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High Expectations: Why Aiming High Always Leads to Great Results

Having high expectations might be more fearful but they allow you to reach higher, live louder, and dream grander. These are ten reasons to aim high.

High Expectations

Most of us try to tame our expectations so that we aren’t disappointed when we can’t have or get what we want. The problem with setting your expectations low is that people and things typically rise to their potential. Sure, high expectations can sometimes set you up for failure. But, they can also make you reach higher, try harder, and imagine the unimaginable… and obtain it.

10 reasons to have high expectations

High expectations aren’t something to fear. Disappointment is a part of life, and if you want to be honest with yourself, no matter what you were expecting, if you don’t get what you want, you are going to be let down.

It is better to aim high and at least believe in good things than to tailor what you think you are capable of. If you do, then you are bound to limit your dreams, your emotions, and your life.

Here are some reasons to have high expectations.

#1 The law of attraction. The law of attraction is the notion that like attracts like. If you think negatively, then you attract negative things in your life. If you are positive and seek out happiness, then you attract happiness and good things.

If you think you can do something and set high goals for yourself, then you are likely to attain them. If you set your goals low, then you are probably not going to excel much higher. [Read: Positive vibes – 17 ways to attract positive energy into your life]

#2 Low expectations are guided by fear. Often, the reason that we don’t set high expectations on things is out of fear of being disappointed, hurt, or even losing respect.

The problem is that if you live your life guided by fear, you are going to miss out on a whole lot. What is the worst thing that can happen if you have high expectations? You can be hurt.

The fact is that whether you set high or low expectations, deep down inside, you are always wishing for the best. So, you are going to be all those things no matter where your expectations ride. If you always set your expectations high, you might reach them, and it won’t hurt any more than if you set them low, because deep inside, you were only fooling yourself.

#3 If at first, you don’t succeed try, try, again. High expectations are excellent because they can help you to persevere. If you always set the standard high, then you give yourself the allowance to try, try again.

If you don’t achieve your goals at first, that just gives you more encouragement and determination to try again until you get where you want to be.

If you set your expectations low, you might achieve your goals with more ease, but that doesn’t mean that you are getting the most out of the situation or that you are going to feel as accomplished as if you had set them higher. [Read: How to focus on trying and take the next step towards success]

#4 When you do reach the pinnacle, it really is the pinnacle. If you don’t have high expectations, then you aren’t ever sure if things could have been better, if you could’ve achieved more, or if you really did your best, like the best you were capable of.

When you do have high expectations, you think you are capable, and chances are good you will reach the pinnacle. Even if it takes you your entire life to reach it, you eventually will and check it off your list.

#5 Life is to be lived large… YOLO! You literally only live once. When you do leave this earth, you want to do so without any regrets. When you have high expectations, when your time is up, you know that you did everything you set out to, made the best of every day, and lived life to the fullest. [Read: The real meaning of YOLO – 15 ways to live life to the fullest]

#6 Having high expectations makes you work harder and live louder. When you work with high expectations, it sets the bar high enough that you are constantly working at your maximum. That means knowing every day that you made the best of it, and that you gave it your all.

It also means that every morning when your eyes open, you have the potential to do something absolutely amazing. Having high expectations ensures that you are making the best of your time and your time here and finding happiness. [Read: Dating goals – 10 realistic goals that WILL lead you to the one]

#7 If you set a bar low, you are really creating an emotional glass ceiling. If you set your expectations low, then you are creating an emotional glass ceiling for yourself. Expectations are about what you expect to happen.

If you are always setting the bar low, then you are convincing yourself that you can’t reach any higher and are limiting your outcomes through a self-fulfilling prophecy.

#8 No regrets. When this ride is over, you never want to have any regrets about not wanting, expecting, or reaching for more. If you never set your expectations high, then you might at some point look back and wished you had pushed yourself more, taken a chance, or focused on something that you didn’t.

When you live life by setting high expectations, you won’t ever have any regrets about what life has handed you because it wasn’t handed to you, you went after it and got what you wanted. [Read: How to improve yourself – 16 secrets to self-improvement]

#9 It is better to try and fail then never to have tried at all. If you set your expectations low, you will never get what you want out of life you will be settling for what you “think” you can have. If you limit trying to get what you want by having low expectations, then you are never going to take the chances that get grand rewards.

#10 The rewards for high expectations are much greater. Nothing feels better than setting your expectations high and getting where and what you want. Happiness is found in achieving goals that you set for yourself, but only if you know that they were the right ones and the ones you are worthy of. Having high expectations and actually getting there, is one of the greatest rewards in life that there is.

Having high expectations can sometimes feel like you are setting yourself up for failure. But, the higher your reach, the higher you are likely to rise. If you are always playing it safe and reaching for middle ground, that is likely where you will be stuck.

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Sure, setting high expectations is more difficult and might be harder to achieve, but if you can reach them, then you have done something way greater than to never have tried. And, you won’t ever regret not at least giving it a go.

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