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Lost In Life – Do You Feel Lost In Life?

Lost In Life - Do You Feel Lost In Life?

Do you feel lost in life? Do you feel shattered and broken down, and can’t help but feel completely lost in life? Here’s a read that can help you find your way.

Click her to read the introduction by the author and his life inspiring piece, “I don’t know what to do with my life“

Getting lost in life is easy. Sometimes it can happen to us when we least expect it, and before we know it, we’re helpless and feel lost in life.

Lost in life

Do you feel lost in life? Do you feel like the stairs of success is never-ending, no matter how long you climb?

If you’ve read the introduction, you would know that we all get lost in life and feel helpless, but what matters is what we do when we get lost, and how we take those decisions that matter in life.

Do you feel lost in life?

At times, when we have to take a life altering decision, or even a few smaller decisions, we play safe and take the first decent decision that comes to our mind. But it’s not always the right thing to do, because that little decision could alter your life.

And trust me, life doesn’t forgive your errors easily. I was always a writer and a speaker, but I assumed that logically, an engineer would be a better profession.

I gave up the creative side of me and took to studying science, which I considerably liked. It didn’t take me long to realize how wrong I was to have chosen this path. It is a good path, but to me, that path was leading me away from my dream.

I suffered through four years of technical engineering courses and added another one year to complete the course, and to rub salt on my wounds.

An engineer is a great profession, but that just wasn’t my cup of life. I made one mistake and paid by losing five years of my life, stuck in a professional field I didn’t want, in a university I hated with all my heart, in a town two hours away from civilization. I was completely lost.

I’m lost in life

I was consumed with hate, I was so lost in life I didn’t know where I was, or what I wanted to be. It looked like I would end up with no positive education and no life. I was completely lost in life.

You see, I’m not a loser. I have an IQ that’s way higher than 99.9 percent of the population in the world. I am passionate with my work, and I can think, and yet I could barely scrape through a degree that has given excellent jobs to millions of people.

Was I dumb or was I being stubborn? Truly, I was just lost in life. And that’s what happens to good passionate people who are stuck at the wrong job or at the wrong place. They get lost. So decide what you want out of life, and plan it. If you believe that you can do it, and you seem to be doing a good job at it, don’t lose your passion. But at times, passion can overrule your logic and the voices in your head. Be certain that you can make a difference before you set off on your journey.

Before you set out to make history and achieve your dreams, there are a few things that you have to work out within your head, so you never have to feel lost in life.


Now what is it that you really want out of your life? Is it riches, fame or something else? Every person’s dream is different, and your friend’s definition of riches may be very different from yours. Saying “I want to be rich” isn’t the end of your planning. It’s the small aspects that matter.

Do you want to be rich enough to buy a house and live off debt? Do you want to be rich enough to own a 35 five acre villa off the beach side with thirteen cars and nine dogs? Or do you want enough to make two ends meet? Dreams will change, and passion will take you ahead.

But to start with, you need to benchmark your dream, so you don’t get lost in life. Success is what everyone wants. Think about what exactly you want to attain in your life. Remember, money is usually the first priority, but what else do you want along with that?


Everyone has a threshold for sacrifices. Some push further, and some give up on the very first sign of threat. We work hard, only in the hope of not letting ourselves down, but each day we come across hurdles, big and small, and it’s not easy to overcome all of them without hurting ourselves.

When you want something, you will have to suffer an equal magnitude of pain and loss before you attain it. So ask yourself, are you ready to dream big, or would you be willing to take it slowly, one step at a time, where the pain will be considerably smaller. Would you be willing to burn the midnight oil? Would you be willing to lose weekends and holidays, cut your expenditures to bare minimum, or would you be willing to cut down on the time you spend with your partner? These are a few things you need to think about before you skip further.

Lost in life #3 KEY VALUES

When you’re younger and more ambitious, your dreams start and end with money. You think that money will buy you anything and everything. But this is the exact sort of thing that can make you feel lost in life.

Wanting money and nothing else is good, to a certain extent, but at one point, you have to draw the line. In reality, money can’t give you everything. It can only give you a push in the right direction. So what is the value you want to be attached with? Do you want to make a difference to lives with your thoughts and ideas, or by making people laugh, or by healing others, or by leading them to better pastures?

This might seem idiotic, but remember, when you do make money at some point of time in your life, your key values will matter more than anything else. Even if this is an early step, give it a thought. Your life will be a lot less messy and you’d be a lot happier when you get there.

Lost in life #4 WEIGH YOUR OPTIONS

True passionate people have a goal, and they stick to it. But at times, stupidity or arrogance sets in and we get a murky concoction of passionate stupidity. Just to make sure that you’re not stuck in that mess, have a good plan B.

It’s easy to build castles in the sky, but it’s when you wake up that you realize how hard things can be. Remember, it’s your happiness that matters the most, so listen to the voice in your head, and interpret it well. Instead of trying to make it on top on day one, plan your baby steps. And preferably, choose a career that has multiple options.

Even if you go halfway and realize you’re not cut out for something, you could still progress by choosing an alternate vision along the same lines of your actual dream.


Most humans are extremely ambitious. It’s never bad to be ambitious though. Ambition is the road map to an adventurous life. But embarking on an adventure without careful planning does not make one an adventurer. It makes them a vagabond.

The difference, or the missing link, between a renowned adventurer and a filthy vagabond is pretty slim. Just a simple map, and an idea. So before you listen to the voice in your head to move into greener happier pastures, plan your steps, and be wise enough to plan with your head rather than your heart.


What legacy do you want to leave here when you pass on? What do you want people to say about your life and you as a person? What do you want to be known for? What would you like your obituary to say about you? Knowing where you want to end up makes choosing the path to get there, and keeping track of your progress, infinitely easier.

When you’re young, you don’t really care about being remembered. All you’re focused on is how you can avoid feeling lost in life. But as age catches up with you, you’d want to do all those things you missed out on in the earlier part of your life.

Will you still feel lost in life?

Create your own map and plan your own journey. No one really has to ever feel lost in life. I was lost in life too, but that was only momentary. You may feel lost too, and you may not know what you’re doing. You may be experiencing this for a few years now. But remember, it’s just a few years of your entire life.

It’s like stopping on the highway of life and asking for directions, because you’re momentarily lost. And that’s it. We all have the opportunities and the resolve to follow our passion and avoid getting lost in life.

Your world can be exciting and full of passion, every single day. But even in your own map of life, it is easy to stray and get stranded in a pool of quicksand. So listen to yourself and let your passion take you forward, to your dreams of happiness.

Happiness, however elusive, is only one step away, so wake up each morning, and ask yourself the same question, “Am I really happy today?” One day, not far into the future, you will answer that question with an affirmative answer.

Remember, we all feel lost in life. And we’ll all tell ourselves at some point, “I feel lost in life”. But what really matters is what you’re going to do about it. And in which direction you’re going to take a baby step into a better world of passion and happiness.

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27 thoughts on “Lost In Life – Do You Feel Lost In Life?”

  1. nivedita says:

    I feel my life is full of difficulties @ hurdles. If Iam able to overcome this I would be delighted to my hearts content.

  2. ryan says:

    Thank you that’s all I have to say to who ever wrote this.

  3. Amir says:

    really thank you well I well try to start from over again

  4. samira says:

    Thank you for this amazing article!:)

  5. Umar tata says:

    My problem is iam always nervous and uncomfortable around most peoples, so any clue guys anything that might help me is welcome. THANKS

  6. shrey says:

    Thank you! it was very helpfull

  7. Sharyn Blixt says:

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  8. Rosie says:

    I feel so along and lost,
    my brother has passed and he was my best friend !
    and right now, been carryed a heavy load on my shoulder..

  9. Scarlett says:

    I have been feeling anxious and having some dark thoughts lately, and this article has just made me smile. My quarter life crisis is nothing in the grand scheme of my life, thank you!

  10. Scarlett says:

    Rosie – sorry to hear about your brother. Bereavement is never easy, especially when it is someone close. Just know that it will get better – the feeling of loss and sadness will always be there but just to a lesser extent. You will enjoy life again, and carry the memories of your brother with you.

  11. marc says:

    Wow! I just feel like reading my own life story, so far at least…

    I freshly graduated after 6 years, it was supposed to be 5… I am not dumb, I can always reach my goals by being crafty sometimes.
    I got high grades at university, never studied hard tho that’s why it took me 6 years because I always was on minimum credits. Now I am an engineer in some boring telecommunication/software field… I am pretty sure if I start working in a company related to that field I will be really good at it but I don’t want to. I still haven’t send any CV after 6 weeks of my graduation.

    Being good at something doesn’t necessarily implies liking it.

    I need a plan but I am afraid that halfway I will change my mind, I just have that ugly trait when I lose interest in stuff once it’s no more challenging. I don’t know what will happen the next few months but things will change, I hope 🙂

    Writing this comment will make me feel better, I don’t care if someone reads it or not… i know that i will!

  12. maica says:

    i do like to learn from your advice coz as of the moment i am completely lost and i don’t know what to do in my life i was not being like this before don’t know myself anymore

  13. void answers says:

    If you’re so smart, then how haven’t you figured out already that the problem #1 is finding out what you want in your life? If I knew what I want I would simply take the necessary steps. But I am lost, I do not have that light house shining through dark, raging oceans.

  14. Liaqat Ali says:

    I didn’t understand what to do in my life,i always feel so lonely and when ever i think of my future i stuck in the first how should i do?
    My Live is full of errors just don’t know what to do i am having bad luck in every way of life.

  15. neerma says:

    I feel so lost in my life im so tired wid all and evrething I don’t really know what I have to do wid can anyone help me

  16. lisa rynestad says:

    Oh my goodness, this article is so me. I have worked numerous jobs always trying to figure out what will make me happy in life. I never did go to college and always felt stupid around other people that have. I have always worked in the office field and have exceeded and moved up the ladder many times and every time I get there I hate it, end up quitting and starting another job. I finally quit my last job and feel really lost now trying to figure out what to do in my life. I’m 49 now and I just want to do something that will fulfill my soul and to feel my spirit. So, with that I am on my journey to find that fulfillment I am living off my retirement while trying to figure this out and I know it wont last forever. It’s been 6 months now and I am still wondering what it is – that question we are all wondering. What do I want to be in life? What will fill me up? What will make me want to get up in the morning to start each day with a smile and to do something that I really enjoy doing and get paid for it as well. Wouldn’t that be an awesome life!!

  17. uchechi igbo says:

    Thank you for this writeup,very inspiring.

  18. Thakur Rahul says:

    A good article to read. It helps the person who want to change his life. Keep up the good work and continue the work for longer times to get some info and guidelines to lead the life

  19. Yuki says:

    I’m in the exact same position as you were in in terms of college. I’m in my 4th year of Medical school and have gradually began to hate it the more clinical it got, and I can’t seem to enjoy the whole hospital experience like my classmates that I ended up repeating the year. I’m just going to graduate since I’ve come this far and my parents have dished out a lot on tuition fees, but I don’t really want to work as a doctor. This article gave me a bit of hope, i hope i find something i like more later down the road

  20. Tiffany says:

    Would it be too strange to ask who you are? It’s just that we share such a similar story, I’m really curious if you didn’t go to the same university I am attending. It’s in Missouri…

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