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Girl Crush: What It Means to Have One & The Deeper Meaning It Hides

We’ve all heard the term girl crush, but what is it exactly? And, if you have feelings for another female, does that mean you might be gay? Not always.

Feminine Traits: Where Do You Fall in the Spectrum of Femininity?

As a woman, do you consider yourself to have the common feminine traits we all hear so much about, or are you dancing to the beat of your own drum?

Women Who Love Sex

Why Do We STILL Silently and Unfairly Judge Women Who Love Sex?

There are women who love sex, women who don’t mind it and those who aren’t big fans. You know what? They’re all totally normal and don’t have to be judged.

signs your boyfriend's friends don't like you

How to Read the Signs Your Boyfriend’s Friends Don’t Like You Much

Everyone wants to be liked. But if you’re noticing signs your boyfriend’s friends don’t like you, there could be trouble ahead. Can you change the tide?

how to feel more confident in your body

How to Feel More Confident in Your Body & Fall in Love With YOU

Learn how to feel more confident in your body today. It’s time to take the power back over what your mind tells you to think about your body.

How to Tell If a Lesbian is Attracted To You

How to Tell If a Lesbian is Attracted To You & How to Respond to Her

Generally, lesbians are subtler than men. Want to avoid embarrassing misunderstandings? Learn how to tell if a lesbian is attracted to you.

How to Start Sexting a Guy

How to Start Sexting a Guy: A Girl’s Guide to Get the Basics Right

Unless you are super-confident, the first time you try sexting, you’ll probably feel embarrassed. Never fear, let’s talk about how to start sexting a guy!

How to Stop Being a Side Chick

How to Stop Being a Side Chick: You Deserve to Be the Main Dish

Nothing feels worse than thinking you’re someone’s girlfriend and finding out you’ve been a side chick. Here’s how to stop being a side chick.

Why He Chose Her Over You

Why He Chose Her Over You: The Real Reason He Picked Her Instead

If you’ve been cheated on, left, or lied to, you have surely asked yourself why he chose her over you. And guess what, I have the answer.

Questions to Ask Your Best Friend's Boyfriend

4 Questions to Ask Your Best Friend’s Boyfriend & Read His Mind

Your best friend’s just started dating, but you’re not sure about the guy? Here are four questions to ask your best friend’s boyfriend to suss him out!

what is an e-girl

What Is an E-Girl: All the Answers You Want, Need, and More

What is an e-girl, you ask? Is it an expression of freedom and escapism, or a way to simply be someone else? Read on for all the answers about e-girls.

Stop Texting Him to Get His Attention

Stop Texting Him to Get His Attention? Secrets to Keep Him Hooked

Some call it mind games, but should you stop texting him to get his attention? It may not work with every guy, but for the majority, it’s a surefire trick!

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