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Holiday Hookups – 10 Easy Ways to Find a Travel Fling

holiday hookups

Want some fun and excitement when you’re on vacation? Use these 10 ways to find yourself a travel fling and hookup with someone on your holiday!

When we travel, we open ourselves up to new experiences. Whether it’s trying an unfamiliar cuisine, taking in a new culture, or picking up words in a foreign language, having an open mind is essential to a great holiday. It just so happens that this is also the perfect frame of mind for a hookup, fling or love affair.

Sex, love, and passion can be confusing in any context, and on a vacation, this is no exception. Read on for great advice on how to meet other singles while traveling, the do’s and don’ts of travel hookups, and why you absolutely must find a fling on your next excursion.

When in Rome…

One of the famous maxims of travel is “when in Rome, do a Roman”. Okay, so maybe that’s not quite how it goes, but it’s great advice. Meeting a local is the ideal holiday hookup. Locals know the best restaurants and bars, the hidden beaches, and the nicest place to take a bottle of wine and watch the sunset.

#1 The best of both worlds. When you hookup with a local, you get the best of both worlds: the passion of holiday romance, with a free tour guide thrown in. Imagine being taken to the local tapas bar in Seville by Alejandro, or spending an afternoon in a Munich beer garden with Johanna.

#2 Up your chances of meeting a local by learning a few words in their language. Keep a dictionary and phrasebook app in your phone. If the barista in the coffee shop, or guy or girl seated next to you at lunch is cute, ask for help pronouncing a word in their language.

#3 Be talkative and friendly. Don’t be afraid to ask for directions or a restaurant recommendation. Locals are usually proud of their town, city, or country and will gladly help. Follow up by asking if they’re from the area or another part of the country, or what they usually order at the place they recommended. It shouldn’t be hard to gauge their interest in you after this. Remember, a great smile goes a long way! [Read: 5 effective tips and scenarios to small talk without feeling awkward!]

#4 It’s not always easy. Of course, it’s not always that easy. Cultural differences can complicate things. If you are in a country with a conservative view of sexuality, it is much more difficult, though not impossible. And of course, the locals are not on holiday, and probably won’t have the same try-anything mindset as you.

Fellow travelers

Nearly as good *and sometimes better* than meeting a local is meeting another traveler. Getting to know a new place is always great, and getting to share that experience with someone else can be incredible. Plus, you’re only just getting to know each other at the same time, and that makes the feeling of adventure even more euphoric.

#5 It’s easy. It is quite easy to start up a conversation with other travelers while on holiday. Even people who are generally shy and introverted usually have no problem. This is natural as you are in a very similar situation. At home, you might have little in common, but on holiday, you’re visiting the same attractions, trying the same foods, and sharing a common experience.

#6 Be friendly. Just like with locals, you need to be friendly and talkative. If you saw a beautiful waterfall, or did a great hike, tell others about it. If you’re curious whether a museum is worth its entry price, ask someone if they have visited it. Even people who generally don’t strike up conversations with strangers at home will readily do so while on holiday.

Meeting points

Holidays can involve all sorts of destinations, and who you can meet and how you can meet them will vary accordingly. People on a cruise will, of course, have a different mindset than those backpacking through multiple countries. But fear not, unless you are staying at a honeymooners’ resort, there will always be many others looking for their own holiday hookup.

#7 The watering hole. No matter where you are, the bar in the evening will nearly always be your best bet. A few drinks will get people to open up, and be even more willing to meet new people than during the daytime. Approach someone you like and ask how they are enjoying their holiday. Be friendly but polite and you will not be shot down. [Read: 10 dirty drinking games for naughty guys and girls]

When staying in a resort where people tend to relax most of the day, the bar is especially important. It’s much easier to approach someone there than while they are reading a book by the pool, or soaking up the sun on a beach.

#8 Cruise ships. Cruise ships can be a great place to meet someone. Even when they are not “singles cruises”, it is quite easy to see who is single and who is not. And those who are single are most likely more than willing to have a holiday hookup if they meet the right person. The bar, of course, is a great bet, and the other diners at your table are always easy to talk to. Be active and join day trip excursions when the ship is in port. Sharing an adventure together is a great opening.

#9 Backpacking. When most people think of a travel fling, they probably think of backpackers, and for good reason. Backpackers tend to be the youngest travelers, as well as the ones who are most ready for adventure. They are also often the drunkest. Backpackers tend to have the highest proportion of solo travelers, male and female, which inevitably leads to hookups. [Read: 15 tips to hook up with a girl you meet on a vacation]

If you are backpacking, you will find it quite easy to meet people. Whether in a bar, restaurant, or even on the buses and trains, backpackers from all over the world seek one another out and start up conversations. And don’t forget hostels. In addition to being the cheapest travel accommodation, they are easily the best for meeting other travellers. [Read: How to hook up with a guy the right way!]

Flying solo or with a wingman

Holiday hookups can happen whether you are traveling alone or with friends. And the same is true of your potential hookup. Generally, it is easiest for two solo travelers to meet, or for two groups of two to three friends. But this is not a hard and fast rule.

#10 Groups. If you are alone and are interested in another traveler who is with a friend, you can and should approach them. A good friend wouldn’t want to leave their travel partner alone, so the key is to spend time with both of them. Don’t ignore the friend. Include him or her in any conversations and try to limit your alone time with the person you like to the night, and maybe one daytime activity such as a walk on the beach. [Read: 30 dirty truth or dare questions for a fun and naughty night!]

Goodbye or farewell?

Even after just a few days, a holiday hookup can feel quite serious. You’re in an unfamiliar place together so it’s natural that you’ll establish a stronger emotional connection than you might at home. Travelers fortunate enough to have flexibility with their time and itinerary might even change their plans to stay together longer.

Long distance relationships are very difficult, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Holiday romances leading to something more serious are more common than you might expect. By the time you go home, you may already have your next trip planned to visit your holiday fling. [Read: 9 types of wild sex parties you can have in  your room while on vacation!]

Of course, not everyone wants this. Like any relationship, sometimes one person is just more serious about it than the other. If your holiday hookup wants to leave it at just a fling, you should respect that and not be too surprised.

Passion and sex are complicated, and there’s always some risk of heartbreak involved. But when it comes to having a travel fling, the pros will far outweigh the cons, because even a brief love affair will be hot and passionate.

[Confession: My hot, accidental threesome experience with someone I met on a vacation!]

Have you ever had a holiday hookup? Use these tips to find yourself a travel fling and create an experience that lasts a lifetime or for as long as your vacation lasts!

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Eli Walton
Eli Walton
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2 thoughts on “Holiday Hookups – 10 Easy Ways to Find a Travel Fling”

  1. Bernie says:

    I have had so many people who I know confess to this and on a travel excursion it might be very easy as you are in a beautiful, exotic, or exciting locale and eyes meet. Your world meets a foreign man’s world and sparks fly. I get it and it might be easy even for me to just get lost in the fantasy or moments of refreshing if you know what I mean. Meeting another traveler as well has happened on a train and we struck up a conversation. The train ride was four hours long and the attraction and conversation was so easy. We were headed to the same city and decided to meet up for lunch and things were awesome exploring the city with a learned guide by my side. We did end the day with a very passionate kiss but I knew I could not go further without leaving my at home relationship behind.

  2. Hanks says:

    Three years ago one of my wife’s friends, who had recently separated, invited her on a two week Western holiday. The friend had arranged and booked it for herself and her husband, but when they separated she decided to take a friend. I was more than happy for my wife to go as we had not had a proper break for several years, mainly for financial reasons. When she returned she looked the picture of health, fit, tanned all over, her blonde hair sun bleached, and the photos she brought back showed the two women really enjoying the time. My wife is in her late 30s, bubbly and flirtatious, which I love, and in many of the photos she was wearing a tiny pair of shorts which she would never wear at home, revealing tops and bikinis, and sexy heels. It was really good to see her looking so relaxed and confident. Some months later I was searching for some family wedding photos on the computer when I came across a file containing holiday snaps which had apparently been emailed from my wife’s friend. A few showed the two women in the company of two younger Western men at a beach bar, both women were topless and the guys were in swimming shorts. The rest showed my wife with one of the guys, at the bar, in the sea, on the beach, and at the hotel pool. She was topless in all but three, and a number showed the guy with his arms around her caressing her breasts, in others they were hugging and kissing, one showed him behind my wife holding her pussy while she had her hand behind her back probably holding his dick. In the other three pics both her and the guy were naked. One was taken on the beach; the guy was on his back, my wife was on her back with her head on his chest. In the last two they were naked on a bed; in one they were lying side by side on their front smiling at the camera and in the other they appeared to be asleep in the spoon position. I was really shocked. A part of me was really excited though.

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