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How to Find Your Passion: 13 Secrets to Seek It in Simple Things

You feel like something inside of you isn’t 100% complete. Not because you’re single, it’s much deeper than that. It’s all about how to find your passion.

how to find your passion

I remember the old saying: if you do what you love then it isn’t work. Now, though completely true, I feel like our society gets this mixed up with being rich and successful. This could very well be the reason why you’re not doing something you’re passionate about or why you haven’t found your passion. Understanding how to find your passion when you’re busy trying to make money to buy the new Gucci bag or $200 tickets to the Taylor Swift concert is impossible.

This is where our true passions become erased or blurred with what other people think we need or should be doing.

How to find your passion

Now, if you don’t think you have something you’re passionate about, don’t worry. You’re not the only one, trust me. In fact, I didn’t realize my love for writing until I entered my Master’s program. I thought that doing my Master’s was something I wanted to do, but in my spare time, I wrote.

Over time, I ended up writing more and more and well… here I am! Am I loaded with cash and going on crazy yachts every weekend? No. But I’m happy. So, sometimes finding your passion isn’t something that you need to search for, sometimes it just happens. It could be hard, it could be easy.

#1 Don’t put so much attention on finding your passion. This is a huge point that you need to keep in mind when it comes to knowing how to find your passion. If you’re constantly thinking and hunting for it, you won’t find it.

It’s like when you try to find your car keys—the minute you stop looking, you find it. Do be conscious of the activities you’re doing and how they make you feel, but don’t go on a wild goose hunt. [Read: How to break through the rut of what am I doing with me life]

#2 Your passion may not be as grandiose as you think. I think the problem for many people is that they feel a passion must be something extremely profound. For example, having a passion to sail or a passion to play the drums. Now, those are passions, but your passion could be knitting or walking dogs. It doesn’t have to be grandiose. [Read: How to enjoy life and make it memorable]

#3 Look at the small things. You probably already show signs of things you like to do. However, you’re just not looking at them. Your passion, like I said before, doesn’t necessarily have to be this huge activity. Maybe you’ve already found your passion, yet you haven’t realized it. If you watch a movie every night before you go to sleep, your passion may be film. You just don’t see it yet.

#4 Expect to be fearful of your passion. When I started writing, I was terrified. Okay, I wasn’t terrified of writing itself, but I was terrified if people would like my writing, if I was a horrible writer, etc. But this is what almost everyone goes through when they follow their passion.

Will their passion be accepted by others and will they be able to get the support they need? So, if you already have something in mind, but you’re scared to follow through, it’s okay, I know how it feels. The only thing to do is push through it.

#5 Try out different activities. Now if you think you haven’t found your passion, perhaps you need to go out and try new things. Take up some activities that you typically wouldn’t do and see how you like them. This also gives you a chance to develop yourself and broaden your skillset.

If you’ve never danced before, take a dance class. If you want to know how plates are made, take a pottery class. Try everything out and if you still don’t find anything that interests you out of those activities, well, at least you gave it a try. [Read: Life begins with what you do for fun]

#6 How do you feel? But really, when you take dance class or ride your bike, how does it make you feel? Are you excited to go to dance class? Or do you struggle to even make it through the class? How will you know where your passions are if you don’t check in with yourself? Become self-aware while you do activities.

#7 Go back to your childhood. Believe it or not, most of our passions stem from our childhood. So, try to go back into your memory and think about what you loved to do as a child. Ask your parents as well.

What type of child were you? Usually, how we were at seven or eight is our truest self. So, go into your memory bank and think about what you loved to do as a child.

#8 Follow your curiosity. Sure, you have no idea where your passions lie, but if you’re curious about something, you should sniff it out. Unless it’s drugs—don’t sniff. But your curiosity could be pointing you in the right direction. Curiosity means you’re interested in something. Now, it doesn’t mean you’ll find your passion, but if you’re curious, pursue it. [Read: 15 ways to live your life to the fullest]

#9 Don’t think about money. If you look for your passion because you want to make a lot of money, stop. Money should never come to mind when you think about what your passion is.

Who knows, if you find your passion, you may be able to make a lot of money from it but you may also make nothing. So, don’t go into it thinking about dollar bills.

#10 Is there a theme in your life? Look at what you do in your spare time. What surrounds you. This means you even look at your bookshelf and try to see if there’s a theme that you gravitate towards. This theme helps you discover what you’re interested in. Obviously, if the only thing on your bookshelf are photography books—that’s a decent hint.

#11 Where do you want your passion to take you? For some people, their passions are in their hobbies. However, for others, they try to make their passion their livelihood. Neither is wrong, it just depends on your lifestyle and how you enjoy spending your time. [Read: How to make yourself happy – 20 habits of incredibly happy people]

#13 Don’t give up. Listen, finding your passion doesn’t have a set due date. It could be months, years until you find what you’re passionate about. So, this is why I’m telling you that you shouldn’t place any pressure on it. Take your time and really enjoy the discovery process of how to find your passion.

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Knowing how to find your passion may not turn out to be the easiest discovery for you. However, once you find what you love, the hard work it took to get to this point will be a small sacrifice for you. Now go! Go and explore yourself!

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