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He Stood Me Up – Being Stood Up on a Date

He Stood Me Up

Has he stood you up ever? Going out on a date with a cute guy can be exciting, but being stood up on a date can be equally heart breaking. Here’s a “he stood me up” story by Sophia Strutt. Of course, it’s all happy and fun, until you get stood up on a date.

Have you ever got stood up? It’s happened to most of us for some reason or the other. If you haven’t experienced being stood up yet, well, then good for you.

Sitting at a restaurant alone and realizing that you’ve been stood up after half an hour can be one of the worst experiences of your life.

Well, here’s my ‘he stood me up’ story that you could probably learn from.

He stood me up!

I met this cute guy at a club the other day. He was hot, and I was quite tipsy. I had a great time talking to him, and soon he asked for my number.

Hot guy, my number… very flattering, or maybe it was just my lucky G-string.

He called me the next day, and dropped by to my favorite coffee shop and asked me out to dinner the next Saturday. He was so cute!

My friends who were with me liked him too, and they thought he was charming.

I decided on the length of my skirt a week ahead, and got my hair done so I could look my best on that special date [Read: What to wear on a date]. On D-Day, I got all shaved up and primped up an hour before leaving, and dabbed an extra round of perfume on my wrists and nape.

And a bit on my thighs too, not that I would ever let him go that far on the first date, but what the heck. [Read: How to pick a restaurant for a date]

He’d love the way I smell when he kisses my palm and brushes his cheek against my neck, wouldn’t he? This is going to be perfect!

Getting ready to being stood up on the date

I called a cab. I was wearing a hot low cut dress with a perfect slit to accentuate my well-toned legs. The annoying cab driver took a good long stare at my well endowed assets, which is so damn irritating, but hey, I’ve got a good date to worry about. [Read: How to stare at a girl’s cleavage like a gentleman]

I reached the restaurant on time. I’m never the one who believes in being fashionably late because that’s just so lame. Why lose out on good time, when you can have more of it instead. The clock struck seven, and in a while, it read half past seven. It was still early and there were more waiters than diners. Soon it was past time, and my new knight in shining armor should have been there. Anytime now.

I applied another coat of gloss and sniffed my wrists discreetly while I was at it. A trip to the ladies room, and another round of perfume. Yep, I need to smell great.

Alone in a crowded restaurant

The crowd set in and most of the men had a hard time taking their eyes off me. Sweet! I was pretty sure I looked really hot. “Drool, boys, I’m already taken…” I told myself and suppressed a grin. [Read: Men who stare at women]

It was almost eight and I had just finished my third glass of Errazuriz Don Maximiano [Read: Should a girl accept a drink from a stranger?]. It was quite annoying to be the butt of conversations, as one generally becomes, especially if you’re all dressed up and sitting alone at a restaurant. I took my cell phone and fiddled with it for a while. I soon discovered that I had an angry bird game in my phone, and a few others I still have no idea about. I never did have to play boring cell phone games before.

The clock ticked on, I got fidgety and looked around and did my bit of ‘people-watching’, but the same faces were getting pretty boring. I stared at the coat of varnish on my nails. They were very interesting at that moment.

And then I stared at the candle on the table, and the way the world looked through a half empty wine glass. There were a lot of things to keep me occupied, but they were all frustratingly boring. I called him up on his cell phone for the thirty sixth time, but all I heard was a telephonic rendition of “Rain drops keep falling on my head”, and that cute song, now, made me want to cry!

Frustrated. Bored. Tearful.

I wanted to speak to someone really badly, but then, I didn’t want to look stupid in front of all my friends. What if I was telling a girlfriend on the phone that he stood me up, and this guy shows up? I’d feel really guilty and stupid. But on the other hand, the smiling faces of other couples were annoying. I just wanted to hold the phone in my ear and have a loud conversation with a friend.

I wanted to laugh and shriek with fake happiness, and show all these stupid people that I was having more fun. But that was one farfetched idea. I was just scared I’d start crying if I even tried speaking to a friend. So I stuck to being fascinated by every minute detail in the restaurant. The lounge music was a drag, and I felt like I was in an elevator.

My hopes grew each time I saw a manly silhouette against the door, but my hope was crushed as the man walked in. He wasn’t my date… this happened again and again. And again. [Read: How to know if he is the One]

Insulted by waiters while being stood up

The waiters around didn’t have much to do, so they spoke to the people enjoying their dinner. I was still too embarrassed to look straight at them, and yet, I didn’t want to look defeated. So I kept my chin up, and avoided any eye contact.

Out of the blue, a waiter asked me if I’d like something else, and that suddenly sounded like an insult. I really don’t know if it was me, or were these waiters just trained so well with their intonation and usage of words.

“Oh-kay, I get it, I’ve been here for more than an hour and a half and have just had three glasses of wine, no hors-de-oeuvres, and I’m using an entire table”, very tacky, wise guy.

I made up my mind not to tip him. My table had two roses in a cute vase, and one flickering candle that was taking the flickering life out of me. I just couldn’t stand to see it anymore. Everything was disgusting, and so were that bunch of cute guys sitting across the table trying to catch my eye. I just wished the ground would open up, and drag me in by my heels!

He stood me up?

As I stared at the seconds’ hand of a very boring clock, the truth hit me. I’ve been stood up. Those words reverberated in my cranium like a wave of aftershock. I was bored and felt really awful. I was officially a loser, who was being stood up and dumped even before meeting for a first date.

Really, is there anything worse than that? I doubted if even chocolates and hugs could help me out of this mess. I suddenly felt very stifled. My low cut dress seemed to be choking my throat, I don’t know how, but it was [Read: Girls wearing revealing clothes]. I looked around, and all of a sudden, it felt like everyone in the restaurant was looking at me and sniggering. And they all seem to be laughing at me!

And god damn, the crystal chandelier above me felt very much like a bright spotlight that was focusing on me. How stupid was I to have accepted this date! He wasn’t even that good looking in the first place, and my friends thought he had a small package! How did I ever get into this mess, I don’t understand.

Damage control after he stood me up

I called the waiter and asked him to bring me the check. He couldn’t hear me. My cheeks turned red as I asked him again, louder this time. A couple at the next table looked around and they whispered something to each other. Arggh! Pathetic!

Don’t they have anything better to do than to eavesdrop? Finally, I cleared the check and walked out. Suddenly, I felt like I had lost my entire life. I felt tired, weak, miserable and so ugly. I was stood up on a date. The bastard, he stood me up. I must be really, really ugly. [Read: How to play hard to get]

I stepped out into the cold street, all alone. ‘Date’ was such a bad word in my vocabulary right now. But I decided to get home. I could at least hide my face in a pillow and cry myself to sleep. Maybe I’d just wake up and the fact that he stood me up would all turn out to be one bad nightmare.

It was the first time I was being stood up. I called for a cab, and as always, history repeated itself. The cab driver stared at my tits, and for one second, I wondered if I should just take my clothes off for him. Perhaps he thinks I’m pretty. Ugh! I was losing my mind. Finally, after what felt like eternity, I got home.

At home after being stood up

I fumbled with my keys, and hurriedly opened the doors. I didn’t want my sweet neighbors to ask me about my ‘date’. I walked into the darkness, and groped around to hit the light. The room came into view. I reclined against the door, and dropped my clutch bag. I had never felt this bad in my life. I was humiliated and shattered by some guy I barely knew, a guy I had met just a couple of times. For god’s sake, I was stood up! Aaargh!

I tried calling him again, and this time, I heard something new. I heard a telephonic voice say that his cell phone was busy, and that he was on the other line. I was pissed. I was raging. I was mad. I just wanted to rip his little heart out. I called him again, and this time, again, it just kept ringing. I called him repeatedly for another hour. [Read: How to make him want you]

Soon my anger turned to tearful frustration. I dropped down to the floor and started crying. I crawled all the way up to my bed, and just slid into it. I covered myself completely and stared into the darkness.

The morning after he stood me up

I don’t know when I slept, but I did wake up to a bright morning. It took me a few minutes to know why I felt so miserable, and then I remembered the eventful previous night where I was stood up. I showered, I felt dirty and violated. After that, I got on with my day. It was hard at first, but after I poured my heart out to my friends, I felt a lot better. My friends and I went out for lunch, and by evening I was almost myself. I even felt like the whole episode of getting stood up wasn’t worth all the pain.

A couple of days later, I pushed the whole episode to the back of my head. I was just being stupid and overexcited about this guy. He really wasn’t worth the date, and definitely not worth my tears.

Meeting the man who stood me up

I met my vanished-without-a-trace date a week later at the same club I first met him in. I was out with my girlfriends, and he walked right into my path, unknowingly, of course. I smiled at him, placed my hands on his shoulders and gave a peck on his cheek. And by the time his surprised face turned into an all-toothy grin, my knee cap found its mark on his groin.

And yeah, his package didn’t feel big at all. He definitely wasn’t worth it. And I, once again, felt like I was on top of the world. And I did get a huge round of applause from all the women in the club too. Guess who walked out of the club with the chin up, and who walked out with the chin almost near the groin? Well, there are no points for guessing. That’s what happens to guys who stand women up. And that’s what you should do when you’re stood up! [Read: Short love stories – The lonely girl]

Being stood up on a date is painful and ego-shattering. A guy I liked, he stood me up once, and I learnt never to be stood up by a guy again. So the next time you’re on a date, don’t ever sit there wondering if you’re being stood up on a date like I did. Bolt for the door if he isn’t already there!

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Sophia Strutt
Sophia Strutt
Sophia Strutt loves staring into the mirror, not because she’s a narcissist but because the mirror is the one thing she can rely on to smile back at her, even...
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37 thoughts on “He Stood Me Up – Being Stood Up on a Date”

  1. Amanda Rayes says:

    Gosh, the horror of being stood up!

    I’ve been stood up one before and it was the most humiliating and disturbing dating scenario. I felt so ugly and fat. My date did call and say he’d make it to the date, but he didn’t arrive even an hour after I got there. Thankfully though, I called another guy friend up and asked him to pick me up.

    I was so humiliated by the whole experience that it took me a few weeks to date again. I only wish I could have met that guy who dumped me. What made the whole thing so much worse was the fact that it was a blind date. There was always a burning question behind my head if he actually got there and walked away!

    Ugh, the humiliation of it all!

  2. rtyu says:

    so you resorted to violence due to being stood up? very mature. you sound like a real catch

  3. mari says:

    you know what rtyu? its extremely hurtful when a guy goes off doing his own thing while ur alone and awkward where he promised to meet you! most girls that go through that only dream of doing more hurtful things to a guy like that than kneeing him in the groin! she let him off easy, so just let her be and dont go insulting her! you go sophia!!!

  4. Omar says:

    You are a f**king legend.

  5. Nikki says:

    You sound pathetic

  6. Loren says:

    Okay, this is what I did and it can work for women too. I was stood up and got the ,’my Uncle died,’ excuse. First, make certain it’s an excuse. Next, send condolences and flowers to her mother about the loss in the family. Trust me, the family will be furious and it will be the topic at every Thanksgiving dinner for decades to come.

    Also,in my case, I looked around the restaurant saw two women at the bar. I said, “Hi, I’ve finally realized I’ve been stood up on a date. I have this great table, the food here is amazing and it’s all on me and after pleasant conversation and a nice meal, we can all go our separate ways with a cool story.” While nothing more came of it, they were great ‘single serving’ friends and it took all the anger and frustration out of that tonight.

  7. QueenS says:

    Lol. Damn! I know she got stood up, but it wasn’t that serious. Nobody likes to be played for a fool, but I damn sure would never cry over some asshole I didn’t even know. Just like she said at the end, if you walk in and he isn’t already there, leave! Or at least give him a chance to get there first, but wait in your car or something. I don’t know if this is considered a stand up or not since I didn’t actually make it anywhere, but a few weeks ago a guy I met called me up and said he was going to take me out to dinner that night, and when it was time never showed up, or called to let me know what, if anything, was going on. I did my hair half way and didn’t even bother getting dressed, because by this time I realized he wasn’t serious. I sent ONE text, and made ONE call, that was it! He didn’t respond to either of those, so I chucked up the dueces, and got the hell on with my life, and that was that. I couldn’t care less if I ever see or hear from him again. I’ll never waste my time being desperate over any dude, cause just as easily as they came, they can be replaced even easier! But kudos to her for kicking him in the balls though, hahaha.

  8. Jason says:

    Here is the male version of that story.

    So I was out with some friends one night, and I started chatting with this really cute girl. Things were going well, so I asked her out. She agreed to meet me at the bar the next night for a drink and then go out to dinner. So I did some laundry, showered, shaved and put on a clean shirt. I waited at the bar for a while, and had a couple of beers. After two hours, the Celtics game was over, so I called my friend Dan, and was like “Hey, dude, looks like this chick stood me up. I think Brian’s having people over though. Want to head over?” He was like “Let’s do it.” So we went. It was a pretty dope party.

  9. Kelly says:

    In the middle of November, My boyfriend of 11 months invited me to a Christmas Dinner with his friends. I’d met these friends twice before, and was looking forward to seeing them again.

    That Christmas dinner was December 15th.
    He confirmed the dinner party several times, but the last time I heard from him was December 7th.

    Yes, I’m done with him. But, how strange is that kind of behavior?

  10. mmmm says:

    so by her logic if she was the one that stood him up it would be perfectly acceptable for him to see her at the club walk up to her kiss her on the cheek then punch her in the breast?

  11. redd says:

    I was stood up recently by a guy I’d met online. We’d been talking for about a month and he acted super excited. But when the day finally came, no answer on his phone, no reply to text… i ignored my friends and hoped something had happened to his phone. After all, he’d always said good morning and talked throughout the day…and made a point to try to say goodnight or talk before falling asleep! This was unusual. I went anyways…waited what seemed like an eternity. Still no reply when i tried him while i was there. I was very hurt…but the longer i waited, the more frustrated and angrier i got. I had friends as the restaurant, so that wasn’t a big deal, jusT super embarrassing! Still, after a week, no reply. All i want is an explanation. Being stood up is awful! You’re super lame if you can’t even call and cancel or have valid reason. I understand totally what you went thru… its hard getting back out there after that. What Did i do wrong?! Nothing.

  12. OLives says:

    @mmmm- Would you do it? Would you punch her breast? In front of all those people in the club?? I bet those people there wouldn’t take that too kindly. I would call the cops if I saw a man randomly kiss a woman’s cheek then punch her breast. Equality or not… Thats f*cking abuse right there…

  13. Linh says:

    i recently got stood up by a guy whom i met online through fb. we talked and chatted. he sounded like he was really looking forward to the date. but ye on d-day, i sent a text to him but waited for 2 hrs but he didnt reply. then i saw him online on facebook so i jumped in and asked him if there was sth wrong or should i just assume myself of being ditched by him. and he replied right away saying that he forgot his wallet in his friends car and couldnt get it back until night. he had been trying allday so he felt so bad and sorry. but the thing is it has been more than 3 days he hasnt contacted me since that day. should i text him first or he is just not into me???:(

  14. walt says:

    I just got stood up. Guess next time I see her I’ll knee her in the uterus!

  15. Daniel says:

    ok, so your solution was the physical violence…
    after you hit him he should have hit you back in the face as hard as he could (leaving eventually a permanent scar) — would have been a perfectly justified response to your attack (legally and morally)

  16. Mandy says:

    yes I was stood up too. I met this guy online and after a month we got each others number exchanging our feelings to one another. He was making plans for our date. He was telling me how much he thought we were meant to be and can’t wait to see me in person. He texted me that morning asking where has my sexy girl been? Ok so I’m confused why waste time and lead me on if in less than 12 hours you’re going to drop me. I don’t understand guys. I tried calling but no answer. Wish he never said things to me that he’s a good guy and hexagons never hurt me. Just don’t play mind games it kills me wondering why did he say that

  17. Feeling like a looser says:

    Met the guy on line. What an amazing guy, charming, perfect. We were going to meet today. I went to his city by train. He didn’t show up. Rang him twice and he didn’t answer. Felt like a looser. Why did it happened to me. I am always hearing I am beautiful woman and he saw my photos and been always so impressed. Why did he not come?

  18. Menareoverated says:

    So I recently got stood up also.. Well sort of.
    Met this guy online and really hit off through texts,
    Phone calls and what not. We arranged to meet, everything
    Was great. We would text each other from the time we were
    Awake, until we both fell asleep. Except on date day I didn’t
    Hear from him until late arvo! I texted him asking if everything’s
    Ok and gave him and out if he wanted it, he said all was good but
    Hey may be a little late! I continued on and had my hair done, make
    Up done … The works to put in effort for this guy.
    I arrived and waited, after half an hour I messaged saying i had arrived he
    Msged saying sorry he had family things come up and he would leave in
    20 mins. I then sent a text asking if he wanted to reschedule and he agreed. I was
    Devastated, after-all I did give him an out 4 hours earlier!He apologised in text later that night and I responded But he hasn’t spoken to me since! What a head f***!!!!!!!!

  19. sarah says:

    I didn’t get stood up and i didn’t stood him up. I got lost I couldnt find the bar he told me. So i drove for more than a hour an still i couldnt find the bar. I kept driving buy it and still couldnt find it. I was so frustrated about not finding the place that i didnt used my brain and ask him for the address. he was texting me all the way telling me how to get there but i couldnt understand him. I wasnt from the town so i couldnt figure it out. Finally i parked my car a decided to walk there. It was only 4 minutes walk there, but since i didnt know the city i told him that it was a long walk. he got in a bad mood and left. So now he wont talk to me because he thought i stood him up.

  20. Anthony says:

    This article is hilarious.

  21. Cal Gal says:

    Perhaps the man in the article had some sort of psychic power and knew the author had a screw loose! What a self-absorbed, whiny baby. “They’re all looking at me and I’m going to stiff the waiter”– who has been patient and kind all the while despite this narcissist thinking he was being sarcastic. What sort of person waits an hour and a half for someone, then blows up his phone with messages and texts? I don’t believe the bit at the end about kicking him in the balls, either.

  22. ashley says:

    This past month I met a guy online and we started Skyping every night for at least 7 hours. We talked every night about life and just overall getting to know each other. I really thought this guy was charming, caring and just a good person in general. I’ll never forget this thing he told me about “nice guys always finishing last,” he told me he’s been hurt multiple times in relationships etc. How ironic. Later on, we agreed to meet each other at the mall to hang out then go for dinner. The day before our “date” he abruptly stopped messaging me so I didn’t really think anything of it because maybe he was at work or something. Then the day of our date I still didn’t hear anything, so I was completely nervous and didn’t know what to do. I called and called and left so many messages on Kik. I could tell he acknowledged the messages because the “D” was bolded instead of faded meaning he opened the application just didn’t open the convo. I did my hair, makeup, nails and everything even though I knew in my stomach he wasn’t going to show. I just hoped he would message me last minute saying that it was still on. I felt so humiliated and embarrassed to think this guy took an interest in me, only to be let down. Dates don’t happen for me very often (being a bigger girl and all) but my main problem was being too eager. Like I was too desperate. I was the one who planned everything and decided on what to do. It’s been a couple days since he stood me up and hasn’t responded to any of my messages. I admit to crying and being terribly upset because I thought he was different. I even went on to find his social media pages to see if something happened. Then I realized how pathetic I am for crying over this douchebag. I decided to go back through our messages to see what went wrong and one of the last things I said to him was “I don’t want to rush things with you, I want to take it slow” meaning I don’t want to sleep with you right away. That right there says he wasn’t looking for a relationship, more like a hook-up and I feel so thankful that he stood me up because I avoided getting hurt even more. Imagine how worse I would feel if I slept with him and he never spoke to me after. Being stood up happens for a reason, a good reason. It just shows that he’s not ready and he’s immature. It’s funny cause I creeped his Twitter last night and he posted a photo of a hotel party he was at with his arms around two girls. I just laughed when I saw it. Being stood up hurts but you just have to move on with your life and be thankful you realize the type of idiot he is.

  23. Alex says:

    Well I just got stood up last month by this one girl, I guess she doesn’t like me. The first date was great but she stood me up on 2nd, I think some girls just don’t have enough courage to say no to certain things then later regret their decisions. I got no explanation or reasons on why she stood me up and that seriously make me think on where or what I did wrong until now, well I guess that’s her message that she isn’t interested in me.

  24. Canticle says:

    Today I was supposed to meet a guy whom I met on twitter sometime last year…our communication was in and off but we at least tried to keep in touch…he’ll call me all the time not a day he’ll miss calling…..even if it meant work he’ll make sure he has spoken to me…Saturday morning(today) he called me saying his car is broken down….So I should wait for his call once he do everything….Since 9 in the morning I have been waiting.I am so frustrated to a point I feel like crying on the other hand I need to know why he’ll do something like. After all I cancelled all my appointment for this day…just to meet him…

    Gives me a call te

  25. Manda says:

    This is fake. And if it did happen it is pathetic. An hr and a half or more? Kneeing him in the groin? Making it as if his size mattered to you or any girl really? Grow up.

  26. Evan says:


  27. deshawndra says:

    slaaaaaaaaay! you are such a damn legend and a queen.

  28. fanny says:

    Pretty wack. He doesnt show up, best thing is just leave him alone. Blowing up his phone like a crazy person and physically attacking someone just shows you need help.
    Who is the scarier person here?

  29. Hippiefreak says:

    TL;DR. Woman likes to talk about herself.

  30. Disgusted Person says:

    She should have been arrested for assault. I do not care that he stood her up, she should not have assaulted him, would she like the same treatment?

    Perhaps its Karma, how many guys has she stood up?

  31. GORF says:

    So commit unprovoked assault on a man because he didn’t want you?
    You deserve nothing more than jail time.
    Enjoy your cats, entitled bitch.

  32. max says:

    Being stood up sucks but man this girl sounds annoying. I kinda can’t blame the guy. Especially when she’s being a psycho and called him all night. Take a hint dude and have some dignity! And I feel like that last part about her seeing him at the club and kneeing him in the groin is totally fake … probably what she wished happened.

  33. VetteMan says:

    No wonder why MGTOW is growing. I am writing this on Thanksgiving. One of the things I am thankful for is that I am not tied to a woman, especially like this. Now I have a collection of Corvettes that can not divorce me and take everything I own, like she would.

  34. Embarrassed says:

    Yeah. It happens. A long time ago, I arranged for a hook up with someone I had never met. It was a few weeks after moving to a new city, and I didn’t know anyone, and really just wanted some connection, no matter how trivial or random. I found a guy, his pics were hot, we chatted, and arranged to meet at his place. I went there and we started undressing. The phone rang. He had a quick conversation about going to the airport in the morning for a business trip, or something like that, and then when the phone call was over, he told me I had to leave. I was in my underwear.

  35. shareen says:

    Well you know what they say about onenight stands..If you allow someone to treat you like a whore..then
    don’t be surprised if they treat you like a whore.

  36. Velio says:

    No one can read this article and come away with any doubt that Sophia is indeed a MAJOR narcissist and a mediocre writer to boot.

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