Why Guys Like Girl Fights – 10 Reasons Why it’s a Turn On

girl fight

What is it with guys and their fascination with watching two girls catfight each other? Here are 10 reasons behind why guys like girl fights so much. By Chris Selby

Men love a good fight. They always have.

When two men fight, it starts with them circling each other warily.

No guy takes the first punch. They just circle each other, until one of them gets dizzy or a few friends drag both guys apart.

There may be a few loud verbal abuses or even a few shrugs and pushes, but rarely does it ever turn into a fistfight.

And that’s a man’s fight.

Men take their fights seriously, but most men prefer to stay away from a fight unless they have no choice.

After all, men think a man’s fight is serious brutal business.

Men and girl fights

While guys think fighting and throwing a punch is serious business, they hardly ever consider a girl fight to be as serious.

It’s an unfair statement, but even nice guys turn spectators when two girls fight.

To most guys, catfights are nothing but a spectacle that’s fun and exciting in more ways than one.

So why do guys like girl fights?

Well, we have our reasons. Actually we have ten of them.

#1 Girl fights reveal a new side of girls

Guys are used to seeing girls as the gentler and kinder sex. Girls are feminine and always nice. But every once in a while, when they bare their fangs for a catfight, it’s exciting to watch a whole new side of the same girls we once thought were girly and demure. Curse words always sound so sexy when angry girls yell it out!

#2 The sexy flash of skin

When girls fight, they almost always reach out for the other girl’s clothes. And when that happens, there’s a good chance of a flash of accidental skin. It’s not easy for a guy to know if a girl is wearing a g-string or granny panties. But put her in a fight and he’ll know all that and more. To a guy, girl fights are voyeuristic pleasures at its best. [Read: Why men love women and their oh-so-hot bodies]

#3 It looks funny

Let’s face it, they fight like girls! No guy thinks a girl could serious injure an opponent with a strategically placed blow in between the legs. There are fewer punches and blows, and more clawing and tearing in a catfight, and guys just love that. Most of the times, girls just hold on to each other’s hair or punch each other’s breasts!

#4 Sex and war give the same high

Men like watching two girls fight because it’s exciting and unintentionally arousing. It’s an adrenaline rush that increases their heart rate, which in turn increases the blood flow around their loins. It’s especially exciting if two girls are fighting over a guy, which seriously is every guy’s secret dream!

#5 Guys love girls preparing for the fight

Girl fights in school are a common affair. But girl fights in the corporate world are hilarious. Both women take their time to take their jackets off, roll up their sleeves and prepare themselves for a fight that’s going to end up with torn shirts. While the fight is a lot of fun, the anticipation and the preparation can be a lot of fun too.

#6 Hope for a boobie

When a fight’s being dominated by one girl, the losing girl will almost always intentionally try to reveal the other girl’s boobs just to shame her and get back at her. It’s a strategy that always works, and one that makes guys a lot happier! [Read: Men and their fascination for breasts]

#7 Sadistic boys

Guys are sadistic creatures. They love having fun at someone else’s expense. Actually, wait a minute, all humans are!

#8 It’s a show of a lifetime

Guys don’t get to see two girls fighting in real life. Yeah, we’ve seen it on youtube or in some sexy video that starts with two pillow fighting girls which ultimately leads to bed and more. But most guys have never seen it in real life.

We especially like it if there are great props around like a swimming pool or even a huge blow up water tub of jello. [Read: Why do men like porn so much?]

#9 More girls almost always join the fun

One of the fun parts of a good girl fight is the fact that it never ends with the same girls who first started the fight. Almost always, more girls end up joining the fight on both sides and tugging more clothes off. Imagine paying for one movie and watching two. Or better yet, in this case, you pay for none and watch more than you wished for!

#10 Girls don’t know how to fight

When two men fight, it ends up with a broken jaw or a strategic blow on one guy’s temple that knocks him unconscious. Men instinctively go for the kill. It’s an evolutionary trait that reveals itself during the whole flight or flight scenario. But women are different. Men go for the jugular, women prefer scarring and scratching.

When two girls fight, it’s all about pulling each other’s hair, scratching, biting, and tearing clothes with a few weak punches thrown in now and then. While this emotional scarring and body revealing may traumatize girls, guys don’t feel threatened by it. To guys, all a girl fight seems like is two girls trying to undress each other.

Do guys ever stop a girl fight?

Guys can watch a good girl fight all the time, but there are a few times when they may get macho and stop the unruly girl fight. If guys ever find themselves watching these kinds of catfights, there’s a good chance they’ll all intervene and stop the fight.

#1 When happy, funny girl fights turn bad and brutal with powerful punches and less tearing of clothes.

#2 A great guy may get himself involved and stop two girls from fighting. Instead of being thankful, both the girls may just end up beating the crap out of the innocent guy for intervening.

#3 When too many girls take on one girl. There may be a few cheers at first, but no guy likes an unfair fight. One to one is fun, any more and the fight’s done.

#4 When the fight is unfair. One big girl and one demure, tawny girl never makes for a good match. It’s easier for men to pretend to be gentlemen and stop the fight.

Do all guys like catfights?

Nope. Many don’t. Few guys like it. Maturity and experience teaches the rest a few manners.

Watching a girl fight for the first time may seem like a novelty. And at other times, they may not really know the two girls on a friendly basis to take sides or even intervene. But in almost all other cases, at least a few guys may try to stop the fight, though only after a few clothes have been stretched to expose a few girly parts, of course.

[Read: 20 things that turn a guy on when he looks at a girl]

Guys definitely like pillow fights more than scary punches in a catfight. And now that you know why guys like girl fights so much, put on a good show, will you? And please be nice. We’ll like you more after the fight, just as long as you’re hurting less and revealing more!

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13 thoughts on “Why Guys Like Girl Fights – 10 Reasons Why it’s a Turn On”

  1. Personally I like watching catfights because I like to see women in their panties rolling around, spreading their legs and stuff. I especially like it when they wear “granny panties” aka cotton bikini panties that ride up their butts; and then its even hotter when they reach back with one hand and pick the wedgie out. I just like a good wedgie catfight. Unfortunately there is not a lot of those out there. My confession, lol

  2. Jason says:

    I disagree with the first few sentences of this article – all the guy fights I’ve seen/heard of had fists flying. (I did try to stop some of them).

  3. nin says:

    ahaha, misogyny is hilarious

  4. ditpook says:

    Most women drink or take drugs to stay thin, get married, then put on 50 pounds and become bad mothers. Men fear getting roped into that. A woman who punches and takes punches is willing to fight for a man and for her kids. Men are attracted to someone who just may defend HIM when he needs it.

  5. Lawson says:

    I find most of this article hilarious. There’s an entire side to this that isn’t even touched on, and I do female wrestling photoshoots and comics for a living! Many men are aroused by STRONG women- amazons. Women who are beautiful and sexy, yet not fragile and prissy and brittle the way they too often see themselves, and how society depicts them. Women playing tennis is the same kind of turn on here- these women are warriors- they exist in a world on their own, competing neck and neck, there’s absolutely zero need for a man in this scenario.

    Fantasize about them fighting over a guy? Maybe for the typical loser but not for real men who love women. Leave the men out of it this is between the girls! In fact I find hair pulling and clothes ripping the least attractive part of the catfight. I want highly skilled, high stakes fighting- sexy pro wrestling in thongs, foxy boxing, or even a cinematic knife fight. No need for realistic violence we have enough of that in the world already. This is a FANTASY about powerful women competing in combat. No victims here, no humiliation, everyone is a combatant. That is what the fem-fight fetish looks like from the POV of those of us who have healthy respect for women.

  6. BigStupidJellyFish says:

    “Hope for a boobie”


  7. NotSoCuteSenpai says:

    I can see where this article is coming from but I am very annoyed that men think that girls can’t fight.I myself am a girl and I have brought down any and every man that has stood in my way thank you very much.

  8. don tiberio says:

    I like catfights. My girlfriend got in a catfight this past summer with another woman. We were sitting at the picnic table. This lady that knew me called my girlfriend a bitch. The fight was on. She was wearing a nice blouse and a skirt and heels. The other woman was in jeans and a tight blouse. I didn’t believe it but my girlfriend whipped the crap ooutta the other woman and she pinned her on the grass and lifted up her blouse, took off her bra and the woman ran away crying and my girlfriend said “don’t you ever bother us again you bitch. There was a lot of hair pulling and I saw my girlfriends slip under her skirt. as she was pinned. My girl is tough laady as the other woman found out

  9. Miz_Doll says:

    I enjoy playful rules catfighting, wrestling and oil wrestling with other girls. There are quite alot of girls that actually do this kink for their partners, myself included. Us girls have actually got together and setup a verification group on FB. Girls and couples, feel free to look us up, you can find it under: Female Wrestling – Photo Verified Girls. The fascination by guys on this subject is surreal, hence the female verification.

  10. Gerald Lemire says:

    I TOTALLY agree ! And TITS popping out of bikinis are HOT too !

  11. Klaus Geltl says:

    I don’t think this covers any answers to the question. Things are not as simple as that. They are, in fact, much, much more intricate.

  12. another_girl_in_this_world says:

    This is very inaccurate in many ways. Some girls may have cat fights, but every girl is different in many ways. Some girls can fight, which includes me. I’m a girl and I can throw some punches. I got into a fight some years ago and the other girl ended up with a black eye. I have even punched a guy in his face and he got a black eye as well and another time, I punched a guy in his stomach. I know plenty of girls who can be like me. Some of them have also gotten into fights. I don’t think that it is right to say that all girls cannot fight and that all they do is tear clothes, scratch each other, etc. Plenty of girls can actually fight and will know what they are doing, instead of just swinging their arms like a fool. Another thing, it is very immature and gross for guys to like or hope that in girl fights, shirts or bottoms will be pulled off to show private parts of us girls. Even if types of clothing, such as our bras or panties, are revealed. How would they (guys) feel if their pants and/or boxers or underwear were pulled revealing their parts? Embarrassed…just like us girls. With cat fights, some girls actually do spend some time removing jewelry, heels, fixing their hair, etc. I won’t disagree with that. Even in actually girl fights, this may occur. People honestly cannot blame girls for doing this. Most guys do not wear long and loose jewelry or have long hair or wear shoes having heels or some other type of high height to them. Girls do not want to have their clothing and/or accessories to affect the fight by making it worst in some way that could harm each other or themselves. That’s what our hands, feet, elbows, knees, etc. are for in the fight. Our clothing is not supposed to be causing the injuries. Honestly, it can be rude that guys could find girl fights funny. It normally depends on what is going on in the fight. Yes, some girls tend to look stupid if they try to throw a punch or slap another, but can’t guys look stupid too. Girls may tear clothing or scratch one another and it could look dumb. But some guys could do the same. They could look stupid as well. My point is that girls should not always be judged because of their actions. Same with guys. Even is their actions are constant. Everyone is different. The world is different. Don’t make assumptions for everyone.

    Haven’t you ever heard people state that girls can do what guys can do? It is true. Even the other way around. Guys can do what girls can do. Anyone can do what they want to do. A girl could become the strongest person on Earth or the most built woman. A guy could have a career as a sucessful fashion designer. The world is so big. There’s so much in it, so many opportunities. Just go out.


  13. The Truth says:

    And many more women these days are Spreading their legs for other women as well. The next Jerry Springer episode.

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