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How to Be the Best Boyfriend You Can Be & Better Yourself Overnight

Are you new to a relationship? Are you struggling to wow her? Either way you can learn how to be the best boyfriend and start impressing your girl now.

how to be the best boyfriend

You may think you are in the clear now that you are official. You no longer have to worry about if you’re exclusive or who should call who first. But just because you can relax a bit doesn’t mean you can stop putting in the effort. So, I’m going to teach you how to be the best boyfriend you can be!

You may have gone on a few dates trying your hardest to impress your girl, but that doesn’t stop now that you are a couple. If she got used to you treating her like a queen she will expect that, as she should. She deserves to be pampered and respected, and you can only do that if you learn how to be the best boyfriend all around, at least in her eyes. [Read: Ways to make your girlfriend incredibly happy]

Are you the best boyfriend?

You might be thinking yes, of course. But in reality, you are probably falling flat. You might be a nice guy, but you don’t want your girlfriend to feel like she is settling with you. You want her to feel special and lucky.

There isn’t just a list of things every guy can do to become the best boyfriend. You have to make what you do and how you act about her. Every woman wants something different from a relationship and needs different things. Adapt to her and be the best boyfriend for your girlfriend.

You can be the best boyfriend

Being the best boyfriend may sound like a feat you’re not worthy of, but it does not have to be all that complicated. Women are not looking for someone perfect, just someone perfect for her. So as long as you know her, you can become the best boyfriend in the world for the woman you love.

How to be the best boyfriend

Pay attention to her words, her actions, and how she responds. The best way to offer your girlfriend what she needs is to know what that is.

#1 Be honest. All most girls want is honesty. Whether it be good, bad, or ugly, women want the truth and they want it from you. So make sure you are always 100% up front with her.

That doesn’t mean you should tell her that her new haircut isn’t the most flattering, but it does mean you should tell her if you ran into your ex, got hit on by a girl at work, or something along those lines. [Read: Being vulnerable in a relationship will make you feel closer]

#2 Surprise her. Small gestures can go much further than big gifts or epic plans. When you pick her up to go to Target, order her a Starbucks first. Bring her flowers without a reason. Pick her up an order of fries when you know she has had a tough day.

Little things like this prove that you take notice of the small things that she may need or want without ever saying it. [Read: How to make your girl fall more in love with you]

#3 Be a gentleman. You don’t have to be all traditional in order to be kind and respectful. Yes, this means opening the car door for her and carrying heaving boxes, but nowadays it also means tossing masculinity away.

Take her cute Instagram photos, hold her purse, and be open to her suggestions. This doesn’t mean you go get a manicure with her, but when she suggests going to see the ballet, don’t shut her down because of your male pride.

#4 Respect her. Just as you want her to respect you, she deserves the same. If she says she isn’t in the mood, don’t try to convince her she is.

If she says she is offended by a male coworker or your friend made her uncomfortable, she deserves your attention and understanding. You may not know exactly where she is coming from, but her feelings are always valid. Treating them as such shows her that you can sympathize and comfort her.

#5 Listen. This is a big one. Men seem to have a hard time when it comes to listening to women speak. Whether it is a serious conversation, a discussion about the future, or just her asking you to order dinner or take out the trash, open up those ears.

Women don’t need you to buy them fancy gifts or make these big romantic gestures, what they want is for you to be present everyday. And you can’t just hear her, you have to listen and respond or react appropriately. [Read: How to be a better listener in your relationship]

#6 Check in. As much as women can take care of themselves, we like to know that you worry. That means you care. So when your girlfriend leaves, tell her to let you know when she is home safe, and if she doesn’t, call her.

This does not have to come across clingy, just concerned. It also doesn’t have to be every evening after work, but if she is leaving late at night or driving a further distance. It is always nice to know your boyfriend is thinking of you.

#7 Be playful. No one likes someone that takes everything too seriously. We all have bad days, but knowing you can laugh and be a kid again is something we all need. Having the ability to let loose, act goofy, and fool around is vital in today’s world.

If you want to know how to be the best boyfriend, learn to laugh, at yourself and the world around you. So whether that means a tickle fight, flirting, or going to an arcade, keep the fun going.

#8 Let her know she is on your mind. When you are in a relationship, things can come up. Work, family, traffic, bills, etc., are all part of life. But amongst all that, taking time to make sure your girlfriend knows you are thinking about her is all she needs.

Whether a quick phone call to say I love you or a text that says can’t wait to see you tonight, these are gestures that mean a lot more than you may realize. [Read: What to text your girlfriend when you miss her]

#9 Be you. All of these tips are great to not only impress your girlfriend, but also to ensure you are being the best boyfriend for her. But above all else, you want to make sure you are always being yourself.

None of these actions take away from who you are, they just add to it and let you show it a bit better. So don’t try to come off in a way that you aren’t comfortable. The best way to be the best boyfriend is to show your girlfriend your true colors. That is how you will be happy for a long time to come.

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Are you still wondering how to be the best boyfriend? Well, I hope not. These tips should guide you in the right direction and keep your relationship going strong.

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