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What Is a Trap Queen & The Traits that Makes Her So Sexy & Awesome

Have you ever asked yourself, what is a trap queen? No, it’s not the title of the song you keep hearing! Keep reading to find out what a trap queen is.

what is a trap queen

If you go on Urban Dictionary, there’s a new slang word or phrase appearing on a daily basis. And shockingly, they catch on quickly to mainstream slang that we all hear in movies, music, and everyday conversations. So, it’s not really shocking that the phrase “trap queen” is floating around the world.

But, who and what is a trap queen? Sure, we hear it in music and movies, but what does it even mean? More importantly, why is this term so common on social media?

Who is a trap queen?

Now, we went to Urban Dictionary to get the definition because well, where else are you going to get a legitimate definition if you’re asking, what is a trap queen. So, here we go.

A trap queen is, “A bomb-ass female. The baddest female. She is loyal to her friends, lives for her family, and gives no fuck to bitter, petty bitches. She also enjoys listening to trap music.”

That’s a pretty complex definition, we’d say. If we’re talking about the general description of a trap queen, they’re vibrant women. They know what they want and how to go after their goals. They’re also incredibly independent and highly badass.

They never just settle for anything in life, but they go after what they want, no matter the odds. They’re confident and won’t tolerate being mistreated by someone. They’re the literal definition of what it means to be a high-value woman who is unstoppable. They know who they are and by all means, they don’t apologize for who they are.

They know how to balance success and the wild life, and they make it seem like it’s so easy balancing the two. In other words, a trap queen is simply admirable. [Read: Feisty girl – 30 sassy traits that make her dangerously amazing]

Characteristics of a trap queen

Well, if you want to be one of those people who actually know the meaning of the word they use, you came to the right spot. We’re going to give you the lowdown on what a trap queen means and how actually to tell if someone is one.

Who knows, maybe you’re dating a trap queen or… gasp… you are a trap queen. The big question is finally being answered. [Read: 15 signs you’re clearly a high-maintenance woman]

1. She’s down to do everything

A trap queen is someone who does everything and enjoys it, whether it’s shopping, hanging out, going for cruises, or as Fetty Wap likes to say, cooking pies, which is slang for cocaine, but they probably cook actual pies as well, because pies are awesome.

Yes is her answer to everything, which makes her so fun to be around! She’s spontaneous and adventurous by nature, so she’s down for whatever. [Read: All the amazing reasons why you should be following your dreams]

2. They handle being spoiled

If you date a trap queen or you think you are one, then you know that trap queens handle being spoiled by their man. They’re fully capable of being independent and supporting themselves. They also don’t mind being treated like princesses and gifted some bling, bags, or expensive cars.

They’re totally capable of giving themselves the world and buying everything they want, but they also wouldn’t mind being spoiled by their man with extravagant, luxurious gifts. [Read: Spoiled girlfriend checklist – 100 signs you’re lucky in love]

3. They don’t settle

They have dreams and goals. Do they just give up and settle for something less? Never. The ambition and dreams of a trap queen are unstoppable, and by no means can anyone or anything stop them from going after their goals. If they set their mind on something, they won’t stop until they achieve it.

These goal-oriented girls are out on a mission and have wild passion when it comes to achieving their dreams. A man with a trap queen works with her to form goals and get them completed. So if you’re wondering, what is a trap queen, she is someone who never settles, ever. [Read: Should you ever settle when you can have so much more?]

4. She’s confident

If you haven’t caught on by now, if you don’t have confidence, you wouldn’t be able to fulfill all the goals and dreams of a trap queen. Their confidence levels are through the roof. They know that they’ll complete anything they put their mind to without question.

Confidence is the most attractive trait of all, and they know they have it. She has complete confidence in her abilities and skills and doesn’t let anyone else validate her worth. It’s what draws others to her. [Read: How to build self-confidence – 16 ways to realize you’re worth it]

5. They respect the hustle

They don’t mind getting their hands dirty to achieve their goals. Though they respect the grind, they put their family and friends as a priority and never put money-based interests in front of them. They find the hustle life extremely rewarding, especially if it’s for success.

So if you’re wondering, what is a trap queen, hustle is their middle name, and they don’t mind it at all. They know that they won’t achieve what they want without hustling and grinding for it. [Read: How to succeed in life – All you ever need to know!]

6. They don’t touch fuckboys

Everyone knows that fuckboys are bad news. But yet, it’s easy to get sucked into their manipulative and soul-sucking ways. But, if you’re a trap queen, you know that they’re no good. They have the necessary confidence not to be screwed by a fuckboy.

Their self-esteem is so high that they don’t even bother with them. They know what they need, and a fuckboy isn’t on their list. Boy, bye! [Read: 16 pop culture terms you need to know]

7. They succeed in the club life

Trap queens have no problem working in the club, on the pole dancing. In fact, when they do, they outshine everyone there and make serious money while doing it. See what we mean by they do everything with 100%? This is the perfect example.

She’s not ashamed as she knows why she’s doing it and keeps her goals in mind. She can balance succeeding with her dreams and going at it in the club as well. Who says you can’t do both, right? [Read: Life of the party – How to be noticed and loved by everyone]

8. They don’t mind getting wild

Whether it’s alcohol or weed, they don’t mind letting loose and having a good time. They work hard for their money and sure, they may get wild and put basic bitches in their place, but it’s all a part of having a good time. Nobody knows how to balance success and having a good time than they do.

She does an extraordinary job doing both simultaneously. Who is a trap queen? She’s the girl who might get wild tonight, but she’ll get back up and grind the next day. [Read: How to be a bitch – 35 ways to take charge of your life]

9. They don’t say sorry

She never apologizes for anything that she doesn’t feel bad about. So, if you guilt-trip her, it isn’t going to work. She’s no fool. Why give an empty apology for something she doesn’t believe in?

Now, if she knows she messed up, then that’s a different story. She has no problem owning up to her mistakes.

It really all depends on the situation, whether she’s going to apologize or not. She won’t apologize if she’s being manipulated, but she’ll apologize without hesitation if it’s her fault.

10. You may be a trap queen if you look for them

If you long for some friends with trap queen qualities, well, it would make sense that you are one yourself. None of the other girls understand you. When you’re around trap queens, you feel like you’re at home. Welcome yourself to the trap queen club and make yourself at home.

After all, you are who your friends are. So if you’re looking for trap queens as your people, it’s probably because you identify as one! [Read: How to make a good impression and leave them wanting more of you]

11. Her man must respect the trap queen lifestyle

If a trap queen has a man, he needs to respect all that she is. In addition, he needs to accept her without judgment or shame her because if he does, the relationship isn’t going to last. A trap queen doesn’t need a man, especially one who knocks her down. Remember what we said about a trap queen not settling?

This goes even for her dating life and every other part of life as well. She doesn’t need a man, but she needs a supportive one in the circumstances that she does have one by her side. If you’re wondering, what is a trap queen, she’s the woman who doesn’t take shit from any man, especially because she doesn’t need him.

[Read: How to feel good about yourself and kick ass in life]

So, what is a trap queen?

A trap queen is the most badass woman you’ll encounter. She knows what she wants, and she doesn’t let anything or anyone stop her from achieving her goals.

She knows perfectly well how to balance the wild life and being successful, which makes her all the more admirable and amazing.

The mystery of what is a trap queen has finally been debunked. So, do you resonate with some of these characteristics? You might be one!

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