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how to not be nervous about sex
Jittery about Getting Jiggy? How to Not Be Nervous about Sex

It’s normal to feel nervous before sex with a newbie, but if you’re experiencing jitters constantly, it’s time to learn how to not be nervous about sex.

sex tricks to impress your girlfriend
13 Hot & Heavy Sex Tricks to Impress Your Girlfriend and Excite Her

Want to surprise your girlfriend the next time you feel hot and heavy? I know what you need. Learn some new sex tricks to impress your girlfriend.

woman on top sex

Woman on Top Sex: How to Effortlessly Master It and Rock his World

For many people, woman on top sex is daunting. If you’ve never done it before or have had a bad experience, it’s time we changed that for you.

sex positions guys love

Sex Positions Guys Love: 12 Easy Moves that’ll Make Him Want More

Experimenting in bed is great for both of you. If you want to heat things up, try these 12 sex positions guys love to impress and leave him wanting more!

how often do people have sex

How Often Do People Have Sex to Maintain a Healthy Relationship

This question’s on every couple’s mind: how often do people have sex? In order to have a healthy and happy relationship, this is how often to have it.

How to Scissor

How to Scissor: A Guide to Become the Perfect Scissor Sister

Scissoring such a mystical act. Is it real? Is it fake? Well, like most sex positions, they’re very real. You just need to know how to scissor.

Missionary Sex

Is Missionary Sex Really Boring? Spice Up This Underrated Move

Missionary sex has a really bad reputation. But is it actually deserved? Here are some ways to spice up this sex move often known for being boring.

sex moves that feel good

14 Sex Moves That Feel Good: So Easy and Yet So Mind-Blowing

Missionary position isn’t bad, everyone loves missionary position. But come on, you can try some other sex moves that feel good and will do the trick.

homemade sex toys

13 Homemade Sex Toys You Have to Try: Solo Play or with a Lover

Sometimes you’re not necessarily close to your collection of sex toys or maybe you don’t have any. Well, get creative and learn about homemade sex toys.

why do women moan sex

Why Do Women Moan During Sex: All the Reasons that’ll Surprise You

Porn clumsily teaches us a moaning girl in bed is a girl well pleased, we’re sorry to bust your ego, but this is not always the case. So, why do women moan?

sex terms

Stop Googling: 16 Pop Culture Sex Terms You Need to Know by Now

Have you ever been sitting at the table with your friends and you must google “what is squirting?” It’s time you got acquainted with important sex terms.

sex positions men love

Sex Positions Men Love: How to Make a Steamy Night for Your Man

If you look to put a little spark back into the bedroom, you need to know what ignites the flame. I’m going to show you the 11 sex positions men love.

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