Sensual Tease

18 Easy-to-Hard Anal Sex Positions that Make Backdoor Sex Feel So Darn Good!

There’s no need to fear anal sex, if done right it feels absolutely amazing. All you need to do is be in the right position – anal sex positions that is.

Eye Contact During Sex: The Science & 18 Intimate Ways to Feel Less Awkward

Holding eye contact during sex can seem a bit awkward at first, but it is a powerful tool used to build intimacy between partners and create a deeper bond.

sex positions for small penis

29 Best Sex Positions & Tips for Small Penis Owners to Go Deep & Hit the Spot

Are you wondering about the best sex positions for a small penis? Look no further! We’ve got the low-down on how to hit the high notes right here.

how long should sex last and the average time for sex

Average Time for Sex: How Long Should Sex Last Vs. How Long We Really Last

In your fantasies, sex may last for hours. But how long is too long in real life? We have answers, and so we’re looking at the average time for sex.

how to be dominant in bed

26 Sexy Secrets to Be Dominant in Bed, Control Your Partner & Not Hurt Them

If you’re keen to kink things up a little between the sheets, you might be keen to learn how to be dominant in bed. Handily, we have the info!

intense sex

Intense Sex: 17 Pleasurable Secrets & Moves to Make Love with Real Passion

Not saying the sex you’re having now is bad, but, it can always be better. So, it’s time to update yourself on the ways to have intense sex.

how to have anal sex first time prepare

How to Have Anal Sex & 51 Bum Must-Knows to Prepare for Your First Time

Anal sex is not something that everyone wants to try. But if you do, then here is how to prepare for anal sex so you do it the right way for both of you.

orgasm denial - male and female

Orgasm Denial: The Types & Steps for Women and Men to Withhold & Explode

If you want to have the most mind-blowing sex ever, perhaps you should give orgasm denial a try. In the end, all the waiting will be worth it!

sexual anxiety and nervous about having sex

Sexual Anxiety: 25 Secrets to Not Feel Nervous About Having Sex & Enjoy It

Are you nervous about having sex? Sexual anxiety is a real thing that many people struggle with. Thankfully, you can overcome it with a few tips.

condom types

17 Condom Types, their Secrets & Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life with Them

How much do you know about condoms and the different types of condoms? Not a lot? Well, here is everything you need to know about these safe-sex tools!

shaking orgasm

Shaking Orgasm: What It Is & Feels Like and 15 Steps to Experience It Yourself

Sex is great, no one’s denying that. But if you want to learn how to have or give your partner truly unique shaking orgasms, we have all the tips you need!

how to spice things up in the bedroom and your sex life

46 Sizzling Sex Life Secrets to Spice Up Your Bedroom & Leave You Horny 24/7

It’s normal for the passion to dull when you’ve been together a while. But learning how to spice things up in the bedroom will turn up the heat!

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Oils as Lube: 22 Best Oils for Sex, Must-Knows, & Lube Alternatives to Avoid

Have you tried using any oils as lube? Coconut oil, aloe vera, baby oil or something else? Here are the best natural lube alternatives and ones to avoid.


35 Slippery Good Lube Substitutes, How & When To Use Them & Ones to Avoid

Oh no! You are out of lube. What will you do? Don’t worry, you don’t need to make a mad dash to the store. Here are some lube substitutes you can try.


46 Expert-Level Tips & Secrets to Be a Better Lover and Feel Amazing in Bed

Want to become a better lover, and improve your sexual connection and passion with your partner? Use these must-know lovemaking and orgasm-making secrets!


How to Have Anal Sex & 51 Bum Must-Knows to Prepare for Your First Time

Anal sex is not something that everyone wants to try. But if you do, then here is how to prepare for anal sex so you do it the right way for both of you.


Neck Kisses: 22 Erogenous Ways, Dos & Don’ts to Kiss the Neck & Melt Anyone

With the neck being so sensitive and available, you need to know how to give the perfect neck kiss! Don’t skimp out on this tantalizing erogenous zone!


Reverse Cowgirl Sex Position: What It Is & How to Ride in Sexy Style

The reverse cowgirl sex position is one of the hottest ways to have sex AND show yourself off! What is it, and how to do it right? Find out here!


34 Hand Job Tips, Secrets & Positions to Give a Handjob that Drives Him Wild

If you want to see him moaning with pleasure, you need to learn how to give a handjob that blows his mind. Use these hand job tips to drive him crazy!


Dry Humping: 33 Hot Tips & Dry Sex Positions to Orgasm Without Penetration

If you haven’t tried it, dry sex can be a lot of fun! Want to learn more about dry humping and having non-penetrative sex with your clothes on? Read this!


67 Sensual Erotic Massage Techniques & Tips to Arouse and Give an Orgasm

You and your sweetie are looking for a new, different, romantic thing to do together. So, why not try a sensual massage? You will both love it!