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Quiz: What’s your Attitude?

Quiz: What's your Attitude?

Your attitude and outlook towards different aspects change according to your mood, as you age and even depending upon what time of the day it is. But how high on the extroversion barometer are you? Do you live each day by not letting a single opportunity pass by or do you wait for the right moment to come by. Take this quiz and find out!

So what’s your attitude? Let these songs help pick that out for you.

  1. You’re late for work, you’ve spilt coffee on your favorite shirt and a crow did its thing on your head. You:

  2. Your annoying colleague takes the credit for a project that you came up with, you:

  3. When you’re out for dinner and drinks, you:

  4. In high school, you were:

  5. You’re at your favorite club for a night of fun, you notice the one you’ve been waiting for all your life is at the opposite end of the bar. You:

  6. So this person has finally noticed you. What is your plan of action?

  7. Score! You exchanged numbers with the hottie. Now you:

  8. Would you take a holiday all by yourself, on the ‘spur of the moment’ thing?

  9. How did you handle your last break up?

  10. How old were you when you lost your virginity?

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  • this is soo true….grab life by the reins, huhhh!!!

  • Kristian

    “you can put the blame on me” so true

  • HSF

    “I Did It My Way”
    Is there any other? lol

  • Lyn

    “Don’t be shy”

    I’m really missing a lot in life.

  • Am shy and retiring…I do everything that am supposed to do

  • Ms. Perfect

    “I want love” like..seriously??

  • Amanda

    you can put the blame on me. sooo true

  • Izra

    wow, cool..I did it ma way, but is there any other way?? just kidding

  • P.k.

    Plz write something for geek guys.

  • Megan

    That sounds like me.


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