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Very Real Short People Problems: How Many Have You Experienced?

Short People Problems

Let’s not call it short, let’s call it ‘vertically challenged’! Sick of feeling like you’re the only one, check out these real short people problems.

Aww, you look so cute! Are you sick of hearing that? If you are, the chances are you’re dealing with a vertically challenged height. You’re sick of people commenting on your shortness. It’s just one of the short people problems to endure.

I say embrace it! Being short has a whole host of benefits. You can hide far easier than someone who is tall, for one! Of course, I’m also very aware that short people problems exist, just as tall people problems do too. Put simply, we’re never happy. However, in some situations, being a little on the short side can certainly make life a little more difficult than if you were of average height.

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12 short people problems: How many have you experienced?

I have a friend who is five feet in height. Personally, I think she rocks the look because it totally suits her, but she hates it. I mean she literally hates it. She is constantly telling me about her short people problems and bemoaning the fact that she can’t find a pair of jeans to buy and wear without having to take them to being adjusted first.

Because many of you can probably feel her pain, remember, you’re not alone. Let’s check out the most common short people problems, so you can laugh, roll your eyes, and simply feel like you’re not the only person in the world to have ended up with your legs dangling from a not-so-high stool.

#1 Swimming pools are not built for short people. You either need to find a swimming pool with a shallow end *not always possible* or stick to the kids pool. Either way, a regular swimming pool is going to cause you problems, and if you can’t swim, the whole thing becomes even more complicated.

If you’re five feet or under, the water is likely to be up to your neck, and that doesn’t make a day around the pool particular relaxing when you’re treading water like your life depends on it every time you fancy a cool off! [Read: The 20 signs you’ve mastered the dry sense of humor and can laugh at life]

#2 Why is what you want always on the top shelf? This is one of the short people problems my friend is always complaining about. She is convinced that fate puts everything worth having on the top shelf in a supermarket. Even at home, her partner somehow forgets that she can’t reach the pasta and puts it on the top shelf. She is then left trying to find a chair to do a little kitchen climbing. Not exactly the safest!

#3 Group pictures are like Where’s Waldo? If you’ve ever found yourself excited to be included in a group photo with your friends, only to spend several minutes trying to find yourself in the melee, you’ve experienced one of the most common short people problems!

I’m sorry, there’s really no way around this, other than wearing something distinctive to make yourself stand out! The next time a group photo situation pops up, elbow your way to the front and take pride of place. [Read: How to be funny and make people love your company]

#4 You have to carry your ID at all times. Sure, we’re supposed to keep our ID on us at all times, but being ID’d when you’re trying to get into a club or into the cinema to see a horror film isn’t fun when you’re 25. However, wait until you’re 45 and you’re being ID’d, you’ll love it then, and you’ll have one over on all your friends!

#5 The ice cream you want is right at the bottom of the standing freezer. Surely you’ve experienced this problem before. You’re desperate for that strawberry cone, your mouth is watering with anticipation, but it’s right at the bottom of the chest freezer and you know if you attempt to get it, you’ll have your legs in the air and icicles on your face. I’m sure some supermarkets do this on purpose to make fun of short people problems!

#6 Wearing heels just makes you average height. The point of wearing heels is that they make you taller and help you walk with confidence. They’re sexy and look great with different outfits. However, one of the biggest short people problems is that heels just make you average height. Of course, when your average height friends wear heels on the same night out, the group photos revert back to the ‘Where’s Waldo’ issue. [Read: 13 inspiring ways to bring out the best in yourself]

#7 Trying to find clothes off the rack is impossible. Unless you manage to find the perfect petite range, finding jeans, pants, skirts, dresses, and anything else is virtually impossible without a trip to the tailor. Let’s be honest, petite ranges aren’t always designed for every body shape. It is possible to be curvy and short, yet these ranges don’t seem to agree.

#8 You want to go on the rollercoaster, but you’re not tall enough. Okay, I get it, rollercoasters have height limits because they want you to be safe. When you’re certainly older than the children who can get on, yet you’re not tall enough to clear the barrier at the entrance to the ride, it’s more than a little mortifying.

#9 Pat me on the head one more time… How many times has someone patted you on the head and said ‘aww, you’re so cute?’ How many times have you smiled with your teeth gritted together, desperately wanting to punch the grin from their face? I’m guessing quite a few. This is one of the biggest short people problems, and one of the most insulting. The next time it happens, I suggest you kick them in the shin in retaliation. Go on, I give you permission! [Read: Do guys like short girls? How to know a guy’s type]

#10 You find yourself climbing a lot, and you don’t like heights. How many times have you had to grab a chair, a stool, or a ladder to reach what you want? That’s an even bigger problem if you simply don’t like heights. And don’t get me started on those ladders with wheels on the bottom you see in libraries. Accident waiting to happen!

#11 Bathroom mirrors are never the right height. Trying to check yourself out in the bathroom mirror in a bar or restaurant is rarely a pleasant experience. The mirror is usually positioned higher up, so you find your chin cut off and you can’t get the full image of how you look. When you’re on a date and you head into the bathroom to freshen up and check you’re looking hot, standing on tip toes to fulfill the task isn’t fun. [Read: How to not give a fuck: Your guide to not worrying less and enjoying more]

 #12 Your feet swing when you sit on a stool. Finally, one of the most complained about short people problems is sitting on a stool and having your legs swinging around like a child in kindergarten. In fairness, this happens to me, and I’m not that short. It’s time people designed these stools with shortness in mind. Nobody wants to climb to be able to sit at a bar!

How many of these short people problems can you nod your head to? These might sound lighthearted, but in all fairness, being short can be an issue for many people. If you don’t want to live in heels or stacked shoes, the only thing you can do is embrace it and learn to laugh at the challenges that come your way.

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Remember, good things come in small packages. A cliche as it may seem, these short people problems affect countless people around the world.

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