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17 Qualities of a Good Husband & Why these Traits In a Man Stand Out

If you’re on the hunt for the ideal guy to spend the rest of your days with, what are the qualities of a good husband? These traits top the list!

Girl Crush: What It Means to Have One & The Deeper Meaning It Hides

We’ve all heard the term girl crush, but what is it exactly? And, if you have feelings for another female, does that mean you might be gay? Not always.

How to Stop Being Emotionally Dependent on Your Boyfriend

How to Stop Being Emotionally Dependent on Your Boyfriend and Grow

Is your boyfriend your entire world? Big mistake! Learn how to stop being emotionally dependent on your boyfriend and maintain your identity.

What Makes a Guy Physically Attractive

Girl Talk: What Makes a Guy Physically Attractive and Appealing?

What is it about a guy that makes you a little hot under the collar? If you had to narrow it down, what makes a guy physically attractive to you?

Womanly Wiles

Womanly Wiles: How to Exude Femininity & Use It in Your Favor

The days of the weak woman are long gone! It’s time to embrace your femininity and use your womanly wiles for your greater good.

How to Be Feminine

How to Be Feminine and Reveal the Softer Girly Personality in You

For some, learning how to be feminine comes naturally. And for others, not so much. If you want to reconnect with your feminine side, you’ll need some help.

why do i like him?

Why Do I Like Him? 12 Reasons Why You Really Like the Guy You Like

If you’re wondering, why do I like him, you’re not the only one who’s been there. But what is it about him? Find out why you actually like him.

How to Know if Your Boyfriend Is Cheating on You

How to Know if Your Boyfriend Is Cheating on You: 16 Sneaky Signs

No one wants to be cheated on. While it hurts to find out, sooner is always better. But, first, learn how to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you.

My Boyfriend Likes Other Girls' Pictures on Instagram

My Boyfriend Likes Other Girls’ Pictures on Instagram: What to Do?

Anyone with a boyfriend in the last few years knows what it is like when their boyfriend likes other girls’ pictures on Instagram. What to do?

feeling used by a guy

Feeling Used by a Guy? How to Read the Signs & Do the Right Thing

If you’re feeling used by a guy, it is time to do something about it. We cannot stand around and let ourselves be used. Let’s talk.

dry down there all of a sudden

Dry Down There All of a Sudden? 11 Ways to Go from Parched to Peachy

You may have noticed some change in your vagina, wondering why you’re dry down there all of a sudden. It’s not as uncommon as you think.

how to be a wingwoman

How to Be a Wingwoman: 16 Rules to Help Your BFF Hook Her Crush

Your friend has her eye on a cute guy but is too shy to approach him. Well, that’s where you come in. Step it up and learn how to be a wingwoman.

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