yourself up and get ready for tomorrow. Because it will be a good one.

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