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26 Sexy Secret Love Quotes About Unspoken Affections

Are you hiding a secret love? Whether you have a secret crush or you’re already undercover lovers, here are 26 quotes about having a secret love.

secret love quotes

Whether you’re a secret lover, the lover on the side, or crushin’ on your special someone from afar, secret love is its own brand of intoxicating. That’s not to say you won’t experience your fair share of pain. But hey, that’s the risk we take with love!

There is a thrill and a desire coming from having a secret love, whether you’re in a relationship with your crush or not. You may even be the side-chick in the scenario! There is something dangerous, fickle, and oh-so-sexy about mysterious love. Are you harboring secret love? Whether your secret love giving you a full heart or a heartache, we’re betting these 26 sexy secret love quotes will speak to your heart.

Secret love quotes for when you’re crushing in the dark

Have you been all but shouting from the rooftops about the love you feel, but your secret crush is too oblivious to notice? Or maybe you’ve taken the opposite approach to your secret love—utter silence! No matter what you plan on doing with the knowledge of your secret crush, harboring ooey-gooey, unreturned feelings can be a difficult game to play, especially if you’re trying to keep your cool. This is where we will begin our secret love quote journey—The Secret Crush. [Read: How to effortlessly get your crush to notice you and like you back]

#1 “I have so much that I want to say to you, but I can’t say a word.” – Michelle Burns

#2 “I don’t know why I get so protective and jealous over you when you’re not even mine”. – Amarjeet Das

#3 “I love you with all my life, but it’s not like you will ever know.” – Amber Hope

#4 “How can you simply be friends with someone when every time you look at them, you’re thinking about how much more you really want?” – Dawson’s Creek

#5 “If you love someone, tell them. For hearts are often broken by words left unspoken.” – Stephanie Roogle

#6 “Just a friend, that’s all I’ve ever been to you. Just a girl who wants to be the center of your world.” – JoJo

#7 “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – Maya Angelou [Read: 10 signs you’re lovesick and 10 ways to get out of it]

#8 “He is stronger than anyone I know, and warmer than anyone realizes; he is a secret that I have kept and will keep for the rest of my life.” – Trist Allegiant

#9 “Hard to sit here and be close to you, and not kiss you.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

#10 “How flippantly we all treat a secret love, like a joke, something cute, as if it’s just a sweet little thing to pat. But when we are the secret lover, we hold our breath with each word they speak, we long so desperately for their touch, even just brief, we could almost bleed we long for it so. And when they find a lover, we feel like a shadow, longing to be seen as real, until we finally learn we have nothing more to do than to fade away from their light.” – Stephanie Schneider [Read: The step-by-step guide to getting over unrequited love]

#11 “I hid my love in field and town, / Till even the breeze would knock me down, / The bees seemed singing ballads over, / The fly’s bass turned a lion’s roar; And even silence found a tongue, / To haunt me all the summer long; / The riddle nature could not prove Was nothing else but secret love.” – John Clare

#12 “In the bottom of my heart lies a secret which I have never told a soul in the world. There is an image of this person who is dearest to me and closer than anything else.” – Melanie Rock

#13 “To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves.” – Federico Garcia Lorca [Confession: What I learned from the man who did not love me]

#14 “We’ve all at some point in our life encountered that feeling of secretly liking someone, secretly having your eyes on them, secretly wishing they knew, but deep inside you were afraid of what the outcome would be. So you kept it unnoticed. Kept it hidden, locked inside, just hoping that maybe one day that moment would finally come when they would notice you!” – Telisa McLaughlin

#15 “One sweet, sad secret holds my heart in thrall; a mighty love within my breast has grown, Unseen, unspoken, and of no one known; And of my sweet, who gave it, least of all.” – Felix Arvers

Secret love quotes for undercover lovers

Are you with your special sweetheart but you have to keep your relationship a secret because of jealous friends, complicated family situations, or maybe you’re the scandalous “other lover/side-chick/other man”? Everyone has their reasons for keeping their love on the D-L, and these quotes prove it! [Read: Love triangles and the confusing complications they bring into your life]

#16 “Where secrecy reigns, carelessness, and ignorance delight to hide while skill loves the light.” – Daniel C. Gelman

#17 “You’re standing there with your man, but I see you lookin’ at me, and so I gave you a little smile, then you smile back at me.” – Three Plus

#18 “I think we’re just going to have to be secretly in love with each other and leave it at that.” – Margot Tenenbaum

#19 “A wise man’s bosom is the safe of his secrets.” – Ali bin Abu-Talib

#20 “I’ll be your best kept secret and your biggest mistake.” – Fall Out Boy [Read: 45 saddest love quotes for the broken-hearted]

#21 “He wanted her. She’d never tell. Secretly she wanted him as well.” – Avril Lavigne

#22 “The extreme form of passionate love is secret love.” – Japanese Proverb

#23 “Love ceases to be a pleasure, when it ceases to be a secret.” – Aphra Behn

#24 “I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul.” – Pablo Neruda [Read: 30 of the saddest quotes on love from literature]

#25 “There is no secret left in the fact that I am madly in love with you. My happiness glows on my face and my smile gives it away. I have tried hard but now I can’t do that anymore.” – Sheila Johns

#26 “I was falling for you, while you were falling for her.” – Karina Barton

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Secret love—everyone goes through it at some point. Secret love can be an exciting, sexy chase, or a total heartbreaker. No matter what you experience with secret love, these 26 secret love quotes will definitely give you an outlet for all those feels.

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