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why do i like him?
Why Do I Like Him? 12 Reasons Why You Really Like the Guy You Like

If you’re wondering, why do I like him, you’re not the only one who’s been there. But what is it about him? Find out why you actually like him.

How to Know if Your Boyfriend Is Cheating on You
How to Know if Your Boyfriend Is Cheating on You: 16 Sneaky Signs

No one wants to be cheated on. While it hurts to find out, sooner is always better. But, first, learn how to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you.

how to increase female libido quickly

Important Female PSA: How to Increase Female Libido Quickly

Maybe your sex drive is a little lower than you’d like it to be. It’s time we learned how to increase female libido quickly.

how to know if you're a lesbian

How to Know if You’re a Lesbian: Sexual Curiosity or Is There More?

Sexuality isn’t black and white. Figuring out how to know if you’re a lesbian or a bisexual depends on understanding your place on the sexual spectrum.

being extra

Being Extra: 15 Brazen Signs You’re Extra AF, Loving It & Living It

It happens to the best of us. We get so caught up in our own lives and minds that we forget that we are being extra. It’s whatever though.

pretty girl swag

Pretty Girl Swag: What It Means to Have It & Why It’s a Good Thing

Let’s be confident and strong women, shall we? Let’s make waves and never even think to apologize for it. Let’s embrace our pretty girl swag.

books every woman should read

The 15 Books Every Woman Should Read in Their Lifetime

We’re all attached to our phones, but it’s not going to help us grow and become better people. But books will. These are 15 books every woman should read.

how to take a sexy selfie

How to Take a Sexy Selfie: 12 Details that Make All the Difference

Not all of us have our own personal photographer, so, when it comes to taking sexy photos, it’s all about how to take a sexy selfie the right way.

nice things to say to your best friend

50 Nice Things to Say to Your Best Friend to Brighten Their Day

Who couldn’t use a little pick me up? Knowing what nice things to say to your best friend and brighten their day is what a BFF is for.

itty bitty titties

15 Advantages of Having Itty Bitty Titties and Why Men Love Them

If you’re a woman with itty bitty titties, you might feel discouraged due to your lack of chest. But there are actually tons of reasons to love them!

have sex with a uti

Is it Safe to Have Sex With a UTI? The Guide You Shouldn’t Ignore

A UTI has strong symptoms, but is it stronger than your libido? Before you ignore it, here are legit reasons you won’t want to have sex with a UTI.

is she a lesbian

Is She a Lesbian? 20 Signs Your BFF is a Bit Too Close for Comfort

Lesbians don’t wear a badge, nor do they all dress or act alike. If your BFF is a bit too close, she may have a hidden secret. So, is she a lesbian?

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