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Googling an Ex – Have You Googled Your Ex?

We’ve all been there and done that. We’ve spent hours googling an ex and browsing through their facebook and twitter pages. So have you googled your ex, asks Nathan Pierce.

googling an ex

Googling an ex is not unusual, and most of us end up googling a love interest when we’ve got a bit of time in our hands.

So have you googled your ex? Probably. Of course, you have!

Every one of us get those weird and wired moments when we sit down and wonder, what the heck our exes are doing.

It may be a fleeting moment, or one of those times when we’re suffering from dramatic nostalgia. It’s alright. Really. I find myself in those moments all the time. I’ve been in and out of relationships, and now that I think of it, I really can’t remember all the women I’ve actually dated in my life.

That’s just sad because I’m still young and dating, and I would really like to spend my last few boring lonely years trying to remember all the women I’ve been out with.

Googling an ex – The surreal world

Just the other day, I was really bored. And restless. And that’s when I sat down and googled my ex. Exes, de facto.

And as I poured over the pages, and flitted from one website to another, I was trapped in the world of my exes, and that’s what I did the entire weekend.

Who amongst us don’t do that? Don’t we all google some old flame of ours hoping we could know something more about them? It’s painfully exciting, when you type your ex’s name and watch in horror that there are twelve thousand pages with the same name. But well, you trim the search down and finally it drops at three hundred and twenty. And your heart misses a beat each time you think you’ve found the right person.

And eventually, you end up looking through drug lords, games, some weird blogs, and finally, you may or may not find the person.

Either ways, you’re still a cyber stalker. You don’t think so? Then what do you call a person who’s spent the entire day in front of a computer screening through other people’s information? CIA? A concerned friend? I don’t think so.

Finding an ex online

The whole ‘chasing-your-own-tail’ kind of sometimes-fruitless trails are actually really irresistible. It’s the easiest way to get all the details without actually having to poke your nose around in dirt.

And the best part is that you get to take a peek into the personal world of your ex, without really asking for permission. You can find all the details, friends, other exes, present crushes and lovers, everything!

And it really doesn’t have to stop with googling. We’ve got so many other sites and communities springing up all over, that just about anyone could probably be found in a few minutes. Cool, eh? When I think about it, I really think google, twitter, facebook, etc., are just way too awesome. You can practically get all the details you want about someone without actually even saying “Hi!”

So how did I bump into my ex in the online world? I went looking for her. On one warm Sunday morning, when I had nothing to do, but laze.

Now, that’s a very romantic start indeed. And the television had nothing interesting going on either, so I was in front of the laptop and even before I knew it, my fingers got a life of their own, a la Evil Dead style, and I was typing her name.

Over a hundred and fifty pages later, I didn’t find a single bit of info on her, no facebook page, no twitter, nothing. It looked like she had disabled her search options. All I got was loads of information about directors, and some weirdos. I didn’t know it then, but I was desperate. After all the effort I had put into finding her, I couldn’t just give up. I chanted out, “Luck favours the patient… or something like that.”

Finding an ex in the online world

And then, I found her on a crowded community site. And hell, I hadn’t seen her for a decade, but just sitting back on my reclining chair, sipping on a home-made cocktail, and tapping my feet to the groove of Billy Withers, I got to know everything about my ex girlfriend.

All the way from what she’d been doing all these days to what she had been doing during those years after we broke up. Sweet! I wrote to her on her scrapbook, and voila, the next thing I know, we’re meeting up and making out.

Ok…ay, I got too far there. No, we didn’t meet up. Apparently, she was still angry with me about something, don’t ask me what. It’s way too long to remember it right.

Lucky encounters and meeting exes

There was this other time, when I tried digging into details about another ex of mine. I remembered her email id and tried to crack into her password. And that was because I was really, really bored, not because I wanted to pry on her.

But guess what, it must have been my lucky day, because I got it straight out. Guess what the password was? It was my name! I immediately mailed her. From my email id, of course. And we ended up meeting and going out all over again. But yeah, we had to break up again. The relationship was more about physical intimacy, and less about emotional intimacy. So? I don’t know. She didn’t like it. A month later, her password had changed! Rats!

So you see, there’s a lot that google or a mail id or a community site can do for us. And it’s all good. It’s much better than groping in the dark anyways. It may not always work out in one’s favor though.

Have you googled an ex?

There was a time when I tried getting back in touch with an ex whom I really adored. I actually used to think about her every single day, even though we had broken up many years ago. Three days after I sent her a mail, I received a reply. It wasn’t from her, but it was on behalf of her! Pathetic! The note had a few lines.

A guy, apparently her boyfriend, had mailed me and he asked me not to get in touch with her, as she has no intention of getting back in touch with me. He also mentioned something about her hating me because of what I did. I never did anything that would hurt her. We broke up because of the long distance in the first place. So what could I have done wrong? I have no idea. These subtle blank, weird experiences show up every now and then when you go looking for an ex, even if you think your ex is still in love.

But all said and done, I still spend a good part of my lazy days and boring sleepless nights in front of my laptop, googling for exes and amours that I don’t even remember clearly in the first place. Everyone forgets relationships after a decade, right? But thanks to google and facebook, I’ve still got my memories spot on!

Have you googled an ex? Googling an ex can be exciting and painful, but it’s inevitable. We all do it and we’ll continue to do it until we get busy living! Click here to continue reading about whether you should contact an ex or have no contact with exes.

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