Sensual Tease

plus size women sex
Sex as Plus Size Women: Myths, Positions and Your Insecurities

It’s time to have some real sex talk about curvalicious girls in the bedroom. Here’s everything plus size women need to know about sex.

how to have tantric sex
How to Have Tantric Sex: Beginners Guide to Awaken Your Sexuality

Wanna know how to have tantric sex? Here’s a full guide about its history, the positions and the beginners step-by-step guide to try it yourself today!

how to tell when a woman is coming

How to Tell When a Woman Is Coming and Recognize a Real Orgasm

She looks like it, but you’re unsure. Well, how to tell when a woman is coming isn’t taught in school. Now it’s time you learned this new skill.

how to get a girl to send nudes

How to Get a Girl to Send Nudes & Excite Her Into Wanting to Do It

In the time of modern romance, nudes have become very common. If you’re wondering how to get a girl to send nudes, well, then keep reading.

how to get really wet fast by yourself

How to Get Really Wet Fast by Yourself: A Dry Girl’s Wet Guide

Knowing how to get really wet fast by yourself isn’t easy as it sounds. Whether it’s vaginal dryness or you’re not in the mood, there are ways to get wet.

signs you're sexually frustrated

Beyond Thirsty: 15 Excruciating Signs You’re Sexually Frustrated

Everyone experiences a dry patch in their sex lives. How do you know if the dry patch has evolved into signs you’re sexually frustrated?

signs you're a sex addict

The 12 Startling Signs You’re a Sex Addict: It’s Not Fun Anymore

Is sex more of an issue for you than something you enjoy? It can happen. Figure out what’s happening, take a look at these signs you’re a sex addict.

types of sex toys

15 Common Types of Sex Toys All Singles and Couples Must Know About

Everyone deserves some pleasure in life. Are you being pleasured? If you feel something is missing, time to learn about different types of sex toys.

sex questions to ask your girlfriend

60 Playful Sex Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend & Read Her Dirty Mind

Most men are slow to admit it, but we tend to be sexually curious. So, maybe you have a lot of sex questions to ask your girlfriend too.

how to touch yourself

How to Touch Yourself: 14 Touches that’ll Always Leave You Satisfied

When it comes to masturbation, you automatically assume: men. Women masturbate too. But it’s usually a taboo subject, so learn how to touch yourself!

how do you masturbate

How Do You Masturbate? 13 Different Ways to Be a Hands-On Pro

People masturbate, but to get where they are now, it takes trial and error. So how do you masturbate? Here are 13 ways to skip the novice stage and go pro!

how to choose a vibrator

How to Choose a Vibrator: A Girl’s Guide to Picking the One You Need

You decided that you want to treat yourself to a vibrator—good decision! But now the big question: how to choose a vibrator actually.

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