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Boudoir Photography: What It Is, 47 Tips, Best Poses, Types & How to Make It Hot

If you’re looking for a naughty gift idea, boudoir photography might be your best bet. Here’s how you can surprise your man!

Boudoir Photography

You may have seen boudoir photography advertised here and there. If you’re not familiar with it, that’s okay. Not many people know exactly what this type of photography is or why they should even know about it.

If you’re looking to do something romantic and even sexy for your man, boudoir photography is the perfect gift idea.

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What is boudoir photography?

This is a very specific type of photography that focuses on your sexuality. It’s not quite the same as taking nude pictures, although you could be naked. This type of photography is when someone takes photos of you while you’re dressed in something sexy.

Most often, you have on lingerie or are only covering yourself with blankets or sheets. Boudoir photography is sexy. It’s sultry and intimate. Most often, these types of photos are taken of women and gifted to their husbands-to-be.

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Why you should do a boudoir session

If you’re debating whether you should do a boudoir session. Here are the reasons to make it easier for you to make a decision. This is exactly why you should do a boudoir session.

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1. It makes a great gift for your husband/boyfriend

There’s not much your man likes more than seeing you half-naked and all dolled up, right? Then having a boudoir shoot is the perfect way to surprise him with a meaningful gift.

You don’t have to worry about him not liking the gift, because let’s be honest, any man should be obsessed with his partner. And you don’t have to spend a lot of time, effort, or money on it!

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2. It could be a pre-wedding gift

He already got you a ring, so doing a boudoir photography session would be a suitable pre-wedding gift for the man you love.

You could even do a bridal-themed shoot, too. It’ll remind your fiancé how lucky he is to be spending the rest of his life with you. Not to mention that your wedding night sex will be even more intense after this special gift.

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3. It could be a girl’s day out/bachelorette party

You and your girl friends can even do a boudoir photography session together! You don’t even have to do the shoots together.

Your friends could be there for emotional support and to hype you up! You’ll feel a lot more comfortable in their presence than when you’re alone with strangers.

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4. It’s a great way to celebrate a milestone

Whether it’s your anniversary, birthday, or any other celebration, doing a boudoir photography session is a great surprise for your man.

It’s a way to spice things up, and you don’t have to go to that same restaurant and do the same things you always do every year.

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5. Because you love yourself

Don’t have a man? No problem. You can just do it for yourself.

Even if you have a boyfriend or a husband, there’s no reason you can’t just do a boudoir photography session for the fun of it. It’ll boost your confidence and remind you that you can be sexy and amazing like any lingerie models you’d see on ads and billboards.

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Why your man would appreciate your naughty gift

No matter if you just started dating or have been together for 10 years, giving your man sexy photos of you is a great way to keep the fire going. Here are the reasons why your man would appreciate you doing boudoir photography for him!

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1. It’s sexy

What’s sexier than getting dolled up in something amazing and then having that moment documented forever? There’s just something really erotic about handing over those naughty pictures to your man.

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2. He’ll have them forever

Assuming nothing happens to the album or pictures, he’ll be able to hold onto those forever. When you’re both old and reminiscing on your younger years, he can pull out those photos and fall in love all over again.

People don’t normally have something physical to look back on, and for that reason, he’ll be overjoyed.

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3. You put forth an effort

Probably the best thing about boudoir photography is that it’s a lot of effort on your part. Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera and it takes a lot of guts to do it.

He’ll surely appreciate it simply because of that. Believe it or not, the images don’t even have to turn out all that great for him to be ecstatic that you did something like that for him.

4. It’s not a common gift

It’s pretty rare. That could be because not many women feel comfortable in themselves to do it. It could also be because no one really thinks to do it.

Because of that, it’s a great gift. It’s much more personal and meaningful than just getting something everyone else can get their men.

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5. It shows your confidence

The truth is, confidence is one of the sexiest things about a woman. He’ll be over the moon simply because of how good you must feel in order to go through with such a thing. It’ll make him happy to see YOU so happy.

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6. It’ll give him some “fun time” material

Let’s be real. You want your man to be thinking about you even when he’s getting himself off. While that may not ALWAYS happen, it’s more likely if he has something enticing to look at other than a quick naked selfie you took in a hurry. He’ll be stoked to have something for when he… uh… strokes.

7. It’ll strengthen your bond

This isn’t just a present you picked up at random. This is something intimate and meaningful to him. You really put yourself out there to make this special thing happen.

He’ll truly appreciate that, and through him being so grateful, you will strengthen your bond.

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8. He might want a taste of it in real life

This is an amazing gift to help kick-start a sex rut. If you’ve both been busy and your sex life has been struggling, going to someone who does boudoir photography is a great way to get things back on track.

Once he has those photos in hand, he’ll want some of that for real. Which means he’ll come grab you, rip your clothes off, and even have you right then and there. And if your sex life has been iffy lately, that’s exactly what you need.

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Things to remember for your boudoir photography shoot

Now that you know why you should take some sexy photos and how much they’re appreciated, let’s talk about what you should remember when you finally go take those pictures.

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1. Think about what he likes

Is he even a fan of lingerie? If not, then it might be silly for you to do a shoot in it. That being said, most men will still appreciate a woman decked out in naughty attire. The point here is to think about what he likes and try to get that across in the images.

Does he think you’re ridiculously sexy in one of his button-up shirts? If so, wear one! Play to what he enjoys most about you in person and he’ll go wild.

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2. Do what you’re comfortable with

Don’t do a nude shoot if you’re terrified of being naked in front of a camera. You don’t have to go completely out of what you’re comfortable with in order to make him happy. But at the same time, don’t be too scared to just go for it.

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3. Have a good time

This isn’t solely for him. It can be for you, too! Many women decide to go to a boudoir photography studio in order to gain confidence. It’s really fun to play dress up, or dress down, and take some cute pictures.

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4. Take some silly ones

While you’re having fun, take some goofy pictures. They don’t have to be strictly sexy all the time. Plus, the sexiest thing about a woman can often be her funny personality. So, let loose and take some you know will make your man laugh.

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5. Do it for no reason

Who says it has to be his birthday or the day before your wedding in order for you to gift him with something like this? Do it for no reason at all and it’ll be even more meaningful.

When you go through the trouble of a sexy photo shoot and do it simply because you want to do it for him, he’ll be happier than you can even imagine.

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Essential boudoir poses

Poses play an important role in boudoir photography, but not every one of us is born a model. To avoid feeling awkward and stiff while doing the shoot, here are some essential boudoir poses for you to get started!

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1. Arched back

Bend your knees and arch your back. If you’re on your stomach, lift your bum in the air. This can show off the curves of your body and highlight your lingerie.

2. Leg lifts

Lifting one or both legs can elongate your shape, showing a willing vulnerability. You can also lean your head back for more stretch and exude more womanly confidence.

3. Torso twists

This one adds tension and sensuality. You also need to bend your knees to create the right effect. Twist your hips and arms to stretch out, leaving your skin smooth and line-free.

Different types of boudoir photography

There are many styles of boudoir photography. Learn what they are so you can choose the most suitable type for your session.

1. Dramatic *low-key*

Low-key photography is all about illumination. A low-key image contains predominantly dark tones and colors that convey the atmosphere and mood. While high-key photography feels airy and light, low-key photography is mysterious and dramatic.

So if you want your photos to exude suspense, elegance, mystery, and grandeur, this is the perfect type for you.

2. Luminous *high-key*

This is an exciting type of boudoir photography that includes taking overexposed and unusually bright photos. This type is perfect for portraits and can be taken on white backgrounds or outdoors under bright sunlight.

3. Playful

Boudoir can be sexy, fun, or a little bit of both. No matter what your personality is or how you choose to portray yourself during your session, sexy is whatever you want it to be. So, stay true to yourself and be playful!

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4. Vogue

If you’re into high fashion, Vogue-styled photoshoots, then try becoming a Vogue model for your session. You don’t need to be Kendall Jenner to have a fire photoshoot looking like a million dollars.

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5. Vintage

Try a vintage photoshoot to recreate any era from the 1900s to the 1990s. You can be a Hollywood starlet with full hair and makeup. So channel your inner vixen, get on that time machine, and give the sexiest looks you’ve got!

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6. Pin-up

A pin-up model is a model whose images are seen as part of popular culture. These images are supposed to be displayed casually, well, “pinned up” on a wall.

But pin-up isn’t necessarily 1940s. The modern type of boudoir photography includes modern touches like sequined lingerie and slick backdrops while paying tribute to classic pin-ups with iconic postures and bold makeup.

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7. Maternity shot

Just relax and allow your photographer to guide you into creative maternity poses to capture the beauty of your pregnancy.

Motherhood is a special thing that should be celebrated, so you have to believe that you are beautiful the way you are. All you need to do is show up at the shoot and let the professionals take care of the rest!

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8. Fine-art nude

This is the ultimate boudoir experience. When doing this type of photography, you must put aside all your inhibitions and embrace your womanhood.

This is a step towards accepting and loving your body, celebrating your beauty and growth, and realizing how sexy and drop-dead gorgeous you are.

Choosing a boudoir photographer

Another popular question when approaching boudoir photography is how to choose a photographer. Here are a few things for you to consider.

1. Reputation and experience

Do your research on the photographer. Find out about their team, vision, and goal for boudoir empowerment. That person should be someone who shares your values and you can rely on to aid you on your path of self-love.

Take a look at their website and read the reviews. It’s nice if they have behind-the-scenes or any content to let you learn more about them. If you know someone who’s done a photoshoot like this before, ask them.

2. Gender

Boudoir photography is an intimate experience, so you need to consider if your photographer’s gender will affect your experience.

Would you feel more comfortable with a female photographer? Maybe it doesn’t matter to you, but everyone is unique and has gone through different experiences.

3. Photography style

Take a look at the photographer’s portfolio and social media to see how they edit their photos, what kind of makeup or outfits their clients wear, or what poses their clients usually make.

You should get a feel of what style of boudoir photography that photographer follows. It’s very important that you choose a photographer whose aesthetic and personality align with yours.

4. Price

Just like any other products or services, there’s a range of price points for boudoir photographers. This is the most important factor you must consider before choosing. You need to know what your budget is and how much you’re willing to invest in this one session.

Boudoir photography is a challenging art, and many talented artists put so much time and effort into their craft, which is reflected in their pricing. So, don’t be too happy if the price is too cheap. It can mean that the photographer is new or doesn’t provide an exceptional experience.

Where to do boudoir sessions

Boudoir photos can be taken at any location as long as you feel safe and comfortable. Here are some location ideas that you can use for your next boudoir session! [Read: How to take a sexy picture – a photographer’s guide to do it right]

1. Studio

This is the traditional way to do boudoir photography. In the studio, you’ll have access to different backdrops, lighting, and props for various posing opportunities.

2. Hotel room

Why not try renting a hotel room for your boudoir session? These places don’t have the clutter of a private home and also provide upscale furnishings that can be used in your shoot. Make sure to follow the rules of the establishment while you’re there!

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3. Your bedroom

This is another great place for you to do boudoir sessions because you’ll feel more comfortable in your own space.

The bed is one of the best props for your shoot as it allows you to do so many poses. You can also try taking your boudoir photos in the bathroom in front of the mirror or in a frosted or steamy shower stall.

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4. The beach

The beach has water and sand, adding texture to your photos. The next time you’re on vacation, try having a boudoir session with your friends or partner!

Outfits, props, accessories

Boudoir session coming up next and you have no idea what to wear? Well, here are some helpful ideas for you depending on your photography type.

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1. Lingerie

Lingerie is the classic choice to wear in your boudoir sessions, whether it’s a simple bra and underwear set or a bralette with string panties. The more variety in your lingerie, the more photo options you’ll have!

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2. Underwear

The underwear you bring to your photoshoot must make you feel comfortable and sexy. Many may think that a thong is a sexy option, but a lot of times, it may make you feel uncomfortable. So try a fuller lace option and leave something for the imagination!

When choosing your bra, make sure that it fits you well. Avoid push-up bras because they can distort your figure while you’re posing.

3. Jeans and tank top

If you’re not a big fan of lingerie, your everyday jeans and tank top can still look cute for a boudoir session when styled and posed tastefully.

They can also help conceal parts of your body that you’re insecure about. Let’s be honest, no one is one hundred percent happy with their body. Even supermodels have their insecurities.

4. Men’s attire

If this is a shoot for your man, why not wear something from his closet? Your boudoir photos will be much more meaningful to him.

Besides, a woman in men’s attire looks so seductive, bold, and maverick. Pairing it with accessories like a hat or heels can create a very classy look. Your man will melt when he sees the results! [Read: 30 racy ways to seduce your boyfriend & make love feel like lust 24/7]

5. Jewelry

Not everyone has diamond earrings to show off in their boudoir shoot! That’s okay. In fact, you don’t even need fancy and expensive jewelry to be sexy and beautiful.

You can try buying from Amazon, thrift stores, etc. Don’t spend a fortune on something you’re only wearing for the boudoir session. It’s the sparkle in your eyes that matters!

6. Masks

A mask can make you feel more anonymous and, therefore, more relaxed. Additionally, it may bring a sense of fun and intrigue for the shot. If you’re self-conscious, a mask may even make you feel confident and powerful. [Read: 25 BDSM songs – the best music with a sexy dungeon theme]

7. Toys

You’ll be in a “judgment-free” zone, so feel free to bring one of your toys to the session and ask for advice on how to pose with it.

Vibrators are the most commonly used prop during these shoots. It can be in a playful manner or purely erotic. You can choose to just hold it or take a step further and have shots containing masturbation and insertion. It’s all up to you!

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8. Stockings

Any type of clothing can be made sexier with the help of suspenders and stockings. The timeless look for boudoir photography has always been the traditional lingerie set with stockings, a garter belt, and high heels.

Although a pair of stockings isn’t very practical for everyday life, playing dress up is the most fun part of boudoir photography.

9. Garters

Some underwear will come with built-in garters to clip on. Make sure you get the proper stockings designed for garters, otherwise the hold-ups will pinch in too tight and create a false muffin top in the thigh area.

10. Bedsheets/curtains

Sheets are one of those crucial boudoir accessories that help being nude less intimidating. Stick with white bedsheets if you’re trying for a sophisticated appearance. This look is made famous by Marilyn Monroe!

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If you truly want to surprise your man with something fun, flirty, and sexy, going to someone who does boudoir photography is a great option. He’ll be drooling when he sees the final results!

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