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How to Survive and Thrive Living Alone in the Coronavirus Outbreak

You thought getting your own place was a big step forward, but now you’re living alone during the coronavirus outbreak. Do you regret it?

Living Alone in the Coronavirus Outbreak

This virus took everyone by surprise. Well, it wasn’t the virus so much as the response by governments. It’s been hard on everyone for different reasons, but living alone during the coronavirus outbreak has unique challenges.

I’ve been at home in quarantine for two months now. Yes, I am losing my mind. But luckily, I’m sharing the experience with my partner, so it’s a bit easier for me.

I have close family and friends who are going through this completely alone, and they’re not handling this quarantine well. Being isolated from people, especially their loved ones, has brought on feelings of anxiety and loneliness.

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15 ways to survive living alone during the coronavirus outbreak

If you live alone, this isn’t an easy experience for you. Living alone has its perks, but only when you have the freedom to leave your house. So, you may be trying to figure out how to handle living alone during this outbreak. Honestly, it’s not going to be easy. [Read: Do you really want a partner or are you just more lonely right now?]

But the good thing is there are ways to help you pass the time until this is over. And it will be over. You just want to make sure you make the most out of this situation, and adapt as quickly as possible. So, if you want to know how to survive all of this, I have a couple of tips for you. I’ve done many of them myself, and they’ve helped me immensely.

You can do it!

1. We’re all in this with you

The good thing is you’re not the only person living alone during the coronavirus outbreak. Even though it feels like you’re alone, you’re not.

Thousands of people are home alone without the ability to leave their houses. So just remember, we’re all in this struggle with you. [Read: How to make yourself happy – 20 habits of incredibly happy people]

2. Get yourself a pet

If you live alone, this isn’t an easy experience to go through. But, you don’t need to do this alone. Get yourself a pet.

Go to a shelter and pick up a rescue dog or cat. Now, you have someone other than yourself to take care of. Your day and your heart will feel a lot fuller now that you have an animal to share your time with. [Read: Why millennials are choosing puppies over babies]

3. Be creative

Throughout this pandemic, many artists are turning to art as a way to emotionally process and assist them through this time.

If you’re musical, sing or play your instrument. If you’re a visual artist, paint or draw. Don’t be afraid to get creative; now’s the time.

4. Complete three goals per day

Even if you feel you have nothing to do all day at home, create three goals for yourself to complete each day. They don’t need to be complex; they can be taking a shower, cleaning the bathroom, or Skyping your mom. These are small goals but will make your day feel accomplished.

5. Take advantage of social media

Almost everyone has social media, so why don’t you use it? Create funny videos, write your experience down on Facebook, use social media as a way to stay social, and express yourself. What else is it there for? 

6. Help someone in need

If you’re able to go to the grocery store, help an elderly neighbor by getting their groceries for them. You can use your help to help people in your community who really need it.

During this time, people with small children, single partners, and the elderly need all the help they can get. [Read: How to stop being selfish and learn to care more for others]

7. FaceTime family and friends

During the quarantine, if you’re living alone, you don’t get to see anyone. But you shouldn’t use this time to distance yourself from friends and family.

Take this time to video call all the important people in your life regularly and connect with them. They’re probably feeling anxious and alone as well. 

8. Practice self-care

I know you’re probably thinking, I’m bored of practicing self-care, but listen, there can never be too much self-care. And self-care can come in many forms.

Giving yourself an hour off of the computer screen to take a nap or relax on your balcony is a form of self-care.

Joining an online book club and reading every day for one hour is self-care as well. So is yoga. There are lots of ways to take time and remember yourself. [Read: Why do I feel so alone? The answers that can change your life]

9. Take a break from the screen

If you’re working from home, it’s easy to get caught up in work and spend hours and hours in front of the computer screen. And though it helps pass the time, make sure you’re giving yourself a break and time to relax and pause for a moment. You’re not a machine; you’re a human being. [Read: How to take care of yourself emotionally and avoid falling apart]

10. Sweat daily

It’s not easy to find the motivation to work out when you’re stuck in the house all day. If you’re allowed to go for walks, go outside and get some fresh air.

If you’re not allowed, go on YouTube and follow a workout video or create a workout Zoom session with your friends. It’s important to be as active as possible even when you’re living alone.

11. Take up a new hobby

I know for sure there is an activity you’ve always wanted to try but never had the time. Well, now you have the time.

Whether it’s knitting, baking, or drawing, try something new, and challenge yourself during this time. Exercise your mind and push yourself. [Read: 23 quarantine approved activities to have lots of fun while staying safe]

12. Join an online community

The beauty of the coronavirus outbreak is that you’re not the only one living alone. Thousands of people live alone and are stuck in quarantine at the same time.

So, to beat the loneliness, many created online communities to support each other during this time. Why not join one?

13. Try online dating

If you’re single and interested in dating, well, now you have plenty of time to swipe through the eligible bachelors and take the time to get to know them.

You guys can’t go on an actual date, so organize a Zoom date and see if there’s anyone you’d like to meet when the quarantine is over. [Read: The best virtual date ideas to really get to know each other during quarantine]

14. Keep a routine

No matter if you’re working from home or not, it’s important to create some sort of routine. Though it makes take a couple of days to work out, create a routine that suits you, and fills your day.

Whether it’s taking a shower in the mornings or talking to your family over Zoom for lunch, create a routine that fills your time. [Read: How to stay motivated during this quarantine!]

15. Remember, this will pass

Living alone during the coronavirus outbreak isn’t easy. But if there’s one thing to remember, it’s that this will pass. Eventually, things will get better, and we’ll be able to live our normal lives again. What’s important is when you’re feeling down or lonely to remember that this will be over.

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This is a hard time for everyone, but it’s important to remember this will pass. In the meantime, try these tips out to help you while living alone during the coronavirus outbreak.

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