How to Break Up with Your Boyfriend in a Manner You Won’t Regret

How to Break Up with Your Boyfriend

Breaking up isn’t easy. Here’s a full guide on how to break up with your boyfriend, and know that you’re making the right decision the whole way.

Do you want to break up with your boyfriend but don’t know how to go about it?

Before you understand how to break up with your boyfriend, you need to ask yourself three questions.

#1 Why do you want to break up with your guy, and is that factor something he can change for you?

#2 Is the damage done irreparable? That is, if he’s done something that’s made you decide to part ways. Can you forgive him? Do you want to?

#3 Are you really sure you want to break up? You need to be sure about this. Are you going to backtrack on your words again if he makes some promises about his behavior?

How to break up with your boyfriend

In almost all relationships, the first break up is never really the final one. It’s surprising, but true. Also, just because it happens doesn’t mean it’s for the best.

Almost always, a girl dumps her guy. And then realizes that she misses him too much. Or he makes promises that he knows he can’t keep just to woo her back. Or both of you feel too lonely and decide to get back together.

And one thing leads to another and before you know it, the guy and the girl are back in each other’s arms and going through the same troubling issues all over again.

Before you really try to figure out how to break up with your boyfriend, you need to ask yourself if a break up is really what you want. It’s never easy to make up your mind though, especially when you’re in a yo-yo relationship full of ups and downs.

The 8 complete steps to break up with your boyfriend the right way

We’ve come up with a perfect way to break up, surely and painlessly. Use these steps if you want to break up with your boyfriend. It can help you make up your mind and walk out of the relationship all cleaned up and happier too.

Step #1 Let him know you’re not happy

Look, you’re not sure, he’s not sure, it’s all so confusing, yes? But here’s the thing. You’ve already mentally decided that a breakup is the best way forward for you. To be honest, all you’re looking for a nudge to tip the scale in the breakup’s favor.

So take your time on this. You’ve been with the guy for a while, had a lot of conversations, and now you feel like giving up. [Read: How to bring up something that is bothering you and fix it]

If you do want to break up with your guy, you don’t really need to break up instantly. Even before thinking of breaking up, understand his feelings for you. If you’ve been going through a bad phase in your relationship and are contemplating a break up, let him know that you’re unhappy in the relationship.

Don’t tell him you want to break up, just let him know that you’re not happy with the direction your relationship is heading.

Both of you are in love and it would be unfair to spring a surprise on him out of the blue, without really giving your relationship a chance. See if his attitude changes or if he takes an initiative to make you happy. [Read: How to make a guy realize he’s losing you]

Step #2 Two weeks notice in love

If a couple of days pass by and he’s still behaving like an annoying jerk, or you’re just not happy in the relationship no matter what, perhaps it’s time to move out of it. But here’s the biggest issue. This is where couples break up and get back together all the time. This is the one phase that needs a lot of attention.

To avoid the heartache of off and on relationships, don’t completely break up with your boyfriend. Instead, tell him you need a break from the relationship for a couple of weeks. Tell him you feel lost in the relationship and want to really think about whether you should stay in the relationship or not. [Read: How taking a break in a relationship really works]

A trial break up isn’t really a nice thing to do, but if you’re afraid of falling back in love with him, this is a chance to experience love from afar and see if you can really live your own life without him.

He would probably act nicer and stalk you often if he genuinely cares for you, or if he starts to realize how important you are for him. But this step is for YOU to find out if you really need him in your life.

Dipping your toes into the water is always a good thing to do before taking the plunge into the icy water, don’t you think? [Read: Does a break in the relationship signal the beginning of the end?]

Step #3 Give it a lot of thought

Finding true love is not easy. But most couples give up on a failed relationship really fast. If you’re wondering how to break up with your man, first give a thought about whether you should stay in the relationship or whether you’d be happier being single or with someone else.

Are you really ready to give it all up and walk away, or would you want to get back into his arms again? [Read: Should I give him a second chance or is it truly over for real?]

Step #4 Make a list

You know the good times and the bad times in your relationship. Make a list of all the good things in one column and the ones you hate in the second column. Now, again, ask yourself if you’re ready to break up. Try to recollect all the good and the bad times and weigh the pros and the cons. Do you still want to break up?

Step #5 Don’t be fickle minded

Many women decide to break up on the spur of the moment, and then they regret it or end up feeling more miserable than the guy, especially when the guy decides to end things anyway.

We’re talking about a relationship here, not a shopping spree. Don’t jump to conclusions, or take hasty decisions based on your ego. I know you want to hurt him because he’s hurt you. But using the excuse of a breakup to hurt a guy may backfire on you!

So if you think you’ll be happier single, then reaffirm that thought and stick with it. Some girls are pretty fickle minded when it comes to a break up, and guys know that. Don’t be that girl. [Read: Why are women so fickle in love? The honest truth]

Don’t sway to his sweet words and false promises. He couldn’t be a good boyfriend for you, during the relationship and even during the couple of weeks of the relationship break. What are the odds of him being the perfect guy you’re dreaming of, now? [Read: 22 early warning signs of a bad boyfriend]

Step #6 Talk to him

You’ve told him you’re unhappy, and you’ve had a trial break up, and things haven’t been looking up in love yet? Perhaps, you’re better off being single than with a guy who doesn’t care about you. He probably thinks you’re bluffing, or worse, he genuinely doesn’t care. Is one worse than the other?

Don’t be a coward and ghost him or break up via a text. If you really want to know how to break up with your boyfriend, do it the right way. Meet him face to face and tell him you need to break up. You were in a relationship, after all, and you must respect the love both of you shared.

Telling him to his face that you want to break up is not easy, and it’s not supposed to be, if you did love him. But it has to be done. Meet him in a place where you can have your privacy, and yet, a place that’s not too lonely. Even if you’re having a hard time walking away, you should be able to get help if the need arises. [Read: The breakup conversation – The exact words you need to use while breaking up with your guy]

He may try to convince you to stay in the relationship, but you’ve given this enough of thought in the earlier steps. Stay firm and stick to your answer as hard as it may seem.

NOTE: Now there’s one kind of relationship where the guy doesn’t deserve your sympathy, your words or your concern. And that’s an abusive one. If you think your boyfriend may react violently or harm you if you try to break up, ghost the brute, get all the help you can, and get out. [Read THIS: How to get out of an abusive relationship – the step-by-step guide]

Step #7 End all contact

This is painful, but inevitable. End all contact with him, at least for a while. Delete his phone number, and block or unfollow him from social media for now. You don’t want to bump into him and feel worse. [Read: How to look cool and awesome when you bump into your ex]

Step #8 Plan your recovery

This is selfish, especially considering you’ve got a head start, but if your boyfriend doesn’t care about you, why should you care about him? The first one who gets over the relationship is always the happier one, because they’re not seething over the fact that it all happened so suddenly.

So make sure you find a way to get over him completely. Party, have a rebound relationship, go out with friends or on a vacation, do anything that can take your mind off him and you’ll get over your break up sooner than you think. [Read: How to get over a broken heart – The only guide you’ll need]

Move on with your life however hard it may seem. And don’t look back. Break ups are inevitable, and as painful and confusing as it may seem now, you’ll feel a lot better about it a couple of weeks or months from now.

And there we have it, the complete guide and walkthrough on how to break up with your boyfriend in a way you won’t regret. [Read: How to get over a broken heart]

Use these steps and you’ll save yourself a lot of heartache and pain. And most importantly, you’ll know how to break up with your boyfriend, move on with no regrets, and have a happier life.

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13 thoughts on “How to Break Up with Your Boyfriend in a Manner You Won’t Regret”

  1. sally says:

    I am really having trouble on how to quit my relationship with this guy whom I was able to share my life for 2 years now… I broke up with him several times and i found myself in his arms again. But then, all the things that we fought about and other personal problems as well, seem to be still floating in the air and that anytime, one of them will pop up and the cause of us fighting again. I broke up with him again just this week, catching myself being blamed for every bad thing that happen in our relationship. I always end up being blamed and I am always wrong in his eyes. I really wanted to get over with this guy but it’s really hard. I love him. pls i want it to be over

  2. Brenda says:

    Date this guy for about 4 years. Took me about a year to understand, that I’m better off without him. Thanks to the knowledge I learn from all of the Lovepanky? stars, I look back and think I’m really stupid for crying over a jerk.

  3. Okalanika says:

    Also recognize the cycle of abuse. When I did, I lost it? with him. I have never been happier in my whole entire life! Keep watch for these signs: Manipulation. Overbearing. Abusive. Controlling. Being nice for a temporary time and then turning around and disrespecting you. Hogging your attention and friends, etc. Yelling at you and telling you that you’re doing something wrong or telling you to do their chore and making you feel bad for even trying to do it.

    And making you feel like you are the sole person responsible for keeping the relationship going. ENOUGH !

  4. Callifax says:

    I hate it when girls act like being single is the worse thing in the entire world! Have some self-respect, ladies! Thank you for writing this post!

  5. Danni says:

    I’ve being with my boyfriend for over a year now and it’s just getting boring! We never communicate with each other as much as we used too. He gets up me for going out and having fun and when he goes out, I tell him to have fun? What the hell. We do a long distance relationship and it just doesn’t seem to be working anymore when all he does is get cranky with me

  6. Wencke says:

    My boyfriend and I were together for 4 Years, than I broke up and many friends where angry about me because he was crying all the time about me. the contact to that boy was very rare, only to give us everything back we had from each other.
    a year and a half later we ended up in a relationship again. It’s been like this for a month now, but I am very unhappy with the situation and want to break up again. 🙁
    It woud be less complicated if I didn’t fear to loose my friends because of this break up. How can I break up with my boyfriend without loosing that friends? They might not understand my decision and perhaps they don’t wan’t to see me again then, too, because they think I am an asshole…

  7. doogan22 says:

    I also dated someone for three years and just broke it off with him. I lost my job and he had his shoe on my back from day 1. I would panic b/c I had no where to go and he would constantly threaten to throw me out. On one particular day he threatened to call the cops and then came back later with a Christmas tree. Talk about mixed signals? I was feeling low and took him back last year after a few weeks of breaking up and having moved into another place. I regret taking him back b/c the same issues are still there. He has gone on two vacations and left me sitting at home. The kicker is he flew first class both times where he easily could have flown coach and taken me with him. I no longer choose to be that dog in the kennel and am fine with not having him during the holidays. He is a jerk.

  8. poo yee says:

    this only works on a good bf .it is useless on those manipulative and cunning bf .better talk to the wall than talking to them.i just dumped my ex who is manipulative ,he always makes me felt that i am wrong ! .so if i talk to him ,the story will nvr end ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.HE ONLY want me for sex .just see all those dirty talk that he talk to me every single day .i really wanna puke right now whenerver i see the word kiss

  9. pororo says:

    i broke up with my bf twice. and i end up being his girlfriend again. i am so tired of being the one who makes EFFORTS for our relationship. i agree with poo yee, i feel the thing he wanted the most is sex than me. now i am in love with another guy to whom i feel respected. i will break up with my bf SOONER. thanks for this feature. it’s great?

  10. destiny says:

    I am in a relationship for the past 1 year..but suddenly another person come into my life and I became closer to him..but somehow, one day my earlier relationship knows about it..and very angry ..both were angry and crying and said luv me a lot..but the person whom I had with 1 year don’t have nobody in his life..and wanted to be with me but the second person also wanted to be with me and crying a lot..and I am very confused what should I decide now..because the 1st person is from other religion and my family never accept him and 2nd person is of same religion but both guys met and the 2nd guy told each and every moment that I shared with him to 1st guy but 1st guy didn’t share anything to 2nd but still I don’t know what to do..whom I choose and I don’t want to hurt anyone..please help me

  11. Isabel says:

    I’ve been going out with my boyfriend for only 2 and a half days but it doseint feel right what am I going to say to him??!!

  12. Alex says:

    I stumbled across this link as I myself have recently broken up with my girlfriend (I’m a guy).

    This article contains some of the most disgusting advice I’ve ever seen, and just shows how horribly fickle MOST girls really are…… Encouraging a trial breakup without telling the guy and just saying ‘you need some space’ ? Jeez. That info about if the guy “genuinely likes you he’ll stalk you often” -> NO because then he would be accused of being too needy – but then if the guy doesn’t contact you during this break it means he didn’t care anyway right? SO THE GUY CANNOT DO RIGHT EITHER WAY CAN HE !!!??

    Advising on a rebound relationship ? SERIOUSLY?? If you actually love/d that person you wouldn’t be so disrespectful by having a rebound relationship, that just shows how little you care and your idea of what ‘love’ is in the first place is a joke. Surround yourself with friends and family who love you yes, take up hobbies, stay active etc yes I totally agree with, but going into a rebound relationship for some attention is disrespectful and immature – Would you like your ex-boyfriend to immediately bounce into bed with another girl and forget about your existence so quickly?? Have some self control and only get into something when you have truly moved on in good time.

    That’s just my ten cents from a guys point of view – girls, please do not be so fickle.

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