Sensual Tease

Spooning Sex: How to Make it Hotter Than Any Other Position

Being as close a possible to your partner is as hot as hell. That’s why spooning sex is one of the best positions out there. Learn how to do it better!

Sex Flush: The Real Reasons Your Body and Face Turn Red During Sex

Ever wondered why you turn pink or even red during and after sex? There’s nothing wrong, you’re just rocking the sex flush!

how to have tantric sex

How to Have Tantric Sex: Beginners Guide to Awaken Your Sexuality

Wanna know how to have tantric sex? Here’s a full guide about its history, the positions and the beginners step-by-step guide to try it yourself today!

how to get wet

How to Get Wet and Really Aroused Whenever You Feel Like It

Let’s be honest, we all know that having sex isn’t much fun if you’re not wet. But sometimes you run out of ideas to know how to get wet and stay wet.

your man prefers his hand over you

Here’s What to Do When Your Man Prefers His Hand Over You

Sex bonds a couple together and solidifies that emotional connection. So, if your man prefers his hand over yours, does that spell trouble?

Lack of Sex in a Relationship

The Lack of Sex in a Relationship: Why It Happens & What It Means

When you’re in a relationship, sex is something that you both expect will happen. What does it mean when there’s a lack of sex in a relationship?

Tease and Denial Games

10 Must-Try Tease and Denial Games that Make So-So Sex So Hot-Hot

Relationships are beautiful but sometimes it’s fun to switch things up in bed. Step outside of your comfort zone with these exciting tease and denial games.

sexual incompatibility

7 Scary Signs of Sexual Incompatibility & How to Beat It Together

You meet someone new and everything is great, apart from what goes on inside the bedroom. Is sexual incompatibility really that common?

sexual things to do with your boyfriend

15 Naughty Sexual Things to Do with Your Boyfriend & Blow His Mind

Are you looking to amp things up with your boyfriend? Well, it’s about time you learned some of the best sexual things to do with your boyfriend.

Sexually Incompatible

Sexually Incompatible? The Unlucky 13 Signs that Confirm Bad Sex

You really connect with your partner, but there’s one problem: sex is bad. Are you with the wrong partner or just a case of being sexually incompatible?

how to get a girl to sext

How To Get A Girl To Sext And Actually Feel Comfortable Sexting You

Sexting has become a big part of modern dating culture. You want in on it. This is how to get a girl to sext and feel good about it.

Household Things to Masturbate With

14 Clever and Convenient Household Things to Masturbate With

Tired of using your hands for a good time? If you don’t have a toy at your disposal, don’t worry, there are plenty of household things to masturbate with.

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