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Period Sex: 73 Sexy Tips to Try It, Myths & Reasons Why You May Love It!

Period sex might be taboo, but there’s actually nothing wrong with it. In many ways, it has great benefits! Read on to find out more! 

period sex

Having sex on your period is a personal choice, but one that definitely comes with a few strong opinions. Some people can’t stand the idea of period sex, while others aren’t too bothered about it.

The truth is that unless you find the whole idea of having sex during your period a huge turn-off or a taboo subject based on religious or social grounds, nothing is stopping you from trying it.

This basic guide to period sex could open a whole new window of opportunity during those days of the month. [Read: Top 50 kinky ideas in bed]

Do guys like having sex during your period?

Some guys actually like it better than normal sex, call it a fetish or call it just one of many things that fascinate guys about girls.

For all others, it’s a unique experience worth trying at least once. Hardly any guys are ever put off by it. In almost all cases, it’s usually the girl who has a problem with it.

Of course, some guys won’t like the idea and others won’t care. It’s a personal choice that you have to approach guy by guy. But don’t automatically assume that every guy is going to get the ‘ick’ just because you’re on your period. [Read: Top sexual fantasies for men]

Myths about period sex

Having sex on your period is shrouded in a million and one myths. Most of them *if not all* have zero truth to them.

So, to help you understand the truth about period sex, let’s break down those barriers and kick out the myths for good.

1. Period sex is unclean or dirty

No, it’s not. As long as you wash before and after, what’s unclean about it?

2. Having sex on your period will make menstruation last longer

We don’t know where this myth came from but, erm… No. [Read: A girl’s ultimate survival guide to period woes]

3. Period sex increases the risk of sexually transmitted infections

You can get an STI while you’re on your period, and if you have one already, you can pass it on to your partner. But the same can be said for sex outside of your period. Basically, safe sex cuts out the risk.

4. Menstrual blood is harmful or toxic

It’s blood. It’s not toxic or harmful, but obviously, it’s a body fluid and that’s one of the ways STIs can be transmitted. Again, safe sex!

5. Period sex is uncomfortable or painful for both partners

Firstly, it shouldn’t be painful. If it is, stop, because it means something is wrong. As for uncomfortable? It’s only uncomfortable if you have a problem with it and in that case, it’s probably something you won’t enjoy.

For two partners who want to have period sex, it is very comfortable. The extra friction down there makes it all the better! [Read: Problems down there that you shouldn’t ignore]

6. Period sex is only for those who are kinky or into fetishes

Some people see it this way, but it is simply just sex. There are no actual kinks tied to period sex, so there doesn’t have to be anything kinky about it unless you and your partner bring kinks to the bedroom.

7. It’s not hygienic to engage in oral sex during menstruation

As long as you’ve washed thoroughly and you’re not on your heaviest days, there’s nothing wrong with oral sex during menstruation. Of course, using a dental dam cuts down on any hygiene concerns.

8. Period sex is only for heterosexual couples

No! [Read: Answers to dumb questions people ask lesbians]

9. Period blood is repulsive or unappealing to partners

For some, but not all. It’s a personal thing that some people really don’t like or don’t mind. That’s why communication is so important.

10. You can’t get aroused or have an orgasm during your period

Oh yes, you can! Some women find that they’re more aroused during their period because of all the hormones floating around. This makes it incredibly common to reach orgasm more than once while a woman is on her period!

And others find they’re not aroused during their period. Again it’s personal, but you can totally get aroused and have an orgasm at this time. [Read: Feminine energy – how to embrace it, release it, and increase it]

11. It’s impossible to conceive during your period

You can get pregnant at any time during your menstrual cycle, period included. Yes, there are times when it’s less likely, but that chance is never zero.

12. Period sex can disrupt the natural flow of the menstrual cycle

No, it cannot.

13. Period sex increases the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease

PID is often caused by STIs/STDs, and using a condom reduces the risk of contracting any of these nasty infections, so that’s simply the advice you need to use here. [Read: STDs 101 – the most common types and their symptoms]

14. Period blood smells bad, making sex unpleasant

It really shouldn’t smell bad. Having a wash before sex will help to cut out any concerns.

15. Having sex during your period will make your partner lose interest in you

It certainly shouldn’t! And if it does, you really need to question your choice of partner.

16. Engaging is period sex is disrespectful or offensive

Some people have these views, but it’s an opinion, not fact. Again, talk to your partner about how they feel about period sex beforehand. [Read: 30 things to do to comfort a girl on her period and things to never say]

17. You should avoid physical exercise during your period

No. In fact, light physical exercise can help to reduce cramps. As long as you’re not swinging from the chandeliers and having super-energetic sex, you should be fine.

18. You should abstain from sexual activity entirely during menstruation

We don’t know who came up with this idea, but, no, you do not have to abstain from sexual activity just because you’re on your period. [Read: How to delay your period – 16 effective ways to put off the flow]

The great reasons to have sex on your period

Now that we’ve tossed the myths about period sex aside, let’s get into the good stuff. Here are some of the many ways having sex on your period can be beneficial.

1. Your period will end sooner than normal

During your period, involuntary muscle spasms along your uterine walls cause your blood to flow out over a few days.

When you orgasm during sex, your orgasms create stronger muscle spasms that push your blood out faster within a day or two.

If you’ve noticed this already, you should understand that your blood hasn’t vanished or gone back inside your body, it’s just come out quicker than normal. [Read: Baby-free reasons why you missed your period]

2. Reduced cramping

Period cramps put a girl’s body under a lot of stress, leading to more pain and mood swings.

When you have sex during your period, a good orgasm releases a lot of feel-good hormones into your body which reduce the pain and make you feel better instantly.

3. Some girls feel hornier during their periods

Are you one of them? Have you ever felt really horny on the first day of your period or just before your period starts? It’s because of all the hormonal changes that your body experiences during the release.

For some girls, it just makes them more hornier and sex can feel so much better. [Read: 30 ways to spice up your sex life]

4. Increased lubrication

That little extra slip-and-slide makes sex feel so much better, and a lot more comfortable too.

5. Increased mood and relaxation

Sex in general releases feel-good hormones that make you feel happy, upbeat, and more relaxed. When you’re on your period, you might be feeling agitated and you may have mood swings.

So, it makes sense that having sex at this time and making use of those happy hormones could sort things out. [Read: Dry down there all of a sudden?]

6. Increased sexual sensitivity

Being on your period makes your breasts and genitals more sensitive in general.

Some women find them too sensitive and in that case, perhaps period sex might be a bit too intense for you. However, for many, it helps to make sex more enjoyable because of the heightened response to touch.

7. Enhanced intimacy and connection

Having sex on your period helps you to connect to your partner a little more than at other times. You’re sharing an intimate act that will pull you together and help to develop a stronger connection. [Read: Stages of physical intimacy as you go from strangers to lovers]

8. Exploration of new sensations and sexual experiences

Basically, you’re trying something new and it’s going to feel a little different having sex on your period compared to outside of it. Exploring new sensations can open up your sexual experiences!

9. Increased body acceptance and body image

Having sex on your period helps you to accept your body for the wonderful thing that it is. You’ll realize that you aren’t limited by specific times of your menstrual cycle and it will help you to embrace your body in ways that you might otherwise not be able to do. [Read: How to feel more confident in your body and fall in love with you]

10. Enhanced sexual confidence and sense of empowerment

You’ll feel like you’re the one in control of your pleasure and that’s a very powerful feeling indeed. All of this will help you to build sexual confidence, and of course, it helps to build a positive body image too.

11. Stress release

Having an orgasm helps to release pent-up stress, and this can help a lot if you’re feeling particularly wound up during your period.

We’ve mentioned that mood things are a real thing at this time, and releasing stress can tap into those feel-good hormones released by the brain during sex. [Read: Really quick stress busters to recharge your mind]

12. Better sleep

Sex is relaxing because of the hormones that are released. So if you’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep, having sex before bedtime could be a great way to nod off!

It might also be that you find it harder to sleep during certain times of your period, and in that case, sex can give you a helping hand.

13. Improved hormonal balance

Sex can affect hormone levels to some degree, which over time, could potentially lead to a more balanced menstrual cycle.

However, do remember that all women’s bodies are wildly different at times, and this is a possibility and not the rule. [Read: Chemistry of love – how hormones make you feel love the way you do]

14. Boosted immune system

Period sex can help to boost your immune system and make it harder for you to get sick from every bug that’s flying around.

Of course, the same can be said for sex outside of your period too, so it’s just a good excuse to get it on!

15. Normalizing menstruation

Look, menstruation, periods, whatever you want to call it, it’s all normal. It’s not something we should be ashamed of or talk about in hushed tones. It’s a natural part of the female body.

So, having sex on your period helps to normalize your idea of menstruation. And perhaps the more women who do this, the more normalized it will become in society! [Read: Common birth control methods, 25 pros, cons, and ways to pick the best ones]

The reasons you might not want period sex

If your partner is willing to go down yonder and have fabulous period sex, we say all the power to you both. That being said, not everyone will want to or want to try it again after doing it once.

Because we want to give you a balanced view, let’s now talk about why having sex on your period might not be the best idea.

1. How do you bring the conversation up?

If you’ve just started seeing someone, how exactly are you supposed to bring up having sex on your period? We totally agree with the statement that if you can’t bring up X, then you shouldn’t be having sex in the first place.

But seriously, even if your partner is totally down to have period sex, this conversation doesn’t exactly come up naturally in conversation. [Read: Tips to get your partner to open up about sex]

2. Get ready for boring positions

While you’re bleeding from your genitals, the Passion Pretzel position is definitely getting crossed off your list.

Having sex while on your period can make you feel inhibited from really letting loose and having crazy sex because you can only really do a handful of positions: missionary or in the shower.

Sure, you can put a towel down and have him pound away doggy style, but once gravity does its thing, your sheets are going to look more like a crime scene. [Read: Ways to make missionary sex magical]

3. Cramping woes

While some theories say that the dopamine released after orgasm is a fantastic pain reliever, those who have actually *had* period sex may have the opposite opinion.

According to some experts, menstrual blood flow may seem heavier and cramps more intense after having sex while on your period. Why? When you orgasm, the walls of your uterus contract and shed old tissue linings and blood quicker than normal.

Furthermore, during that time of the month, your vaginal walls become swollen and have an increased risk of becoming painfully irritated during intercourse. A penis stabbing into your cervix doesn’t help with those cramps, either. [Read: A girl’s ultimate survival guide to period woes]

4. You might not feel very sexy

You’re already suffering from a bloated stomach and mind-numbing cramps in your lower back, legs, and your ovaries… now you have to try and seduce your partner? Too much pressure to perform well when you don’t feel well can be difficult. [Read: How to feel sexy and desirable all the time]

5. It’s just messy

Even if you lay down some sheets before your period romp, that doesn’t guarantee you’re going to have a mess-free bed.

You and your partner are both likely to get blood on your hands, your thighs, your genitals, and other nooks and crannies better-left blood-free.

If you do go down the period sex route, we highly, highly, highly suggest using a condom for easier cleanup. That being said, depending on how heavy your flow is, you both still may need a shower afterward.

6. You might be too sensitive

We’ve already mentioned that your breasts and genitals are likely to be more sensitive during your period, and that can be both a pro and a con.

While increased sensitivity might help you reach orgasm, it might feel too sensitive, and as such, you won’t enjoy it at all. [Read: Why am I so sensitive?]

7. Heavy days are out

During your heaviest days of your period, you’re probably not going to want to have sex and your partner is likely to be quite put off by it.

If you’re going to have sex on your period, it’s best to do it when the heaviest days have passed and you’re in those ‘coming to the end’ days.

8. Personal hygiene concerns & fear of infection

If you’re totally hung up on the hygiene issues related to period sex and infection fears, you’re going to be so distracted that you won’t be able to enjoy having sex at all.

You’ll be so paranoid about the mess and associated problems, you’ll wish the whole thing would end quickly.

9. Lack of desire

Some women don’t feel like having sex during that time of the month, and if that’s the case, you shouldn’t attempt it. It varies from woman to woman.

Some feel super-horny at this time, while others just want to curl up and watch TV. This is all down to hormones! [Read: Dishes to get your sex drive to skyrocket]

10. Lack of partner comfort

If your partner appears even the slightest bit uncomfortable, you’re going to feel uncomfortable and it’s going to make the whole thing unenjoyable overall.

Talking about period sex is important, but remember that talking about it and doing it are two completely different things.

11. Lack of spontaneity

Period sex isn’t really something you can just decide to do on the spur of the moment. Especially if you’re still a little heavy in flow, you’re going to need to go to the bathroom and clean up or even get a shower.

That kind of knocks the whole spontaneous sex thing out of the window. [Read: 42 happy and naughty ways to keep a relationship exciting, fun & fresh]

12. Inconvenience and interruptions

You might need to stop mid-way to check how things are down there. That’s not sexy, right? It’s not ideal for interrupting the whole thing either.

Also, your mind is going to be on what might be happening and that’s not going to allow you to relax into the so-called enjoyable time you’re supposed to be having.

13. Concerns about messiness during oral sex

Penetrative sex is one thing, but oral sex is another. Your partner might not like the idea of going down on you during your period, or you might not like the idea.

Either way, it might be a little messy and that’s not going to make you feel great as you’re trying to relax and reach orgasm. [Read: Bored in a relationship – 78 signs, reasons, and ways to make it fun ASAP]

14. Medical concerns or complications

While there are no specific reasons why you shouldn’t have period sex, everyone is different.

If you have a particular medical issue or a complication of some sort, you might want to abstain from period sex for your own comfort and peace of mind.

15. Fear of judgment or social stigma

You might not even want to bring the idea of period sex up to your partner because you’re worried they might judge you. Also, there is the whole social stigma, and while you shouldn’t even think about it, it may still be on your mind. [Read: 20 types of lovers and relationships you’ll come across in the dating world]

Tips for having sex on your period

Now you’ve seen the pros and cons, how do you feel? If you want to give it a try or you’re still on the fence, here are some tips to help you enjoy period sex just as much as any other time of the month.

1. Use a cloth

This is a basic move that all of us should know. Place a soft cloth under your butt to avoid staining the bed. We recommend using a black or dark-colored towel to help ease your insecurities about the blood.

2. Keep tissues close by, especially if he comes inside you

You already have a fluid waiting to come out, add his load to it and you have a considerable amount of fluids as soon as you move or lift your back up.

Cover your wet spot with a tissue and sit up after sex. You won’t notice a difference in the way you feel. [Read: Sexiest types of sex you can ever have!]

3. Missionary is a safe position

If you’re on your period, don’t get on top. A few lessons on gravity should explain that. Instead, lie on your back and just enjoy the ride while your man does all the work.

4. Wear a condom if you’re not in a monogamous relationship

Sexually transmitted diseases travel in blood just like sexual fluid. So unless you know your sexual partner like the back of your hand, it’s still not safe to take that protection away. [Read: Monogamous relationship – what it is, 51 signs, and ways to be happy in monogamy]

5. Wrap a blanket

If you or your boyfriend are bothered by any odor during the act, wrap your blanket around yourselves up to the neck while doing the missionary, and viola, no nose pinching is required. However, this really shouldn’t be a major issue anyway.

6. Try shower sex

Shower sex was probably invented to have sex during a period.

If you’re having sex under flowing water, there’s a good chance both of you won’t even realize you’re on your period. [Read: Shower sex – 18 sexy bathroom secrets to get wet, make love & not slip]

7. Avoid fingering

You’re wet already, so your man doesn’t really need to use his fingers or spend too much time with his hands around your pelvis to make you wet. Plus, he might not like the way his fingers look afterward. [Read: Top female sexual fantasies]

8. Try period sex during lighter days

If you experience heavy flow, avoid having sex during the first couple of days. It’s easier to have sex after your heaviest days. At times, both of you may not even notice the difference.

9. Sperm stays alive for up to 72 hours

Well, just in case you’re wondering about this little detail, if your man ejaculates into you, his little minions will be taking a swim down there for close to three days. Safe sex all the way, people! [Read: 23 tips to get pregnant faster and myths and secrets to increase your chances]

10. The panty puller move

If you’re wearing sanitary pads, pull the panties and the pad to one side and give him some space to penetrate you from one side of your panties.

He may like how tight it feels, and it’ll reduce any outflow or squirts when he takes his member out.

11. Communicate

If you’re not the biggest fan of talking about sex, there’s some bad news coming your way: you really need to talk about period sex.

Find out how your partner feels about it and set some boundaries so you’re both comfortable. You should also talk during the act, so you’re both still within your comfort zones. [Read: Communication techniques to finally get them to open up to you]

12. Shower or freshen up beforehand

A quick shower or a wash down there will help you feel more comfortable and at ease during period sex. It will help you feel better, you know there’ll be no odor, and you’ll be able to wipe away any built-up blood that needs to come out.

13. Choose the right menstruation product

Choose a product that is comfortable for you and which helps you to feel more secure during your period. That means when you come to have period sex, you’ll forgo a lot of the pre-sex concerns.

14. Slow down and focus on clitoral stimulation

You’ll still need to get warmed up and that means foreplay. Rather than fingering or anything else that goes near the vaginal entrance, focus on dry sex or clitoral stimulation instead.

It’ll get you all warmed up and cut out any messes. [Read: 32 fun ideas to build and grow intimacy in a relationship and feel more loved]

15. Take breaks if necessary

If you have any cramping or if either of you just feels the need to stop for a second, it’s fine to have a break. It might interrupt things but that doesn’t matter as long as you’re both feeling comfortable with how things are going.

16. Have fun with role-play

To take away some of the less enjoyable ideas about period sex, you might like to try role-play. It’s a great form of escapism and will allow you to both relax and stop thinking about the fact that you’re on your period. [Read: Bringing romance and passion back into a relationship]

17. Utilize a menstrual sponge

These are useful for soaking up blood and helping you to feel cleaner and more secure during your period. So, when it comes to having sex on your period, you’ll have less of a panic about needing to go and clean up quickly.

18. Wear dark-colored lingerie

This is a pretty obvious one but it’s really effective. If you wear dark-colored lingerie, you won’t have to worry about him seeing any leakages that might have happened, particularly on your heavier days.

19. Use a vibrator

If you’re not feeling super-sexy but you still want to have sex, you could play around with a vibrator a little beforehand, to get you all revved up for the final act.

Also, if your boyfriend isn’t into the idea of period sex but you are, you can use a vibrator instead and still get your kicks! [Read: How to choose a vibrator – a girl’s guide to picking the one you need]

20. Have a designated clean-up routine

If you have a set routine for cleaning up before and after sex on your period, you’ll feel more secure.

Routine generally makes us feel more comfortable no matter what they’re related to, so it makes sense that a routine such as this will help you settle into the groove a little more.

21. Use a shower massager for pain relief

If you’re having shower sex and you do have any cramps, you can make use of the shower massager on a warm setting to help relieve those cramps. Remember, sex is also known to help with cramps generally.

22. Embrace the intimacy and connection

In the end, there’s no point in having period sex if you’re not enjoying it. So, rather than worrying about the details, embrace the intimacy and connection you’re developing together. [Read: Emotional connection – 38 signs, secrets, and ways to build a strong bond]

Feeling horny but sex is off the table?

If you’re still in the mood for serious passions while you’re on your period, but want to get off without the aforementioned side effects, we’ve got you covered with these easy-breezy options.

It could be that your partner isn’t up for it, and in that case, nothing is stopping you from enjoying yourself solo.

1. Use a vibrator

We’ve briefly mentioned this already, but using a bullet vibrator *or at least a vibrator that you don’t insert* is a great way to get off without the mess! Some vibrators are so strong they’ll rock your socks off, even over the top of a pad!

2. Masturbate

Why not just take matters into your own hands and play with your clit during this time of the month? You can easily involve a partner or go the solo route with this pleasurable option. [Read: Female masturbation tips for guaranteed orgasmic bliss]

3. Enjoy a sexy solo shower

People always say to take period sex to the shower for easy cleanup. We’re taking this one literally and suggesting that you use your shower head *turned on to the jet setting* for some orgasmic vibrations under the warm water.

The best part is that as soon as you’re done, just spray off!

Forget what society thinks — what do you think?

Society has somehow primed us to believe that periods shouldn’t be talked about and that they’re messy. But periods are nothing to be ashamed of, they’re a totally natural part of being a woman!

So, if you want to try period sex, talk to your partner. If they’re up for it, why not give it a go? It’s just as much fun as sex outside of your period, and you might actually enjoy it even more!

[Read: Myths about uncircumcised sex]

Don’t have sex on your period if you feel uncomfortable or awkward about it. But these tips about period sex should make you wonder if it’s at least worth a try, don’t you think?

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