11 Classic Moves Guys Always Forget to Do on Dates

moves guys forget on dates

These classic effective moves have worked for ages on different women. All guys need to do on dates is do these and each date should be awesome!

Dating is pretty basic. All you ever really need to do is talk to a woman, get to know her a little better, and get her to know you a bit better as well. The fancy stuff like fine dining restaurants, theme parks, and long walks along the beach are just there to facilitate a potential attraction that’s brewing between you.

The problem, though, is that so many men get so caught up on wanting to impress a girl that the basics of the date are lost. They may model their behavior on what they see on TV, in movies, what they read in books and so on. That’s where the pickup lines, the not-so-subtle hints and the awkward flirting moves come from. Sure, they may be trendy, but let’s face it, not every guy can pull that off. Instead, what every guy can pull off are the classic moves that have gotten men goodnight kisses and girlfriends in the end.

What every guy should do on a date

Almost all the women would agree that all dudes need to have the following on their dating arsenal if they want their ladies to be happy enough to keep them.

#1 Text her. Send her simple messages. No need to be clingy about it, though. Be all cool and manly! That’s what usually gets women to be all womanly as well.

Texting too much can be annoying, but texting just to check in on her is sweet. Maybe send her a thank you for giving you a nice time on the date if you’re newly dating. It also wouldn’t hurt at all, if you actually checked in just to know she got home safely. You can even text your special someone something sweet before you get together for date night after work. It would definitely help to start a date with a smiling woman with you.

Short messages tell girls that you’re thinking about them, but not so much as to completely scare them off. In other words, if you’re still a new couple, keep your cool. [Read: How to text the girl you like and make her want you]

#2 Listen. Dudes, in general, are great listeners, but mostly only if they are interested in the woman they are listening to. Am I right, homies? What really matters in the long haul is if you listen beyond the words girls say.

Sometimes, or most of the time really, women want their men to be more attentive to them. It’s a way to assess whether you guys care. We know that it could be difficult to do that all the time, but sometimes we actually give you clues as to what we want.

So boys, if your women are behaving a bit unusual, just observe, listen carefully, and you’ll know why! [Read: 10 ways to become a better listener]

#3 Crack jokes. Make her laugh out loud. Every relationship should have this at all times – a mutual sense of humor. Yeah, love and all that mushy stuff are important for every relationship, but having complete openness to laugh out loud with a person you actually like puts a more enjoyable side to every relationship.

A lot of guys, especially on first dates, forget the simple truth that almost all girls want to laugh. It’s refreshing, rejuvenating, and to be honest, laughter will stick around far longer than good looks. We all want someone we can feel happy and joyful with, whether on your first date or on your 100th. So stop fretting, and just keep joking, guys! [Read: 36 funny and flirty questions to ask a girl]

#4 Ask her tons of questions. There are a lot of dates that have gone sour because of awkward silences. But why do awkward silences happen? Isn’t it because we’re nervous, and we just keep on thinking about what to say next? This makes it doubly awkward. Guess what, you don’t have to think about what to say, because you can just ask questions instead. Feel free to ask your date unusual but thought provoking questions!

Ask girls questions like “If you were alone in a locked room that is getting smaller by the minute, what would you do?” or “If you were Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones, would you have pushed Joffrey Baratheon off that ledge?” Ask her these awesome questions, and you can basically guarantee a continuously interesting conversation.

#5 Smile. I don’t know why boys don’t smile as much as girls. Maybe you think it’s not that manly or maybe it’s a “girly” thing to do. Well, to be honest, it takes a big man to smile even in the lousiest situations.

Smile, dudes! Show your woman that you are happy to be around her and that you are proud to be seen together with her! Don’t be one of those couples who are out and about in public, arguing and looking tortured to be around one another. If you smile a lot while hanging out with your lovely lady, other girls looking at you will want a guy just like you!

#6 Dates don’t have to always be at night. We get that the convention is usually dinner, but couldn’t you guys surprise your wives and girlfriends to a whole weekend of fun once in a while? Take her out to the beach for the weekend. Maybe plan two whole days of movie marathons for the geekier girls. If your girl likes to trek, take her! Dates don’t have to always be dinner! [Read: 20 fun and unconventional daytime date ideas]

#7 Respect her. We owe every single person we encounter the most basic form of respect. However, there may be times when you’re out on a date and something disrespectful accidentally slips out of your mouth. When this happens, it’s usually a deal breaker, especially if you’re on your first few dates with a woman.

To prevent this from happening again, try to keep in mind the things that people are generally not so tolerant about. This includes misogyny, racism, bigotry, and basically any form of douchebaggery out there that has even the slightest potential to offend. If that’s how you really are, then find some way to tone down the douchiness, no matter how funny your homies think it is.

#8 Be a gentleman. There are always husbands out there who have forgotten how to treat their wives on dates! We get that it doesn’t seem consequential in the long run, but having a partner who is thoughtful enough to be a gentleman gives wives and girlfriends all over the world pride.

Men almost always put on an air of gentlemanliness on first dates, but the dudes who win in the end are those who never forget to be chivalrous every chance they get. Real men know that it only takes a gesture as simple as opening a door to get a smile out of any of us every time. [Read: 13 rules of etiquette for the modern gentleman]

#9 Offer to pay. This applies more to the people who are dating than the married ones, but it still doesn’t hurt your chances, husbands! It may well be a bit sexist to presume men always have to pay the bill on dates, but it doesn’t hurt to always offer.

A lot of modern women will probably want to pay for their part, but offering to pay gets women to think that men are thoughtful enough to offer, yet respect us enough to give us an option to decline.

#10 Compliment her. There is nothing more touching to a woman than a sincere compliment. We don’t always want to be told we’re beautiful. We also love to hear that we’re brilliant, funny, and great to hang around with. So if you actually feel these for your lady, then tell her.

#11 It’s okay to lean in for the kiss. At the end of an awesome date, presuming you’ve made sure to do at least five of the above, don’t be shy to lean in for a peck. It is totally up to you to feel the situation out, though. If she’s been touching you constantly in an off-hand manner for the last few hours, then take that as her being comfortable with you, she might be ready for a cute smack on the lips.

Remember, to keep respect at all times, even when making out! [Read: 6 giveaway signs she wants you to kiss her]

Dating has always been about wooing a woman and to impress her enough to make her want to keep you. So guys, don’t forget that in order to get us to like you and to continue being happy to have you, you have to keep the above tips in mind!

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2 thoughts on “11 Classic Moves Guys Always Forget to Do on Dates”

  1. Melissa Benoist says:

    Guys rarely ask me out for day dates. Like what’s the big deal? It’s like they plan it to be a night date to get laid or something. I know it may be convenient for you guys but I would appreciate it more if you got out of your way to clear your schedule in the morning. A day date is awesome because you could actually see nature around you. Also, if you have lots of great landmarks in your area, it’s better to look at it in broad daylight. Dating me at day time also tells me that you’re a guy not asking for sex- Not to soon at the least. That’s the type of guy women want.

  2. Daniel says:

    Its good to know there are fellow gentlemen left in this world. I am sure as a gentleman, you already know to open all doors and pull out all chairs and offer to take her coat and rising whenever she enters, those are the basics. First of all, a good first date is all about her. I am assuming that you’ve talked to her a couple of times before this point and know a little about her. Find out if she likes crowds or small venues. The classic dinner and a movie is great for some, but too cliche for others. I had one that went extremely well when I drove out to the beach with her around sunset with a radio and we danced on the beach as the sun set and moon rose until we got tired and stood for a good hour facing into the sea with her in my arms. Surprises are always good. If she is the outdoor type, then try to plan a hike somewhere and bring a lunch. Even better if you know the area well and are able to hide the food near where you want to stop to eat so she is more surprises, you would have bonus points for her favorite foods. To me, a date is a success when the rest of the world stops to exist for her within that time frame.

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