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cute things to text your boyfriend
The Art of Texting Cute: All the Cute Things to Text Your Boyfriend

Not sure how to be romantic via text? Don’t fret, we’ve found all the cute things to text your boyfriend that will showcase your romantic side.

playing hard to get with a guy
Unpopular Opinion: Playing Hard to Get with a Guy is Pointless

There’s a time and place for nearly everything. Is playing hard to get with a guy one of them? Here’s the truth you really need to know.

should i call him

Should I Call Him? The Real Answers You Need to Make Up Your Mind

Every woman has sat in bed thinking to herself, should I call him? It’s easy to give your friends advice, but it’s much harder to listen to your own.

signs he wants a relationship but is scared

Is He Terrified? 13 Signs He Wants a Relationship but Is Scared

Sometimes, it’s hard to read the signs he wants a relationship but is scared to ask you out, or if he’s not into you. Here’s how to tell the difference.

Romantic Text Messages for Him

40 Romantic Text Messages for Him to Leave Him Smiling All Day

Guys like romance just as much as you do. But you have to know just what to say to make it work. These romantic text messages for him are the best.

he's not that into you

He’s Not That into You: 20 Signs It’s Time to Accept the Truth

The last thing you want to tell a friend you love is that he’s not that into you, but being dishonest is way more hurtful in the long run!

Overly Attached Boyfriend

Overly Attached Boyfriend? 15 Subtle Ways to Get Your Space Back

Some boyfriends think being all over you is something you love! But if they’re wrong, this is how you can deal with an overly attached boyfriend.

guys with beards

Guys with Beards: 12 Reasons Why They Make the Best Boyfriends

If you’re ever wondering what kind of boyfriend a guy with a big ‘ol beard would make, just know guys with beards are the best and here’s 12 reasons why.

how to be the perfect girlfriend

How to Be the Perfect Girlfriend: 50 Little Ways to Get There

Want to know how to be the perfect girlfriend? Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done. Don’t try to control him, just love him, and let him be him.

dating a man with kids

Dating a Man with Kids: 10 Things You Need to Be Prepared For

You like a guy and he tells you he has a child. Don’t get up and run from the table just yet. These tips will help you navigate dating a man with kids.

do i like him

Do I Like Him? 13 Questions that’ll Give You the Real Answer

If you have your eyes set on a new man, but you’re not completely sure how you’d answer “do I like him?” these 13 things may help you decide.

what do you look for in a guy

Check That Checklist: What Do You Look for in a Guy?

If your only requirements around what do you look for in a guy is tall, dark, and handsome, well, you need to expand that list. Not sure where to start?

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