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10 Things a Perfect Woman Does Every Day, Without Fail

Nobody says it’ll be easy. But if you’re striving every day for perfection, then you’ll want to follow these 10 things that perfect women do daily.

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Perfection is such a controversial topic in today’s society. Nobody wants to claim perfection, because those proclamations will be met with scrutiny and disagreement. Now, I’m not claiming to be perfect in every aspect of my life, but overall… I think I am.
Perfection defined
There are actually two different definitions of perfect and I think everybody needs to understand them before we dive into all the different things you can do daily to make yourself become one of them.
a. Having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.
b. Absolute; complete (used for emphasis).
Now, most people refer to the first definition when talking about another human being. They think that being “perfect” means you are “as good as it gets.” This meaning suggests you cannot possibly improve anymore—whatsoever. [Read: How to be perfect in everything you do]
I, on the other hand, prefer to use the second definition when referring to myself as being perfect. This means that I consider myself to be absolute and complete. I truly believe that I am perfectly happy. I am perfectly enjoying my life. I am the perfect version of myself. Because who can be a better me than me, right?
10 things the perfect woman does every day
People who consider themselves perfect do a number of the same things every day. They might not realize that their actions are all common factors that make up a perfect woman, but they are. And here they are, for you to begin doing on a regular basis so you, too, can transform into the perfect you.
#1 Wake up semi-early. The earlier the better. If you know you have a lot to do the next day, set your alarm for earlier than you think you need to. Not only do perfect women do this in order to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for their endeavors that day, but they do it in order to get ahead on certain things. [Try: How to motivate yourself to do pretty much anything]
You can get chores done, get an early workout in, make a healthy meal, and even give yourself the relief of being rushed to work or wherever it is you need to be. This is crucial for becoming a perfect and well-rounded woman.
#2 Have a healthy breakfast. Since they wake up so early, perfect women always have time for the most important meal of the day: breakfast. Not only do they make sure to eat breakfast, they make sure it’s a very healthy and hearty meal, as well.
Your breakfast is your fuel for the day. Making sure you fuel your body with nutritional substances before tackling yet another day will help ease any hardships that may arise, and will keep your mind sharp. [Check out: Can’t shed pounds? Here are 8 reasons why]
#3 Say positive things in the mirror every morning. This one is probably the toughest to master, just because many women are incredibly critical of themselves. But if you really want to be a perfect woman, look in the mirror and say at least 3 positive things about yourself.
Whether it’s about your appearance or your characteristics, anything positive will help you start the day with a fresh, happy, and clear mindset. It can also help reverse any of your typical negative thoughts that tend to arise when you look at yourself in the morning.

#4 Know your flaws and love them, anyway. Even if you’re a perfect woman, you have your flaws. The point of being “perfect” isn’t that you’re flawless, but that you feel complete and whole in yourself. This means loving yourself for who you are. [Read: 11 tips to fall in love with yourself and become a better you]
A perfect woman knows that she isn’t 100% perfect in every aspect, but she recognizes and loves each and every one of the flaws she has. This is important to becoming a well-rounded human being in general.
#5 Smile at strangers. When is the last time you looked up from the sidewalk you were strutting on, just to say hello to a stranger passing by? Probably not in a while. A perfect woman does this every day, or whenever she has the opportunity.
Why? Because being polite and positive to someone you don’t know isn’t always easy, but it does make you feel like a better person when you’re done. All it takes is one smile in the direction of someone walking by, and you can not only change the dynamic of your day, but also, potentially, theirs. [Try: How to be charming and liked by everyone]
#6 Do something to make a stranger smile. Maybe smiling isn’t enough. It’s a great start, but if you really want to become a perfect woman, actually DO something that will make a stranger smile. Buy their coffee for them if you’re behind them in line. Help them carry their groceries to their car.
Any little thing that could potentially make someone you don’t know smile is enough to start molding you into a perfect woman. Your life will be more fulfilled and positive if you can find a way to do this at least once a day.
#7 Be physically active in some way. It’s not all about the way a woman behaves that makes her perfect. As much as she can do for other people, she also has to work on improving herself. This means getting in some gym time every day. [Read: 25 inspirational tips to get motivated and work out]
I guess a perfect woman wouldn’t necessarily have to go to the gym every day, as long as she is active, in some way, daily. Being physically active will keep you in great health and shape, and holds a level of discipline that everyone needs to have.
#8 Be happy for other people when something great happens. Most people have a tendency to feel jealous when something positive happens to someone else—especially if they’re struggling with something, themselves. But a perfect woman doesn’t do that.
She is happy for other people when they accomplish great things in their lives. Being able to put yourself aside and appreciate the fortunes that are bestowed upon other people is a huge indicator of a perfect woman. [Try: How to stop being jealous of someone else’s success]
#9 Put others ahead of yourself. Selflessness is something that everyone should strive for throughout their lifetime. If you put someone else’s emotions, well-being, and happiness above your own, you can become a perfect woman.
Not only do perfect women think of others first, but they put actually put their happiness above their own and go out of their way to assist those around them.
#10 Always leave room for improvement. Although perfect women are… well… perfect, they know that there’s always room for improvement in every aspect of their life. They can always be more selfless, kinder to strangers, and more positive in their life.
Nobody should ever feel like they’re “done” with themselves. Although perfect women feel complete and whole, they know that even in their completeness, there is always something they can do that will push them further in their perfection.
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Being a perfect woman isn’t all about looking a certain way. It’s more about being happy with yourself and being a truly great individual. These are all of the things that perfect women have in common.

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